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What Does GGG Mean On Tinder and Online? Internet Slang

If you have been wondering what GGG means on Tinder, you’re not the only one.

There are so many acronyms in the online dating world, it can be difficult to keep up. 

The phrase GGG on Tinder means “good, giving and game” and is actually used quite often.

It was popularized by dating advice columnist Dan Savage to highlight the best attitude for sexual partners to have towards one another.

During his introduction of this term, Savage said: “Think good in bed, giving based on a partner’s sexual interests, and game for anything — within reason.”

But what does this mean in practice? Is it something you should be aware of if you want to be successful in using Tinder? We think it matters a lot, and that's why we've outlined the full meaning of this phrase, why it's more than just some throwaway phrase, and why you should be using it not just on Tinder, but also on other dating apps and sites.

Good, Giving and Game - What To Know

Read on for a deeper explanation of the GGG meaning in an online dating context, and how you should respond when someone mentions it to you.  


It’s highly subjective to describe yourself or anyone else as “good in bed”.

However, it can be widely agreed that being good in bed involves giving enough pleasure to your partner.

If your partner regularly ends up unsatisfied, it’s surely inaccurate to call yourself “good in bed”, no matter how much fun you have. 

Being “good in bed” would surely involve the ability to help your partner relax and enjoy themselves, as well as being able to do so yourself.   

It will typically require the stamina to have sex for long enough to satisfy your partner - and the ability to hit the spots that please them the most. 

This will require a sense of selflessness and perhaps the willingness to try new things, but these are covered by the two other Gs in the GGG meaning.

Do you have to treat your partner to endless orgasms to be considered “good in bed”? The answer is complicated…

While an orgasm is undoubtedly the pinnacle of a sexual experience - and the ability to deliver one is an objective measure of your prowess - it often requires two people to be ”in the zone” to achieve one.

There are plenty of women (and some men) who struggle to achieve orgasm, perhaps because of a physical health problem or sexual trauma. If these people still enjoy sex with their partner, they have every right to label them as “good in bed”. You can also be considered “good in bed” if you’re unable to orgasm.

If your partner was able to orgasm with other partners but not with you, it’s more likely that you’re the problem. They might still call you “good in bed”, but there’s probably plenty of room for improvement. 

In such a case, the other two Gs in the GGG meaning might help you out… 

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Dan Savage explained that giving means giving as much time and pleasure to your partner as you do for yourself.

It’s a shame that this even has to be explained to people… 

But there are some lovers out there who just focus on their own pleasure, essentially using their partner as nothing more than a masturbatory aid.

If you’re putting GGG in your Tinder bio, you’re insisting that you’re a selfless lover. 

Perhaps you’re happy to focus more on giving than receiving.

If you’re a man looking for a mutually satisfying sexual experience, that’s not bad advice at all.

The majority of men are able to climax during most sexual experiences. Most are able to do so far quicker than a female partner.

So, why not exclusively focus on your woman’s pleasure and get yours afterward? Ian Kerner wrote an entire book called “She Comes First” based on this idea.

If you’re looking to focus more on giving pleasure to your partner, perhaps you can invest more time in foreplay moves that focus exclusively on them. 

After all, a lot of women find themselves unable to climax through penetrative sex but can come like crazy when a man stimulates their clitoris.  

For what it’s worth, research has shown that a selfless attitude to sex is more likely to get you a partner who’s satisfied and committed to your relationship. This data published in the Social Psychology and Personality Science journal is considered one of the most clearcut studies to prove this hypothesis.


The final G in the GGG meaning suggests it’s great to be “game for anything - within reason.” Game, means “enthusiastic” in this context, although men are encouraged to read our guide on how to develop game in a charismatic context. 

Indeed, a sexually adventurous partner is more likely to be happy to indulge in your favorite kinks and fetishes, no matter how uncommon they are. They’re also more likely to be excited about exploring new sexual experiences together.

Such an attitude can help couples enjoy a satisfying sex life for many years, without it getting stale. 

It’s common for men and women to tire of sex with a long-term partner because it becomes boring, predictable, and routine. This often leads to a lower sex drive in one or both partners, which can be an underlying cause of deeper problems in a relationship. 

In such situations, couples are often recommended to try new things to “spice up” their sex life and bring back the excitement. Someone who describes themselves as GGG would be more than happy to do that. The GGG meaning incorporates being sexually adventurous to them.

Of course, there are different levels of sexual adventurousness - and it’s important to engage in activities that both partners are comfortable with. Consent is key. That’s why Dan Savage made sure to include “within reason” when describing what does GGG mean sexually.

For more tips on how to use Tinder and what to expect from the app, see our Tinder review.      

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