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11 Proven Tinder Hacks That Will Help You Succeed on Tinder

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Everybody is all hyped by Tinder and Tinder hacks, and why shouldn't they?

Going online is the most practical dating method for the modern guy - and gal. With the right photos and the right attitude, you can get tons of matches and dates from the comfort of your own home. Dating apps became famous across all ages, from high school girls to mature women, and Tinder is, by far, the most popular.

According to a recent Tinder report, the site witnessed 3 billion swipes in just one day during the pandemic. That's just one busy day of many, but it tells you a lot about the app's popularity.

How to Succeed on Tinder and Get More Matches

It doesn't take much to succeed on Tinder. This can sound weird to many guys who can't seem to get a Tinder date. But these guys are the reason Tinder is so easy.


Because, and I'm sorry to say that, most guys are terrible texters. They just either shower the girl with compliments or shove six eggplants over her screen for an easy lay.

It doesn't work like this. You need to be smart with Tinder and set yourself apart from the average guy. Not just with how you look, but with your texts as well.

We shared many texting tips on our site including tips on how to ask girls out and get their numbers. So in this article, we'll focus on the basics and put you on the road to a massive Tinder success.

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Tinder Hacks to Get a Girl’s Attention

Below are the best seven Tinder hacks that will get you more matches and more attention from girls.

Hack #1: Throw in a dog photo

Stats say guys with dogs get more swipes on Tinder. Probably because dogs are cute and carrying one makes you look both manly and responsible--girls love those traits. Especially those looking for long-term relationships.

Hack #2: Text her as soon you match

Girls get way more matches than you think. She may have like a hundred guys messaging her already - some girls get way more than this - and she'll forget about you if you don't hit her up with a message as soon as she matches with you.

New outfits are usually exciting for the exact same reason. So don't let her wait on you, it's a sign of confusion from your side. Text her right away with something fun, even if it's a canned opener.

Hack #3: Don't be available all the time (except for one scenario)

Texting is time and energy-consuming, especially when you're the one with the burden to impress. Feel free to stop the conversation whenever you're tired, busy, or have something better to do.

The only exception is when the conversation is heated and you two begin to click. You'll notice this when she suddenly starts replying right away and showers you with positive emojis. Don't leave her on the read or say something lame. Keep it going until you reach the next step.

Hack #4: Always close on a high

Never ask a girl out when she's angry, busy, or dismissive. You want to evoke her emotions with fun to give her a justifiable reason to agree on meeting you. Then, and only then, ask her out.

For example, you start texting about something you both are genuinely interested in, ask her out with that in mind. So if she mentions that she loves Lord of the Rings, mention something about a cafe with some LOTR memorabilia in their decor. It shows her that 1) you pay attention, 2) you're into what she's into, and 3) you want to go out with her.

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Hack #5: Don't buy Plus or Tinder Gold (except for one reason)

Sorry to say this but showing your ugly photos to more girls won't get you matches - and will cost you money. The right photos with the right bio will get you enough matches to make you happy.

The only exception is if you want to use Tinder anonymously. For a small fee, Tinder Plus allows no one to see you except those you swiped right on. It's not the best trade, but it still gives you the option.

Hack #6: Get Tinder Platinum (ONLY if you're really good at texting)

Tinder Platinum - the most expensive subscription - lets you message any girl you didn't match with. This sounds obnoxious to and can make you look needy. But if your text game is intact, you can turn it around with humor and win her over. After all, some girls might be on the app to find hot guys, but they might just be into you if you're a good conversationalist.

Hack #7: Lower your swiping ratio (one of the simplest Tinder hacks)

In other words, swipe more lefts than rights.


Because Tinder compares the number of girls you swiped right on with the actual number of matches you got. If your ratio is low and few girls swipe right on you, Tinder will send you more unattractive girls to hook you up with some matches.

Make it a 1:10 ratio (one right and 10 lefts), and only swipe on the girls you really like or the ones you know for sure will swipe right on you. So if she's way out of your league? LEFT. She lives 100 miles away? LEFT. She says she's allergic to dogs but you have your pup in your profile pic? LEFT!

The Tinder More Likes Hack

Want to know when to text a girl on Tinder to guarantee a response?

Need help figuring out the right time to use a Tinder boost?

And scratching your brain to figure out if topless photos rarely work?

Keep reading to find out...

Hack #8: There's a right time to swipe

You don't go to a bar at 9 a.m. to pick up girls. You still can do it but it's almost useless. Similarly with Tinder. You want to use it when girls are bored and looking for some fun, not when they're working, sleeping, or already partying.

It makes no sense to use Tinder on a Friday night when every chick in town is out there partying. The perfect time to use it is from Sunday to Thursday between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. These are after-work times when most girls are online looking for something fun to kill time.

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Hack #9: There's a right time to boost

You can easily double your weekly matches with a well-timed boost. And for just $10, it sounds like a great deal.

The only problem? Most guys don't know when to do it.

The two best times to use a Tinder boost are:

  • Sunday - Thursday, 8-10 p.m. - As previously mentioned
  • The exact same hour you create your profile or upgrade to premium - This tells the algorithm that you're willing to pay for a better service, so they will try to keep you happy by favoring you above other non-paying guys in the same attraction range. In other words, if a hundred guys have the same attraction score but only five pay regularly, then these five will get slightly better matches than the rest. These are all speculations after all, but they seem to work so we'll stick to them until proven otherwise.

Hack #10: Don't go topless if you can't back it up

Don't take off your t-shirt and show us your skinny abs. It's like watching a ballerina compete for Mr. Olympia. It turns women off and makes you look like a try-hard. Also, no need to wear shorts if you have skinny legs. Even Wolverine couldn't pull it off:

Hugh Jackman skinny legs - don't show your skinny legs on Tinder

Hack #11: Never delete your profile multiple times (Not more than twice)

Some guys delete then reinstall Tinder to reset their matches. Sounds good on paper, but don't do it more than once or twice (max).

Otherwise, you'll face a shadowban which simply means you can still see potential matches, but they won't see you no matter how many times you swipe on them or how much you pay for boosts and premium subscriptions.

The worst thing about this ban is that no one will tell you you're banned. Not even Tinder. You will only notice the difference when your matches dry out except for fake profiles really unattractive women.

These Tinder hacks are perfect for dating beginners. So if you think Tinder is a huge waste of time, think again. You might just be using the app wrong!

In case you're really convinced that none of these Tinder hacks will help you get laid, why not try out some of the best dating apps that have been proven to work time and again? Who knows, you might just be on the wrong app!

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