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Bumble Verification: How It Works and Why You Should Use It

Taking a selfie for Bumble verification purposes

Bumble verification has grown to become a highly-appreciated feature of this popular dating app. This feature lets users prove that they are the person who appears in their dating profile. It has helped Bumble to prevent fake profiles and catfishing, where a person pretends to be someone else online.

But how does it really work? And is it possible for tech-savvy individuals to bypass this verification in order to fool other users? In this article, we’ll discover how Bumble verification works, the benefits of using the feature, how to do it, and what happens if you don’t use it.

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The Importance of Bumble Verification

Dating apps have become increasingly popular ever since the launch of Tinder in 2012. Its revolutionary fast-paced swiping interface made online dating cool for younger generations - and it caught on like wildfire.

Several copycat apps soon emerged with the same swiping interface, including Bumble in 2014. Bumble’s unique selling point is that women would make the first move, and it would include several features to encourage more meaningful connections. But some guys still find it hard to initially respond to a woman's message.

However, a key concern remained among dating app users; there was no way to effectively verify whether other users were accurately representing themselves. For all they knew, they could be using old photos, edited photos, or photos of someone completely different. The fear of this made many users wary of meeting someone they matched with on Bumble or other dating apps. 

Tinder was the first popular dating app to introduce a verification system in 2014, albeit only for celebrities. Bumble changed the game by rolling out photo verification for all users in 2016. The technology used had not yet been seen among popular dating apps until that time.  

How Does Photo Verification Improve The Bumble Experience?

Bumble photo verification is a process where a user submits a photo of themselves to the app, performing a simple pose as instructed in real-time. The photo is then reviewed by a Bumble staff member, who will either confirm or deny that the user is the person in their profile. 

Bumble verification helps to prevent fake profiles and catfishing

A suspicious person catfishing a woman

This is the main purpose of Bumble verification. Many dating app users are wary of being catfished. 

And who can blame them?

No one wants to be tricked into sharing information with someone they thought was someone else. They certainly don’t want to agree to a date with a complete stud - only to be greeted by someone completely different.

If you only communicate with verified profiles, the chances of these scenarios happening to you are slim to none.  

It helps to establish greater trust between Bumble users

Let’s face it. If there are any lingering doubts about whether the person you’re flirting with on Bumble is real, you’re going to think twice about opening up. You may certainly be more cautious to meet for a date.

This goes against the overall goal of Bumble - to make deep and meaningful connections. 

Bumble verification creates that extra trust that’s so crucial to building significant relationships.

It discourages inappropriate or disrespectful behavior on the app

If you’ve been on the internet for any significant period, you may have noticed that the nastiest ‘trolls’ never tend to show their faces. 

Often, this anonymity empowers them to make horrible gestures that they’d probably never dare to do in the real world. 

It’s one of Bumble’s key missions to make its users feel safe and comfortable - and photo verification plays a big role in that. People are less likely to make obscene online gestures when their real face is revealed for everyone to see. 

(If they still do, Bumble has a reporting system and an advanced chat-reading AI that’ll quickly flag obscenities to the support team.) 

It reduces the risk of fraud or other criminal activity on the app

The risk of being scammed is another concern among users of dating apps, especially those that don’t deal with fake profiles.

It’s a lot easier to get away with scams, fraud, or other criminal activities on an app where you don’t have to show your face. You’d have to be very brave (or stupid) to try and get away with this when the app has your verified photos saved. 

By pushing photo verification, Bumble significantly decreases the risk of its users getting caught up in such crimes.  

How Bumble verification has improved over time

Saying goodbye to catfishing

Ultimately, the feature has led to a more enjoyable experience for Bumble users, increasing the likelihood that they’ll find the type of person they’re looking for.

Bumble has since doubled down and invested in additional features to add to its verification service.

Since 2018, verified users have been able to request that an unverified user completes the verification process. The unverified user will receive a notification about this request and given seven days to complete the verification. Once they go through it, the person who requested it will be notified about that. If the user doesn’t complete the profile verification within 7 days, their account will be removed from Bumble until it’s successfully verified.

In 2019, Bumble added AI tools to aid its verification process. These tools can aid the Bumble support staff by automatically flagging photos that are deemed inappropriate or suspicious. If the Bumble AI flags your profile, it will be hidden until you verify it.  

These features have both made Bumble an even easier and safer dating app to use. 

Other apps have since followed Bumble’s lead when it comes to photo verification. But in 2023, Bumble remains one of the most advanced dating apps when it comes to the strength and effectiveness of its verification software.

Photo verification has also been added to the “Bumble BFF” and “Bumble Bizz” features of the app.

Does Bumble verification improve your chances of success on the App?

During the initial tests of Bumble verification, CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd confirmed that verified users were more likely to get matches.

The Bumble support pages also suggest that verification builds trust, makes a bold first impression, and demonstrates that you’re prioritizing real connections - and that “may ultimately lead to more matches.”

It’s also worth mentioning that there is an option to filter out non-verified users in the Bumble app. Verifying your profile ensures your profile isn’t blocked to users who switch this filter on. 

There is no official suggestion that verifying your profile will lead to a boost in the Bumble algorithm, but that doesn’t mean that’s not the case. 

All dating app companies tend to remain tight-lipped about the finer details of how their algorithm works. 

Is Bumble Photo Verification Compulsory?

Bumble photo verification isn’t compulsory by default.

However, the app will make it obligatory to verify your profile if it’s flagged as suspicious. This could happen if your profile is reviewed by the Bumble AI, or if it’s reported as inappropriate by several users. In this case, your profile will be automatically removed from Bumble until it’s verified. 

If another Bumble user requests you to verify your profile, you’ll be given 7 days to do so. If your profile isn’t verified in that timeframe, it will be removed from Bumble until the verification is complete.    

The chances are high that you will be forced to verify your profile at some point. 

However, provided your photos are real, there is no reason not to verify your Bumble profile. It takes a matter of minutes and it only serves to make other users more comfortable engaging with you. 

Bumble Photo Verification: The Steps

Striking a pose to verify his identity

If you’re convinced that verifying your Bumble profile is a smart thing to do, read on for a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

1. Tap the verify button in your profile

This will begin the verification process. Alternatively, you can click another person’s blue verified badge, or click on the notification of someone sending you a verification request.

2. Take your Bumble verification photo

You’ll be prompted with a pose that you should strike in your Bumble verification photo. This is chosen completely at random from 100 different poses.

You’ll then have to take a selfie mimicking this pose and send it to the Bumble support team for verification. Before you send it, you’ll be given the chance to review it and take it again if you’re unhappy.    

3. Wait for your verification to be reviewed

Your Bumble verification photo will be reviewed by a real person on Bumble’s support team. They’ll be checking that your photo matches the pose you were assigned and the images in your profile. 

Bumble’s help pages suggest that this may only take a matter of minutes. You’ll be notified once your verification has either been confirmed or rejected.  

4. Receive your brand new blue verification badge

Once your verification is confirmed, a blue verified badge will automatically be added next to your name in all your profile photos, confirming that these photos are a true representation of you.

If your profile had previously been removed from Bumble pending your verification, it will automatically be added back into the Bumble network. This will allow you to see and be seen by other profiles once again.

There are rare circumstances where you’ll be asked to verify your profile again, such as if you change your photos and they’re deemed not to look like your original Bumble verification photo.

But, assuming you don’t try to trick the system, you can expect your Bumble profile to remain verified for its entire lifespan.  

What If My Bumble Verification Didn’t Work?

If you experienced problems with the Bumble verification process, the best way to address that is to get in touch with the app’s support team. You can do this by pressing the “Contact & FAQ button” inside the app, or via this page on the Bumble website. This situation is pretty rare, but if it does happen, the team at Bumble is often able to pinpoint what went wrong. From there you can fix the issue and go back to finding some amazing dates on Bumble!

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