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How Shy Guys Can Develop Natural Game and Attract Women

How to develop natural game and meet women like her

Natural game is the art of behaving like a natural. You see it in guys who have always been successful with women despite never having read a word of dating advice. It's something that a lot of shy guys struggle with. But even shy guys can develop natural game with some worthwhile advice and practice.

Keep in mind that the concept of natural game is usually used by pickup artists. However, you can use it to

How to Develop Natural Game for Shy Guys

We teach a step-by-step approach and it has helped so many men over the years.

When you have large complex problem like getting that woman at the bar into bed or getting her alone, it’s helpful to break it down into specific tasks that come one after another.

Our process for developing natural game only has six steps and only a few combinations within each. It has simplified the lives of thousands of men worldwide. Most importantly, it works no matter who you are.

"Being yourself" doesn’t help if you draw a mental blank or run out of things to say. Especially, when you're out looking for a date on valentines day.

When you’re talking to a Playboy Playmate lookalike, and she’s looking at you expectantly to see what you’re all about, you need material ready to go. And it has to be good. And that's how you get better with women.

“Being yourself” won’t do much when some other dude tries to interrupt your conversation, or when a woman’s impatient friends try to drag her away. You need to know the right steps to take in this moment - and you need them quickly

Does this mean being “natural” is bad or impossible? Of course not. Those who have studied our method will look very relaxed and natural. But that’s because they’ve done the work to get there.

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Think of having natural game like baseball

Let me compare developing natural game to an all-American metaphor: baseball.

A professional baseball player can step up to the plate, stare at the pitcher, and then, with perfection and apparent ease, hit the ball perfectly for a home run.

Now, let’s say you are brand new to baseball - you spend the money for an opportunity to train with this professional - and the first thing you ask him is “How do I hit a home run?”

He explains that the best way to hit a home run is not to think about it. You need to just feel when the timing is right to hit the ball. Your mind and body should be on autopilot, you should be one with your true self and then hitting the home run will come naturally to you.

Is he lying to you? No. That’s how he hits a home run every time. But will that advice help you to hit a home run? Not one darn bit.

This professional player has forgotten about all the years he has spent playing baseball. He forgot entirely about his learning process that has allowed him to become the natural baseball player who can effortlessly hit home runs.

It’s no different with advocates of natural game telling you to “be yourself.” This advice is useless to those who haven’t experienced success with women.

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Practicing talking to women

You learn natural game by going out and practicing, as much as possible, for as long as possible. You practice with the best tools available. And pre-selection helps too.

Guys who suddenly discover how to develop natural game are nearly always dudes who have familiarized themselves with Structured Game to the point they are now able to take the training wheels off. They’re now competent enough to improvise when needed. They’re no different from the professional baseball player in the analogy.

You can’t teach natural game to beginners. It doesn’t work.

To learn it, you must put in the work to get there. That means doing the training and exercises that have helped thousands of men get there before you. Just as the baseball player begins by learning how to hold his bat, the newbie smooth talker begins by learning scripted material, canned openers and proven attraction routines.

Once he masters these and begins to understand the principles of why they work, only then can he begin to improvise and add aspects of his own personality. That's the key to finding a great girl.

If he tries to run before he can walk, he’ll end up crashing and burning.

The exception to this rule applies if he was already lucky enough to be a “natural” with women. But, in this situation, he’s unlikely to be seeking coaching at all.

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Structured game works no matter how you are feeling

Here’s a flaw of developing natural game that its advocates don’t like talking about: it only works when your mind and body are in the right state.

When a “natural” is full of energy, dressed well and feeling confident, his version of game works well.

But what happens when he is nervous, stressed, tired or upset? Suddenly, he’s not in the mood to be instantly clever and charming right off the top of his head. He doesn’t have the material to charm a beautiful woman, assuming he even finds the bravery to approach her at all.

However, the student of “Structured Game” doesn’t rely on his emotional state. He can retreat back to some tried and tested lines and then go approach. Every single time.

Structured Game Is the Journey, Natural Game is the Destination

Most dating coaches teaching natural game only got it after putting years of work honing their skills. And the best way to hone your skills is to follow a proven system. You can’t wing it by “being yourself,” not if you want to improve quickly.

Yes, Natural Game can be a lot more fun and easier to run, but the process of learning it is anything but natural.


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