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Pre-Selection: Why Other Women's Opinion of You Matters

Pre-selection as a way to meet more women

When you demonstrate pre-selection, it’s like playing the single life on “easy mode.” For whatever reason, women seem to trust other women’s judgment of men. If they can see evidence that a lot of other women like you, then she’ll be more open to getting to know you.

That’s an honest signal that you are a cool guy, especially if they’re beautiful women that have pre-selected you. At the very least, it shows her you’re not creepy or dangerous.

Pre-selection gets your foot in the door that you might not have otherwise been afforded with the world’s hottest women.

The problem is: you can’t be too blatant when showing off your social proof to new women. If you show her photos of all the women you’ve been with unprompted, she’s likely to think you’re trying too hard to impress her.

It’s no different from showing her you’re wealthy. With both money and social proof, she needs to become aware of it naturally.

With this in mind, this article suggests five ways to naturally show your pre-selection without coming across as a show-off.

How Pre-Selection Will Improve Your Dating Life

Below are 5 ways you can make pre-selection work in your favor. You can do all of these or gradually work on doing them over time. Either way, the key here is to become a more likable guy in general. So when you're out charming women, at least be as genuine as possible! This will help you develop your natural game too.

1. Bring female friends wherever you’re going to meet women

Take female friends with you to the bar, or wherever else you like to go to meet women. Have loads of fun. Show them a great time.

When other women at the venue spot your female friends laughing at your jokes and hanging off your every word, they’re going to assume you’re a fun attractive guy. They literally have visual proof of this. This will greatly improve your chances of finding a great girl.

When you spot a hottie or a group of women you want to talk to, bring one of your female friends to “wing” you.

The fact you have a female friend by your side will help other women to let their guard down. They immediately assume you’re a cool guy - or at least not some creepy loner. If she’s a brilliant “wing-woman,” she’ll help you out by telling stories of how awesome you are.

Honestly, it’s worth friend-zoning a couple of hotties who are willing to come to the club with you every weekend. You may miss out on sleeping with them, but having them as a wing will help you score with so many more women.

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2. Approach loads of women in a friendly way at the start of the night

Sure, you may not be able to bring female friends to the bar with you every time you head out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make female friends at the bar.

At the start of the night, when it’s too early to be trying to bring women home, be that social guy who approaches everyone, whether you’re attracted to them or not.

You don’t have to flirt with them. Perhaps you’ll choose to just be fun, friendly and not as polarizing as normal, so you can use them as pre-selection to help you get the hotter women later.

Maybe you’ll make a couple of fun Instagram stories with them (more on that later). Perhaps you’ll introduce hotter women to your “friend” later.

Whatever you decide to do with these people you meet at the start of the night, it’s better to approach them and have fun, rather than chilling with your boys. This will help you get better with women.

Perhaps you’re wondering what might happen if these people don’t want to talk to you. After all, not everyone is as open to meeting new people as you may be.

That’s fine! If you’re socially savvy, you’ll still find a way to leave the interaction with a high-five and a smile. In a loud club especially, onlookers will have no idea you’ve just been rudely told to go away.

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3. Bringing groups together helps with pre-selection

The easiest way to do this is to introduce one group to the other. Try grabbing the hand of a hottie you really want, and taking her to meet the woman you already met that really liked you. Alternatively, take a woman you’re talking to and use her to start a conversation with a new group. Be assertive, grab her hand and she’ll follow if she likes you.

“What’s up, my friend Susie thinks you have a great dress, so we wanted to say hi.”

Any compliment works. You can always point out the woman beforehand and ask Susie if she likes her dress, for example. Remember, when there’s a woman by your side, other groups let their guard down and tend to welcome you to the conversation. It'll make it easier for you to get the woman you like alone.

4. Story-telling

Maybe you’re on a date one Valentine's day or somewhere else where it makes no sense to have a woman by your side. No problem!

You can demonstrate by telling stories that involve you being around women.

Any story about your female friends and the great time you have together will work. Just don’t overdo it. Otherwise, it might seem like you’re bragging.

Ideally, these female friends in your stories will have the qualities you want this new woman to have (adventurous, spontaneous, proud of their sexuality, etc.).

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5. Take photos for social media

Instagram and other social media networks have made it easier than ever to display pre-selection.

If you haven’t already, add a few pictures of you with your female friends on your Instagram profile. Again, don’t overdo it.

Now, if you’re not already, start swapping Instagram details with the new women you meet instead of phone numbers.

There are dozens of reasons why following each other on Instagram is more powerful than swapping phone numbers - but the demonstration of pre-selection is one of the most significant.

When she looks at your profile, she’ll immediately see that hot women enjoy your company, without them having to be there or you having to boast about it.

What’s more, if you’re posting fun Instagram stories with your other dates or female friends in the future, this woman (and all the others you’re chasing) will see that too.

Pre-selection isn’t essential for convincing a woman that you’re date-worthy, but it makes it so much easier. Use these tips to demonstrate pre-selection, starting today.


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