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10 Things You Need To Understand If You Want To Get Women

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Men often complain that it’ll take an entire lifetime to figure out women, such is their complicated nature.

While that may be true, there are certain things you need to know to enjoy a successful dating life. We’ve condensed our years of study about how to get women into a list of the 10 most important things to know. 

If you can carry these 10 pieces of advice into your interactions with the opposite sex, we guarantee that they’ll generally be far more excited to spend time with you. 

1. See girl, move feet, talk 

It’s a man’s job to make the first move. The majority of women are far too scared to initiate flirting. If you wait for a woman to drop a sign she’s attracted to you, you’ll probably miss your chance. So, once you see a woman that ticks your boxes, move your feet straight away and introduce yourself. 

Women love assertive men who aren’t afraid to go for what they want - and this is your chance to show her you’re that guy. By going to talk to women as soon as you see them, you’ll also rob your inner approach anxiety of the opportunity to talk you out of it. 

2. Attraction before comfort 

Most guys make the mistake of trying to build rapport before building attraction. They compliment. They try to find commonalities. They agree with everything she says. They don’t do anything that might potentially upset her. These are common mistakes in dating beautiful women.

This is boring for a beautiful woman. She’s sick and tired of nice guys trying to “friend” their way into her pants. She certainly won’t be feeling that spark of attraction in her mind.

It’s far more exciting for her if there’s sexual tension. Tension, by definition, is a bit uncomfortable for her. So tease her, let her chase your approval, make stupid jokes, flirt unashamedly. Rapport-building can come once she’s attracted enough to want to get to know you.   

3. Statements, not questions 

This is connected to the last point. A lot of guys ask questions because it’s polite to ask people about themselves.  But this is not the way to make a beautiful woman want to know you better.  

Let’s be honest. You’re most probably asking the same dull “get to know you” questions that she’s answered hundreds of times before. How is this helping you stand out as an attractive suitor? 

In the early minutes of a conversation, you’re better off making statements about yourself, so she can discover what you’re all about. Then, if you want to know something about her, you make an assumptive statement about it. This is far more interesting than a question. 

As an example, “do you like sports?” becomes “I bet you’re into martial arts”. 

This adds intrigue to any conversation. Most people would want to know why you made this guess.  

4. Playful, not serious 

Women make romantic decisions based on emotions, not logic. If you can be the guy that makes her laugh and have fun, you’re halfway into her pants. You’ll certainly have more chance than the man who wants to have serious logical conversations. 

5. Be a challenge 

Women love the thrill of the chase, so it’s important to create a bit of a challenge for her to win you over.  

This excites her. Remember, you want to cater to her emotions, not her mind. If you can make her feel something, you’ll capture her interest, even if these are negative feelings like doubt, longing or jealousy. Also, it communicates that you’re a high-value man. Nothing truly valuable comes easy to anyone, after all. 

So, if you want to appear exciting and high-value - not predictable and worthless - give her a few hoops to jump through. 

6. Look the part

Some popular dating coaches like to preach that “looks don’t matter” and that you can win a woman over while looking like crap. Meanwhile, a lot of guys think looks are all that matters.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

Your personality plays a huge role when it comes to attracting women. But at the same time, first impressions matter. If you dress well and stay well-groomed, this shows you respect and value yourself. That’s very attractive, and it’ll often encourage a woman to approach you and want to discover your personality. 

7. Touch early, touch often 

Touch is a crucial component of flirting. If you don’t introduce it early, you’ll often be consigned to the friend zone, with her apologizing for not feeling “the spark.” 

The key to physical flirting is to start small and escalate at a pace she’s comfortable with.

Perhaps you begin a date with a hug, then lead her to the venue by the hand. You can playfully brush her arm or leg if she says something cool or funny. If her body language signals she’s comfortable with all these moves, consider that a green light to try more risque physical flirting. 

If she tenses up, that means you’re going too fast. It’s important that you read the signals she gives you. Do this well, and you’ll always know the right time to kiss her, pull her home, take her clothes off, etc.   

8. Maintain your swagger at all times 

Throughout your initial conversations, women may not give away any signs that they’re attracted to you. The feisty ones might even take verbal jabs at you! This is especially true if you're looking to date a fit girl.

This is often just to test your self-assurance. Are you really the confident dude you’re making yourself out to be, or is it all bravado? Women need to know this and these “shit tests” are how they find out. 

As a man, you need to be strong enough to maintain your swagger, even when she’s showing little to no signs of enjoying it. 

9. Your “opening line” doesn’t matter 

There is no such thing as a pickup line that will help you learn how to get women. The only purpose of your “opening line” is to start a conversation. You can recover from a dud opening line, especially if it’s said with confidence and assertiveness. In fact, your vibe really is more important than the words you say at all times.

So, there’s no need to ever worry about the “right thing to say.” You’re better off focusing on projecting a fun confident vibe. If you’re having a good time and you’re comfortable in your own skin, she’ll sense that and begin to feel the same way when she’s around you. 

10. Seek help from the experts 

For whatever reason, most of society believes that men should “naturally” know how to flirt with attractive women.

(This is despite the clear fact that most men are clueless. The average guy only sleeps with about 6 women in his lifetime.)

This societal belief makes men ashamed to seek help from professionals. Instead, most live dating lives of quiet desperation. 

That doesn’t have to be you! 

There are experienced dating coaches out there, who can point out where you’re going wrong and show you how to fix it. If you can be humble enough to seek help in this area of your life, that’s your first step to improving it forever. 


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