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The Top 16 Bumble Pickup Lines that Worked in 2024

Smiling after receiving one of the best Bumble pickup lines

Are pickup lines still even a thing? Modern Bumble pickup lines are completely different from the ones people used back when online dating wasn’t popular. That’s why if you attempt to use lines like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”, you’ll probably get unmatched real quick. That’s why this list of modern, not-too-cheesy pickup lines will help you out.

Bumble remains one of the fastest-growing dating apps - there’s a lot of competition for attention - so this list of pick up lines will help you stand out from the crowd. If you want to actually meet the women you’ve matched with on Bumble, you should step up your game.

Below, you’ll find our favorite Bumble pickup lines–including emoji pickup lines and pickup lines for Bumble beginners.

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The Best Bumble Pickup Lines  

Bumble’s unique selling point is that women have to send the first message before you can communicate with them. That’s part of their company goal to “empower women” in the dating market. But, since most of them only use this opportunity to say “hi”, “hey” or “:)”, you can go ahead and respond with one of these Bumble pick up lines straight away.

"Hey, you’re into [insert shared interest from their profile], too! I wonder how we’d get on doing that together…”

Seriously: read the profile of the women you match with on Bumble and craft your messages based on the information they share.

For starters, this shows you were interested enough in them to actually read what they wrote. Plus, they’re more likely to be interested in responding to messages if you mention your shared interest.

This example subtly hints that the two of you should meet up and engage in that hobby. If she responds well to that message, you should go ahead and start making plans to make it happen.

You don’t always have to text for days or weeks to land a date on Bumble. If there’s strong interest, a woman might be interested in a spontaneous meet-up, especially if it involves her favorite hobby.

The name pun

So this one’s a little more complicated, but it definitely pays off. Women on dating apps usually just put in their first name. If you happen to match with a woman who has a fairly short and common name, it’s a great way to create a pun for her name.

For example, let’s take the name “Sarah”. Here’s what you can say:

You: What’s your favorite dinosaur?

Sarah: The t-rex. You?

You: Definitely the TriSARAHtops.

It’s cheesy, but in a kind of ironic way. If her sense of humor matches yours, then this is a great way to start a conversation.

“What's your favorite thing about [insert interesting hobby, place or thing from their profile]?"

This message subtly suggests that you don’t swipe right on every woman - and there’s something about her profile that caught your attention.

You’re not going to dwell on that idea though. By asking her a question about something from her profile, you make it easy for this Bumble queen to continue the conversation.

Remember, if she liked something enough to include it in her profile, she’ll probably be excited to talk about it with you. Bonus points if you have enough knowledge on this thing to make the conversation fun and engaging. If not, take this as an opportunity to learn. After all, you can be interesting by being interested.

"If we were at home, cuddling on a rainy Sunday morning, what would we do for fun? a) Bake pancakes b) Netflix and chill c) Something else?"

Finally finding a Bumble match who's interesting

These types of Bumble pickup lines are useful for learning what type of woman you’re dealing with. If she responds well to this romantic multiple-choice pick up line, you can go ahead and invite her to your place to make this fantasy come true.

The “something else” option gives her the chance to reveal what she’d like to do - and sometimes you’ll be surprised by a naughtier idea.

The great thing about this line is that it’s less intimidating to women who don’t know how to answer open-ended questions.

“I’m not great at science, but it feels like we’ll have chemistry. What’s something that makes you smile?”

This pick up line works especially well for women who work in STEM. You’ll find more of these on Bumble than on other apps, due to its added focus on strong, independent boss babes.

An alternative line could be: “I’m not great at math, but it feels like we’ll add up to the perfect match.”

Once again, you should follow up with a question that makes it easy for her to continue the conversation - and for you to learn more about her.

“What’s the last thing that made you really laugh?”

Who can resist a woman with a sense of humor? Laughter brings people closer together, and if you can get her mind fixated on the last thing that made her laugh, you’re instantly creating a positive connection.

This is also a great way to see if you have the same type of humor. Naturally, this thing that made her laugh may not make you laugh, but the attempt to convey the experience can be enough to keep the conversation going.

Now if her last big laugh was through a meme, then you’re in luck. It’s so easy to find similar memes out there that can keep your conversation entertaining. Think of it as a no-brainer way to keep you on her mind.

Pick Up Lines for Bumble Beginners

A lot of guys who are new to online dating might feel like the Bumble pickup lines suggested earlier are too brash and bold. If these lines don’t suit your personality, don’t use them. In the long run, it’s better to use lines that are more authentic to you. Even if the Bumble algorithm is out to give you the best possible matches, it still helps to keep it real when getting to know the women you match with.

Here are some pick up lines for Bumble beginners who are perhaps more shy, reserved and anxious about meeting someone from an app.

"Quick confession: I don’t use Bumble a lot, but you really made me want to swipe right.”

This pickup line is authentic and lets a woman know what to expect.

It can be seen as a positive that you’re not an experienced online dater, by the way. Most women would prefer that to a “player” who has spent years racking up Bumble dates.

“Oh hey, a fellow lover of [insert shared interest from their profile]! I’m surprised to find someone like you on Bumble.

Excited about chatting with her match

This is a genuine pick-up line that will make a woman feel special - and hopefully excited to talk about their passion with you. Making her feel like she’s one-of-a-kind will instantly make her gravitate towards you.

“I always thought that Bumble’s boring, but you seem fun.”

This pick-up line reveals that you’re a Bumble beginner, while also suggesting that she’s met your expectations. If she agrees, you can start brainstorming adventures to do together.

“I’ve been on this app for X hours, but you’re the most interesting person I’ve found so far.”

The lower the number of hours, the more amusing this pick up line will be. From here, you can go on to explain what you found interesting about her profile.

“Honestly, I’m not much of a texter. It’s much easier to get to know people in real life. Where’s your favorite place to go in this city?”

This is a genuine reason to bypass the messaging stage and skip straight to arranging a date. If she makes a good suggestion, go ahead and invite her there.

Emoji Pick Up Lines

Did you know that researches learned that people can communicate using emojis and actually figure out if they’d get along? That means you can use emojis to build sexual chemistry with the person you’re chatting with, even if you barely know each other. Plus, emojis are a fun way to lighten the mood on Bumble. Here are some pickup lines for Bumble you can try using only emojis.

🍷 🍻 🍰 🎁 ❓

The biggest challenge of using emoji pickup lines is making them easily translatable. This one provides a pretty clear way to ask them on a date. It’s going to be tough for any woman to turn down wine, beer, cake and a gift. There are plenty more food and drink emojis if you have a different date in mind.


These adorable bride and groom emojis make it perfectly clear that you’re into this woman. Don’t worry about saying too much too soon. Most women will find the exaggeration hilarious, not overwhelming.

🔥 🐣

Found a hot chick on Bumble? Here’s a more creative way to let them know…


Want to skip the pointless chit-chat and get strange to arranging a date? These two emojis make it loud and clear.


When it comes to pick up lines for Bumble, this one isn’t for the faint-hearted. Consider it a Hail Mary that’ll either land you a quick meet-up or leave you immediately unmatched. In my experience, it’s best to save this one for the hookup apps. But some true studs have used it successfully on Bumble and elsewhere.

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