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Is Tinder Worth It? 3 Things Every Guy Should Know

Is Tinder worth it when meeting women like her?

Considering literally millions of singles are using Tinder, it's normal to wonder, "Is Tinder worth it?" After all, there are hundreds of apps out there, from niche dating sites to more general ones. But what is it that keeps Tinder so relevant even after so many years of existence?

On top of that, Tinder users don't just use the app for free. Lots of singles also use their premium features to help them get more matches. So if you're already thinking that Tinder is pretty good, now you might be wondering if Tinder is worth paying for or if Tinder Gold is worth it.

That's what we'll be answering today. We'll outline the many reasons singles love Tinder, why some of them invest in a premium membership and how the answers to these questions will improve your overall online dating experience.

Of course, Tinder isn't the only option out there. So if you're also scouting for other options, check out our list of the best dating apps and sites. This will give you a rundown of worthwhile sites to use depending on what exactly you're looking for.

Is Tinder Worth It for Finding Relationships?

Before answering this question let's ask a better one: Are dating apps in general good for finding relationships?

The answer is YES.

According to a recent survey, almost 30 percent of American couples said they met online. The survey also suggests that these numbers will further expand within the next ten years, especially after the surge in apps usage during the pandemic.

Compare that to about 15 years ago when online dating was pretty niche and new. Back then, people would be hard-pressed to admit that they met their significant other online. Today, however, it's as natural as saying that you met at work, at a party or at a coffee shop.

Now, let's get back to our main question: Is Tinder worth it if you want a relationship?

The answer again is Yes. Bumble is usually promoted as the go-to app for relationships, especially among women. However, since Tinder is the most popular dating app in America - and the world, except for a few countries - then nothing suggests that you can't find a long-term relationship on Tinder as long as you:

Have enough time (and energy) to text women

I'm a sharp texter. Girls compliment my texting style day and night and I get them on dates in no time. But I do believe that texting needs a lot of time and energy and that you shouldn't use Tinder or any app if you can get women elsewhere.

The flakiness, the drama, the back and forth texting and the process of creating and consistently refreshing your profile can be exhausting. Tinder can definitely put a ring on your finger, but you can do it faster, and with less drama, if you're socially active and have a lot of friends who can introduce you to good women.

And, just so you know, the same survey that said 30 percent of couples met online also positioned friends and the number one source for connecting couples together.

New course

Tinder is worth it if you just moved to a new city

One of the things that makes me excited to visit a new city is the spike I see in my Tinder likes and matches. For some reason, your Tinder score gets a boost once you move to a new city. No one knows why, but maybe Tinder isn't sure how well you will perform in this new city, so it gives you the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, if you just moved to a new city or country then you should use Tinder. As I said, it's the most popular dating app, so it will introduce you to lots of new faces in no time. It will take you months to build a good social circle in a new city, but with Tinder, you can get a date in less than three days if your profile and texting skills are solid.

You know what you want (like really damn well)

How much can you really know about a woman 10 minutes after you start talking to her? Not much, that's for sure. But with Tinder, most women are open about who they are in their bio and photos. They might list down what they want in a man and what kind of relationship they're looking for. This helps them weed out guys they won't get along with and, for you, you can swipe left if there's something in her bio that you don't like.

Likewise, when you create an amazing Tinder bio, women will be more likely to swipe right on you if they fit your criteria. So from the get-go, you already know a few things about her and it's now just a matter of building rapport. It's a timesaver for sure.

Is Tinder Worth It for Finding Hookups?

YES, ABSOLUTELY. It might not be at the top of our list of the best hookup apps for guys but it can work well for the right guys.

Tinder was initially a hookup app. Back in the day, it was anyone's go-to app for getting laid in a snap. It was so easy you could've texted "DTF?" to some random girl and you'd still get some without being judged or called an asshole by some angry feminist. These days, finding a hookup on Tinder is as common as finding a relationship.

Why? Because the mechanics of the app is easy. People can swipe based on their preferences and then meet up for a date to see if they're a good match for a quick fling or an actual relationship.

So if you want to find hookups on Tinder, it's not that hard as long as you...

Have a solid profile with really good pictures

Nothing will ruin your dating experience worse than using a bad photo on your profile, especially when you're selling yourself for casual hookups. The stronger, muscular, and better-looking you are the more the matches will be. So you need to make sure your photos convey this image.

The following are a few good tips for when you choose your Tinder photos:

  • Don't go beyond 4 photos - Anything more will make you look like a guy who's too heavily invested in Tinder, or worse, extremely vain.
  • Don't use 2 or fewer photos either - Having one photo spells catfish. But two photos? It's like saying that out of the many times you've been in front of the camera, you've only looked presentable twice. Not a good look.
  • Don't professionally edit all your photos - Having all photos look like they were shot by a $3k Canon EOS also conveys you're a possible tryhard. If you're hiring a photographer (which you should) ask him to use his/your phone to shoot some of your photos. This gives your pics a more natural, approachable feel.

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  • Don't go shirtless unless you can prove it - Skinny pecs don't look good on Tinder, so keep your shirt on unless you're really jacked.
  • Formals and semi-formals work well on Tinder - If you look hot in a tailored tux, go for it. Women dig those things.

Be polarizing

This means unapologetically and clearly stating what you want from Tinder. It means being direct and sharp in your Tinder bio that you're here for the good times, and good times only. This will lower your response rate and may cause relationship seekers to swipe left, but those who agree with you will be down for a hookup and you won't find a problem asking them out.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Here's the thing about online dating: more people are open about using it to get dates. But very few will admit to actually paying for a service. Why? Because to most people, using Tinder is just a bit of fun, no need to spend money on it. But in truth, using premium features can actually work.

With that said, is Tinder Gold worth it? Some people find it awesome while others prefer the free version of Tinder. Probably this comparison will help you decide

Reasons Tinder Gold is worth it

  • It saves time - Tinder Gold lets you see who has already swiped right on you, so you can just check out their profiles and match with them. If you get a LOT of matches, you won't even need to swipe through all the other users on the app.
  • You can use Tinder anonymously - With Gold you can prevent the app from showing your profile to anyone except for those selected ones that you swiped right on. This can be a good Tinder hack you're trying to keep your dating life private.
  • You can boost your profile - When you get Gold, you get one free Tinder Boost a month. That means, for 30 minutes at your chosen time of the month, you can be one of the first profiles a woman sees. So even if your profile is pretty average, you're likely to get a little more attention since the women checking out your profile haven't been bombarded with other, better profiles.

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Reasons Tinder Gold is NOT worth it

  • It won't get you hot women unless you're really hot - Tinder Gold sells itself by letting you favorite the most popular profiles in your area/town. This sounds good on paper, however, those girls already get tons of matches so no way in hell they will respond to you unless you look exceptional.
  • Tinder can only do so much - If your profile is extremely boring and your photos are not much better, no amount of boosts will MAKE women want to swipe right. So before you think that Tinder Gold is the cure-all for your online dating slump, think again.

With all the information we laid out in this article, you no longer need to wonder "Is Tinder worth it?" You can make adjustments to your profile and messaging style to make the most of the article. And if you feel like you'll get better results with Tinder Gold, then maybe it's the boost you need to meet more women.


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