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How To Get A Girl's Number In Public Part 2

how to get a girls number #2 main

In part 2 of our discussion on how to get a girls number in public we will begin where we ended in Part 1. In Part 1 we covered what you should be thinking about before you approach an older woman and the first thing you should say to her.

In part 2 we will conclude our guide on how to get a girls number in public by covering the actual conversation. We will outline what you should say to the woman you are approaching to get her interested enough to give you her number and how to actually ask for the number itself.

These skills are vital to your development as you learn how to get a girls number in public. Being able to meet attractive older women in public as well as online using the cougar dating sites we recommend in our Top Cougar Dating Site Review will drastically increase the number of attractive older women you meet and date.

How To Get A Girls Number In Public

Part 2

The conversation

how to get a girls number - conversationYou have conquered your fears and started a conversation with an attractive older woman. Just getting this far is great practice and a huge step for most guys. You have not done something that 99% of men are scared to do.

Learning how to get a girls number in public can be a scary process and you are already ahead of the game. Not bad!

Now is the time to get down to business. You approached this cougar for a reason. Don't get distracted from that now.

You are attracted to this woman and are interested in possibly dating her. Now you want to have a brief conversation with her to discover if she is actually worth spending your limited time and energy on.

Learning how to get a girls number in public is not just about getting a number. It's also about learning how to quickly find out if an older woman is a quality lady or if she is crazy/mean/toxic/etc. It doesn't matter if you're picking up women at a party, getting flirty at the gym or meeting girls in college.

Learning how to get a girls number in public is worthless if you are only getting numbers from women that are not worth your time!

During the conversation you want to get to know her and get her interested enough in you that she won't hesitate to give you her number when you say goodbye. So how do you do that?

Easy. You have a simple conversation with her! This is another skill that many guys are not born with but anyone can master with practice. It's one of the key elements of hitting on girls.

The easiest way to do this is to ask questions. Woman love to talk about themselves!

What brings her to the park/grocery store/coffee shop on that particular day? What is the story behind the interesting shirt/bag/shoes that she has with her? What does she like to do for fun in her free time? Has she checked out the hot new restaurant/club/bar that is in the neighborhood? Why not?

There are millions of questions that you can ask at this point to get her talking. Just keep in mind while you are learning how to get a girls number in public that you want to keep the conversation fun and interesting. Don't be afraid to make a joke or tease her a bit. If she enjoys the 2-3 minute conversation there is a very good chance you will get her number.

A quick example on what this might sound like:

You: So what brings you down to this farmers market so early on a Saturday?

Her: I love the fresh produce you can get here and I'm meeting a friend for brunch afterwards.

You: It's great isn't it? Veggies straight from the field to the table have such an amazing flavor that you can't find in a supermarket. Is it your friend or boyfriend that you are meeting for lunch? (Smile).


You: Up early to buy tasty vegetables AND meeting a friend for brunch. Somebody is a real go-getter on Saturday mornings! Where are you going for brunch? I just tried *new brunch place* with some friends last weekend and it was fantastic.

Make sure that you are always listening carefully to what the woman you are talking to is saying. In this examples there are three topics from her response that you can easily pick out and follow up on. Bolded above you see fresh produce, friend, and brunch. Any of these three can lead to an interesting tangent.

Women love talking about food and relationships. In this case you have two options to discuss food and one for relationships.

Here it is usually in your best interest to find out a little more about her friend. If it turns out to be a boyfriend that she is meeting you may want to wrap up your conversation quickly.

Asking for and getting her number

How to get a girls number - asking for it #2Once you have spent a few minutes getting to know each other a little you need to make your move. The process of how to get a girls number in public is fairly simple, short, and sweet. The longer you draw out the conversation the more opportunities there are for mistakes.

As you get better longer conversations become easier. For those without a lot of experience you should try to spend five to ten minutes tops. A short conversation that is fun and interesting is MUCH better than a longer conversation that is only kind of interesting.

Quality is always better than quantity!

You want to go for her number as soon as you decide you want to get to know her better and you feel that she is attracted to you enough to give you her number. The is the key to making your move smoothly. We know this isn't always easy to see but you develop a better feel for it with practice.

How to get a girls number in public is actually very simple when you just look at the words. It's a great way to pick up girls at a bar or even when you're just out and about in the daytime. Once you have developed a certain level of attraction with an older woman what you actually say is very simple.

After a few minutes of conversation you should say:

"Well Jennifer it has been nice to meet you but I am meeting a friend for coffee and need to head out. I enjoyed our conversation and would love to continue it. Give me your number and we can talk again soon."

You can also try:

"I think I have made my friends wait long enough. This has been a fun conversation. Why don't you give me your number and we can keeping it going?"

Pretty simple right?

All you are doing is acknowledging that you two had a fund conversation and that you would like to talk to her again. It is very hard for her to say no to this if she did in fact enjoy your talk. It is such a simple request that she is almost certain to say yes.

At this point of how to get a girls number in public you want to take out your phone and open up a new contact. This way once she says yes you can simply hand her your phone and tell her to put her name and number into it.

This ensure that you don't mishear her or put the wrong number in yourself.

If she gives you her number at this point great job! You were able to have a fun conversation and get her interested enough to talk to you again. Smile at her and then say good bye feeling like a million bucks as you walk away.

If she says no because maybe she has a boyfriend. This was great practice and you will do even better next time. It doesn't feel great to hear "no" but there are so many factors involved outside of your control here that you can't get down on yourself. She might have a boyfriend, she might be gay, she might have just gotten out of a horrible relationship.

Not even the most attractive men in the world know how to get a girls number in public every single time.

Dating really is a numbers game. If you talk to five girls and only get one number that is still awesome. You spent less then an hour and were able to attract one older woman enough to want to see you again.

Isn't that worth it???

Rejection is an unpleasant feeling but if you are learning how to get a girls number in public the right way the rejections you face will be very mild. Not only that but every time you hear "no" you will be learning valuable lessons.

Every truly successful person in dating older women and in life has heard "no" many times. You are not pushing yourself hard enough if you don't.

In fact, the fact that learning how to get a girls number in public involves some less than pleasant rejections means that few other men will make the effort to learn. Once you have developed this skill you will have a weapon on your dating arsenal that few men can match. Combining you skills in how to get a girls number in public with online dating on one of the sites found on our Top Cougar Dating Websites list will make you a formidable force.

Keep practicing and keep learning and you will find success!



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