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Top 12 Spots to Meet Hot Single Women Seeking Men In Leicester in 2024

Single woman seeking men in Leicester texting while smiling

If you’re searching for the best places to meet single women seeking men in Leicester, you’re in the right place. After consulting with our local experts, we have created this guide to reveal the 12 best places to meet single women in our city.

Leicester is an underrated city for culture, entertainment and nightlife. There are actually plenty of decent hotspots that didn’t quite make the list. However, we took care to include a wide range of locations and mention what type of women you’re likely to find in each of them. That way it’ll be easy for you to find your ideal type.

Our list includes bars, nightclubs, daytime venues and even the best online dating websites for hooking up with single women in Leicester. A lot of the venues sit in the city’s most happening districts, such as Westcotes and Highfields. But we’ve made sure to add some spots on the outskirts as well.

For each of our entries, we’ll give you an idea of the best days and times to pay a visit. Our list is always up-to-date. Still, if there is a hotspot you think should definitely have been included, you can let us know in the comments.

Where to Meet Single Women in Leicester

There are two universities in the centre of Leicester - De Montfort University and The University of Leicester. A number of bars and nightclubs have opened in the city centre to accommodate the annual influx of new undergraduates and our list will begin with a round-up of these.

Of course, if you prefer to date older women, you can find plenty of them enjoying the city’s nightlife too, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. We’ll add our favourite online dating websites for meeting single women in Leicester of all ages too.

Manhattan 34 is a classy, high-end cocktail bar in Leicester’s cultural quarter

Single women in Leicester having drinks at Manhattan 34


Leicester’s cultural quarter has become a hub for creatives in the city, with a number of theatres, galleries and studios having opened in recent years. Among all this, you’ll find a few bars and restaurants that are popular among young single women seeking men in Leicester. But the range of cocktails and stylish interiors of Manhattan 34 make it among the most popular cocktail bars in the city.

You’ll find plenty of women gracing this bar on Friday and Saturday nights in particular. The weekly live music nights and monthly comedy show also pulls the punters in. Other popular spots in the cultural quarter include the street food extravaganza at LCB Depot on every final Friday of the month. The Chutney Ivy Michelin-starred restaurant is also a highlight.

However, if you’re into quirky arty women, you’re sure to find some whenever you visit this part of the city.

Adult FriendFinder is undoubtedly our favourite website for organizing no-strings meetups in Leicester (try it free)

Out of all the websites for finding flings we’ve reviewed over the years, we are in no doubt that Adult FriendFinder remains the greatest of all. When it comes to arranging casual flings with minimal effort, this website is the original and the best.

Having launched in 2006, Adult FriendFinder currently boasts an active user base of around 90 million people, and we’re reliably informed this includes a fair selection of gorgeous single women in Leicester. If you’re a single guy living in this city who hasn’t ever checked this website out, we’re urging you to give it a try.

The main reason we love this website is that a huge percentage of women using it are incredibly keen to meet up. What’s more, they want to meet quickly. No faffing around with idle chit-chat. No attention-seeking bimbos leading you on just to boost their ego.

You can easily find your ideal woman on Adult FriendFinder using its range of filters. You can also use them to search for women based on their proximity to you, their cup size or even their kinks. It’s a cool feature that we’re sure plenty of guys will appreciate.

Adult FriendFinder is currently offering a free trial to new users, so there really is no better time to give it a try.

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Single women seeking men in Leicester love to round up their friends and party at Club Republic

Young women at Club Republic


When single women in Leicester are rounding up their pals for a big night out, Club Republic is usually the venue of choice. This huge superclub boasts big-name DJs and high-end decor, yet it’s still able to thrill revellers with eye-catching drinks deals. Drake was here in 2020. Tinie Tempah and Wretch 32 are among the other chart-toppers to have performed there.

The size and popularity of this club ensures you’re bound to meet a fair few gorgeous women on the dancefloor or at the bar.

Club Republic is situated in the city centre. So you can enjoy plenty of nearby bars before you head there afterwards. It’s open until 5 a.m., so why not make this the final stop on your tour of Leicester’s nightlife?

If you want to meet sexy older women in Leicester, Cougar Life is the app you need (try it free)

We will never run out of great things to say about Cougar Life! It’s our favourite of the cougar dating apps and we will happily shout about it from the rooftops. It’s the biggest dating app in the UK for meeting older women, so there are plenty of singles to choose form. This is definitely the case in Leicester, as well as other large cities in the UK.

However, there’s more than just a large pool of cougars to admire here. We love how easy this app makes it arrange a quick and hassle-free hook-up. It gives you the ability to mark yourself as interested in meeting immediately. You can then filter your search to include other women who are also keen to meet tonight.

To make it even easier, Cougar Life will notify you whenever an interested older woman checks out your profile. So you can log on and strike up a conversation while the virtual iron is hot.

A number of Leicester’s most beautiful older women don’t have the time nor the desire to be cruising around the city’s bars and nightclubs looking for younger men. Many have careers and families to be worrying about. Cougar Life is a godsend for them, as well as you. It means they can easily arrange a good time with an awesome younger man.

If you want to take advantage of this awesome application, now is the time to do it. Cougar Life is currently offering a free trial.

The Tree and Queen of Bradgate are among the bars in High Street that Leicester’s single women most enjoy

A woman doing the splits on the bar in Queen of Bradgate


High Street in Leicester’s city centre is packed with bars, shops and restaurants. So it’s a hive of activity on most days. This isn’t just a place to find beautiful women in the evenings. Many of the bars have huge beautiful beer gardens. So you’ll find plenty of women soaking up the sun during warm summer afternoons.

The Tree is one of the newest bars on this street, and the modern interiors certainly help to make a classy environment. The wood-fired pizzas, delicious vegan menu, generous happy hour deals and huge beer garden make this one of the most enjoyable pubs in the city.

Queen of Bradgate has a similarly classy vibe, mixed with an impressively large selection of cocktails and craft beers. Some of the best musicians in the city thrill the crowds here in the evenings too. There’s also a huge beer garden here, which gets particularly packed in the summer.

If you’re into quality alcoholic beverages and delicious food, you’ll find plenty of women in High Street who also love this.

Mosh and Firebug are huge favourites among many of the “alternative” single women in Leicester

Two attractive women with drinks at Mosh


There’s definitely a different vibe at Mosh compared to the aforementioned venues. You’ll find DJs spinning alt-rock, indie and emo hits, as well as other more mainstream anthems. In the words of the club’s PR team, this venue is the place for people who believe “it’s not what you wear or how you act” that makes you stand out. Many of those heading to Mosh tend to get the party started at a nearby bar called Firebug.

If you’re after a woman who’s more “Rock & Roll” than “Barbie Doll,” this is the place to find her. Mosh and Firebug are in the city centre. They’re open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until late.

More Great Places to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Leicester

This part of our list includes some left-field options for those who aren’t into online dating or partying into the early hours of the morning.

Men and women partnered up to dance at Havana Salsa


We wouldn’t suggest attending Latin dance classes just because you’re on the pull. But this pastime is definitely a great way to meet single women in Leicester. The Havana Salsa classes are particularly popular among the fairer sex.

These lessons will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with several female dance partners, and you’ll have a chance to catch up with them during the time allotted for a ‘social dance’ too.

Classes take place at:

  • Abbey Sports & Leisure Club in Frog Island on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • The Elms in Wigston on Tuesdays.
  • Fat Cat Cafe Bar in the city centre on Sundays.

200 Degrees is a beloved cafe in the heart of Leicester

A bright afternoon at 200 Degrees coffee shop


The idea of approaching a beautiful woman in a cafe might sound a bit intimidating. But if you have the bravery and social acuity to do this smoothly, it can do a lot to make you stand out.

A lot of women hate the fact that modern dating is full of right-swiping and drunken hook-ups. As such, many still appreciate a serendipitous and respectful approach from men as they go about their day. 200 Degrees is one of the largest and most popular cafes in Leicester. So the odds of finding a beautiful woman here are pretty high.

Bede Park is always full of beautiful young women, especially when the weather is warm

Early morning at Bede Park


Bede Park is one of Leicester’s largest outdoor spaces. It’s surrounded by student accommodation. So you’ll normally find plenty of young women hanging out here when the weather is warm.

A number of council events are organised here. There’s even an outdoor gym, which tends to get utilised quite a bit by Leicester’s student population. If you’ve got it in you to approach a woman in a coffee shop, it should be a ‘walk in the park’ to strike up a conversation here.

Ditch or Date organizes fun speed dating nights in Leicester

A man and woman on a quick date at a Ditch or Date event


Speed dating is an alternative way to meet single women that’s really fun. It’s the host’s job to sell an even amount of tickets to men and women. They then organise it so each man gets to date each woman for 3-4 minutes each.

At the end of the date, each party marks whether they’re interested in swapping contact details on their notesheet. If both agreed to swap details, the host will ensure that happens.

This quirky night out could be particularly effective for those who aren’t brave enough to organically approach a woman and ask for her phone number.

Check the Ditch or Date website to see when the next event in Leicester is scheduled.

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