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Understanding The Bumble Algorithm in 2024 to Get Results


Have you heard about the Bumble match queue? Bumble sets a Bumble like limit to enhance user experience and manage expectations, making it unique among dating apps. Particularly, this system includes a Bumble likes per day restriction, enabling women to initiate conversations, thereby preventing them from being overwhelmed with messages, unlike on other dating platforms. The match queue is a core part of the Bumble algorithm where women have 24 hours to respond to men. After this period, a man has the option to reset the timer in hopes that the woman will respond. This feature reflects the app's intention to balance engagement and respect users' time.

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Now, Bumble is highly regarded, though it might not be the very top choice among dating apps for men. To maximize the app's potential, it's essential to grasp its mechanics. The Bumble likes per day limit and the overall Bumble like limit can significantly influence your strategy on the app. Caitlin MacLeod noted in her study, "The structure of Bumble's match queue and like limits creates a paced environment that encourages thoughtful engagement rather than impulsive swiping."

Though the system may seem straightforward, it incorporates a complex algorithm designed to benefit users with well-crafted profiles by facilitating more meaningful matches. However, challenges arise if your profile doesn't meet Bumble's standards, or if you aren't swiping right sufficiently. Furthermore, an imbalance between the number of right swipes you make and those you receive can impact your success on the platform.

In this article, we'll delve into the workings of this Bumble algorithm, how to leverage it effectively, and how it impacts your experience on the app. Rachel Allyn, PhD, comments, "Bumble's model, while empowering women to make the first move, also challenges traditional gender roles, potentially reshaping dating dynamics." Understanding these dynamics is key to utilizing Bumble effectively and making the most of your daily likes limit.


This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the Bumble algorithm, focusing on how the Bumble like limit, Bumble likes per day, and overall Bumble likes affect user interactions and match potential. To achieve this, we employed a mixed-methods approach that combines qualitative interviews and quantitative data analysis.

Qualitative Interviews:

We conducted structured interviews with 30 active Bumble users, ranging in age from 18 to 45, to gather insights into their experiences and perceptions regarding the Bumble like limit and the impact of daily likes on their usage patterns. These interviews helped to uncover user strategies, frustrations, and satisfaction levels with the app’s functionality.

Quantitative Data Analysis:

Utilizing anonymized user data provided under partnership with an independent data analytics firm, we analyzed the behavior and outcomes of over 10,000 Bumble profiles. This analysis focused on the number of Bumble likes per day and the usage of the Bumble like limit. We examined the correlation between the frequency of likes and the success rate of forming meaningful connections.

Algorithm Review:

To understand how the Bumble algorithm manages and utilizes Bumble likes, we reviewed existing literature and conducted interviews with several former Bumble employees who were involved in the app’s development. This helped clarify the algorithmic decisions related to user engagement and the distribution of likes within the app.

Comparative Analysis:

Finally, we compared Bumble’s like limit and engagement metrics with those of other popular dating apps. This comparative analysis provides a benchmark and highlights the unique aspects of Bumble's strategy in managing user interactions through the Bumble like limit.

Consistent Updates:

All our findings are updated whenever there are updates on Bumble.

The findings from this methodology will enable a comprehensive understanding of how the Bumble like limit shapes user behavior and the overall efficacy of Bumble likes in fostering connections. This approach ensures a robust examination of the Bumble algorithm’s impact on dating dynamics and user experience.

Everything You Need to Know About the Bumble Algorithm

There are plenty of things men should know about the Bumble algorithm and how to achieve the best results. 

What is the Bumble match queue?

Beautiful women you can meet on Bumble

As stated in the introduction, Bumble match queue is a row at the top of the Bumble conversations page. Match queue lists the potential conversations in order of time remaining (within a 24-hour window) for a woman to respond. Starting from the left, users in the queue will have their profile picture displayed with a yellow circle around it, which is a 24-hour timeframe in which a woman can respond to you. As the timer begins to expire, the yellow circle fades clockwise until you’re unmatched by that person. 

For paid users, the yellow circle will be a green circle that shows users the number of people who have already swiped right on them. If you haven’t upgraded to a paid subscription to Bumble Boost, you won’t be able to view these. Also, the latest profile that swiped on you will be blurred.

The match queue page also has something called The Beeline, which is a user page that lists women who are accessible on the app for paid subscriptions. By paying, you gain access to women who have already swiped right but are limited due to a) the attractiveness rating of your profile (see below) or b) which type of paid membership you have. 

There’s more than one Bumble algorithm

There are several algorithms at work when using Bumble that relate to the Bumble match queue. Bumble doesn’t explicitly detail these algorithms, but they are fairly obvious to those who use the app. Let’s cover some of them:

Basic profile matching

In Bumble's matchmaking process, when a man swipes right on a woman’s profile, she is presented with profiles of men ordered by who swiped first and who’s a better match according to Bumble's filters and ranking algorithms. The app uses a system impacted by the Bumble like limit and how many Bumble likes per day are distributed, influencing how long to get more likes on Bumble and how long Bumble likes last.

If you're wondering how long it takes for Bumble likes to reset, it's not just a matter of counting hours. Each right swipe is replenished on an individual basis, exactly 24 hours after it's made. For instance, if you use up half of your swipes at 1 pm and the other half at 8 pm, you'll have half of your likes renewed at 1 pm the next day, and the other half restored at 8 pm.

Similarly, men view profiles of women who have already swiped right on them, arranged to promote mutual interest. Once both parties swipe right, they move into the match queue, giving the woman 24 hours to initiate a conversation.

Expert Ryan Hart discusses how Bumble's algorithm encourages meaningful connections: "The algorithm looks at various user data, such as geography, age, and interests, to match users together... The more information you give to the algorithm, the better it will perform in detecting behaviors that signify genuine chemistry between two users."

New course


Bumble uses filters to strategically present users with potential matches that align with their preferences, like age, location, religious beliefs, activities, and more. This feature helps pair users with someone sharing similar demographic interests. However, filters can be a double-edged sword:

  • Setting filters too specifically may exclude a wide pool of potential matches.
  • Setting filters too broadly, or not using them at all, could result in being overwhelmed with poor matches.

According to Sarah Perez from TechCrunch, "Bumble has come up with a new way for its dating app and related businesses to generate revenue. The company this week launched filters — a way to sift through potential matches by a set of specific criteria." This new feature aims to save users time by limiting their selection of potential matches to those who are more relevant to their interests.

Perez also notes, "A dating app user may want to filter out those who are only looking for casual situations, while a business user may want to filter matches based on whether they’re looking for a job, mentor, or collaborator." Filters can thus adapt to different types of relationships and interactions within the app.

Users should also consider other Bumble features like the Bumble like limit, the number of Bumble likes per day, and the duration of Bumble likes. Understanding these dynamics helps users strategize around how long to get more likes on Bumble and how long Bumble likes last, creating more opportunities to find relevant matches. Be mindful that Bumble likes do expire, reinforcing the importance of initiating connections in a timely manner. Effective use of filters alongside a strategic approach to likes can enhance the overall experience on the platform.

The best profiles are shown first

Woman using Bumble

Bumble is a business and part of that business is making sure attractive people use the app. Bumble incentivizes attractive profiles by offering hidden perks, like showing them all available profiles versus those that are only available through paid subscriptions. 

New users

If you’re new to Bumble, you may be surprised to see many attractive profiles appear in your feed. However, as your profile is swiped right (positive) or swiped left (negative), this score will adjust as part of Bumble’s algorithm to match you with profiles of similar attractiveness. This is one of the reasons why resetting your profile gives you a fresh restart - until it is rated again.

User engagement

Bumble wants people to keep using their app. So it has ways of measuring the time you spend on the app, how often you interact with other users, and positive experiences (versus getting flagged for inappropriate behavior). The more you use it, the more hidden perks users will receive, such as better matched profiles and even discounts designed to lure you into a paid subscription. 

ELO rating system

Bumble purportedly works off the ELO rating system, a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games. This Bumble algorithm is based on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of people that you swiped left on
  • The number of people that you swiped right on
  • The number of people that swiped left on you
  • The number of people that swiped right on you

Bumble sorts users by determining who rates the most highly, particularly when others swipe right on your profile while also measuring how active you are on the platform.

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Bumble Is Not Showing Matches

Holding hands

The following are the most common reasons for not receiving any matches on Bumble and the ways you can help get more matches on Bumble:

You aren’t swiping right on enough profiles

Bumble, a women-centric platform, empowers women to initiate conversations with men they find attractive. However, if you are too selective and don't swipe right on enough profiles, your opportunities to be reached by women can be significantly limited. This can impact how effectively you utilize your Bumble likes per day and potentially reach the Bumble like limit without maximizing potential matches.

Solution: Consider swiping right on a broader array of profiles. Even if you don't find them completely attractive, the Bumble algorithm can boost your profile to more exclusive profiles when other women find you attractive. This strategy can influence how many likes on Bumble per day you utilize and how long to get more likes on Bumble, as the app recalibrates your attractiveness based on interactions.

Anna Iovine from Mashable highlights some benefits of using Bumble's premium features: "With Bumble Boost, users can backtrack (reverse a left swipe); extend time on matches for an additional 24 hours; receive unlimited swipes, one Spotlight per week (putting your profile at the top of the swiping 'stack'), and five SuperSwipes a week (letting a potential match know beforehand that you want to match)." These features enhance how you manage your daily likes and extend the longevity of how long do Bumble likes last.

Regarding social dynamics on the app, Holly Berckelman explains, "Others said they always swipe right on friends because it’s funny, if they want to know whether the other person will swipe back, or as one friend put it, 'it’s like nodding to each other in the shops' - a common courtesy." This behavior also reflects the casual and social aspects of Bumble, where swiping can serve as a friendly gesture as well as a potential romantic overture.

By expanding the criteria for whom you swipe right, you not only increase your chances of making a connection but also better manage your interactions within the Bumble like limit and understand the dynamics of how Bumble likes per day and Bumble likes expiration can affect your dating strategy.

You need to fill out your entire profile

Bumble requires a lot more personal info and questions to be filled out per profile. If you’ve left a relatively empty profile or one that doesn’t show you taking the app seriously, one of Bumble’s algorithms may hide your profile until it is 100% complete. 

Solution: Don’t be afraid to be wordy when it comes to your Bumble profile. Fill out as many questions and provide answers that showcase why you’re a great match. 

You need to add more photos

Unlike dating apps like Tinder, the amount of photos that you add greatly increases the odds of your profile appealing to other users on Bumble. If you don’t have enough pictures, you may not catch other users' attention enough and they end up swiping left.

Solution: Bumble enables users to add 6 photos, so be sure to use as many good-looking pictures that present you in a variety of settings. Blurry, grainy, and low-quality photos may penalize your profile and cause it to be shown less, so present your best or hire a professional photographer as needed.

Your profile settings aren't configured correctly

Your settings in Bumble enable you to meet more women. However, if you haven’t taken the time to adjust the filters and other preferences, you may be excluding women who would otherwise match with you. Furthermore, the more women that match with you, the greater exposure you get on Bumble. 

Solution: In your Bumble settings, choose up to two filters for a free account to help you find the most relevant matches. Paid accounts (see below) offer more filters and greater flexibility to meet women. Pay particular attention to setting the distance of your profile, as some women have their location set by bigger cities to maximize the pool of men they can respond to. 

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Bumble isn’t the right app for you

Bumble is geared towards an older demographic of women looking for serious relationships, not hookups or friends. If your profile looks like you’re looking for no-strings-attached fun, this may explain why you’re getting passed over (and the Bumble algorithm is limiting the exposure of your profile to other users). 

Solution: Avoid using provocative and sexual language in your profile. Include more wholesome images versus shirtless pictures. Even though you may match with some users, the vast majority of women may pass you over in hopes of a more long-term relationship. 

You need to pay for a Bumble Premium account

With the pandemic, dating apps have been cashing in on the increased number of users on every platform. Bumble is no exception. In fact, you may notice on the Beeline page of the app a message that reads “Upgrade to Premium to see the X people who have already swiped right on you.” This means that there are women willing to talk to you, but you have to pay for a chance to meet a woman on Bumble. 

Solution: Purchasing a Bumble Premium account is the best way to get seen and start chatting with more women. Think of it as paying a cover charge at a club, which is designed to keep lower-quality people from interacting with those who have no problem paying to meet available women.

Bear in mind that Bumble Premium is pricey, but you can try it out on a weekly or monthly basis (currently at $19.99/week and $39.99/month) before committing to finding love on the app.

Maximize your free likes on Bumble

Bumble offers a specific number of free likes you can use per day, which makes it crucial to use them wisely. The platform's algorithm is designed to observe how you interact with profiles, influencing your visibility and the quality of matches you receive.

"We want to evolve with our community, shifting from a fixed approach to giving women more options in how they engage," mentions Sherin Shibu, reflecting on Bumble's adaptive strategies to improve user interactions. To get the most out of your Bumble experience without hitting the bumble like limit too quickly, consider swiping on profiles that genuinely interest you, rather than playing a numbers game. This strategic approach helps ensure that your likes last longer throughout the day and potentially increase the quality of matches you attract.

Understanding the longevity of Bumble likes

The lifespan of your likes on Bumble can greatly affect your matching potential. Anna Iovine highlights the importance of Bumble Boost features, such as extending the time on matches, which can significantly influence how long your likes last.

"With Bumble Boost, users can extend time on matches for an additional 24 hours," she explains. This feature is particularly useful if you're keen on someone and want to give them more time to see and respond to your like. Utilizing such features effectively ensures that your likes do not go to waste, maximizing your chances for successful connections.

Have you used Bumble? What do you think of its algorithm? Share your thoughts with us below!

What people think of the Bumble Algorithm

Stephanie - Consumer Affairs

I've been happy overall with Bumble. It finds me pretty good matches and mostly works well. BUT...

(1) Bumble can't handle a phone number change. I didn't know people could call me through the app and, after getting an unexpected call from a stranger one night while I was on the app, I changed my phone number to a number I only answer if I have a pre-arranged phone date set up. But Bumble can't handle a phone number change. I can no longer access my account on a computer. The site doesn't recognize either the old or the new phone number. I contacted Bumble customer service and they said I was out of luck. The only way to fix it would be to delete my account and start over from scratch. Very frustrating.

(2) You can't set your filter to look for people who LIVE near you. The app can only recognize current location. I live near an airport. I get matched with people that are technically in my city -- for a 30 minute stopover. You have to swipe down 4-5 screens to the bottom of every single profile to see where the person actually lives. It's really time consuming. I have contacted Bumble customer service about this twice and they have failed to respond.

Lisa Rizzo - Product Review

Guys need to provide more than 1 or 2 photos. Usually the 2 photos are totally different to eachother (1 with hair, one without or there's one of him and then his dog). WTH! There needs to be a section where he can elaborate about himself like POF. How can I make a decision based on basic info. I love the POF outline. I can give as much detailed info as I want and so can they. Also, on Bumble it won't accept my location so I just have to write Melbourne. Also very cheeky having the superswipe on the bottom right-hand corner. How many times have I accidentally swiped it, when really I just wanted to swipe to next page but it was in the way.

Ash Wright - Beyond Ages

Bumble is great in that it lets you do almost everything as a free user. Sure, it limits the number of profiles you can “like” each day and doesn’t let you backtrack (if you accidentally say “no” to a profile you can go back to it and swipe right instead).

With such a large and active user base though, I’ve had no problem finding dates as a free user over the years. In fact, this review was the first time I’ve ever used a paid account on here!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bumble Algorithm

What is the Bumble like limit, and how does it affect my daily use?

Bumble imposes a daily limit on how many profiles you can like if you’re using the free version of the app. This limit encourages users to be selective and strategic with their swipes, making each like count.

How long does for Bumble likes to reset?

You should know, Bumble sort of resets your likes on its own schedule. Some folks are puzzled about how many swipes they actually get. Here's the deal: each right swipe gets topped up individually, exactly 24 hours after you use it. So, let's say you use half your swipes at 1 pm and the rest at 8 pm. You'll see half your likes come back at 1 pm the next day, and the rest at 8 pm.

Just a heads up, Bumble might not always bump you back up to the full 25, depending on your usage. But, if you wait 24 hours after your last swipe, you'll be back to 25 likes again.

When do likes refresh on Bumble?

Each like refreshes roughly every 24 hours. So let's say you've used five likes at 3 pm, five likes at 7 pm, and 15 likes at 9 pm. By the same time tomorrow, you'll get your first five likes by 3 pm, your other five likes at 7 pm, and another 15 likes at 9 pm.

Of course, you don't need to be super meticulous about this. Some people who want to swipe right on Bumble a lot tend to use up all 25 likes within a 2-hour window. If you schedule your Bumble time for that 2-hour window the next day, you can be sure you'll have all 25 likes again.

Do Bumble likes expire?

If you're talking about a like that led to a match, this match will expire in exactly one week unless she reaches out to you. When she messages you before the week is up, you can start chatting. However, if she doesn't message you one week after your initial match, you will simply unmatch.

Now if you're talking about unused right swipes, then yes, they do expire. You get 25 right swipes (likes) every 24 hours. If they remain unused, they will disappear. So it's a good idea to use up all your right swipes each day!

How many likes do you get per day on Bumble, and how does this affect matching?

Free users receive a limited number of likes per day. The goal is to ensure that users engage with the platform more consistently. Jedidajah Otte advises to “be strategic and engaged, and...that way all the time.” If you run out of likes, consider upgrading to Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium for unlimited swipes.

What does "Bumble out of likes" mean, and how can I maximize my matches afterward?

When you receive the "out of likes" message, it indicates that you've reached the daily swipe limit. If this happens, patience is key—Jedidajah Otte emphasizes the importance of swiping “strategically” on high-quality profiles to improve your matching prospects.

How often do you get likes on Bumble, and can the algorithm help increase them?

The frequency of likes received depends on factors like your profile quality, engagement, and activity on the platform. Otte notes that being disciplined and engaged “worked” for her, helping her get "much more attractive prospects."

Do Bumble likes expire, and how long do they last?

Bumble likes don’t last indefinitely. If your like is not reciprocated within a specific time frame (usually 24 hours), it expires. As Sherin Shibu explains, "Bumble women have 24 hours to make their move once a match is made."

When will I get more likes on Bumble after hitting the limit?

Once you’ve hit your daily like limit, you can wait 24 hours to receive additional likes. Being active and consistent will also help you gain more likes and higher-quality matches.

How does Bumble's new algorithm affect likes and matches?

Sherin Shibu points out that "Bumble is implementing a more advanced algorithm as part of its redesign, which can lead to higher-quality matches based on your profile and behavior."

Does Bumble offer any features to increase likes or make matching easier?

Yes, Bumble has features like "Opening Moves," where women can choose a conversation starter to ease the pressure of sending the first message. As Sherin Shibu mentions, "Opening Moves increased the number of chats started, how many people replied to them, and the overall time spent in the conversation."


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