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21 Signs Someone Is Falling Out of Love with You

Showing signs that she's falling out of love with you

Are you afraid your relationship is falling apart? Do you fear that your partner is planning to walk away soon? This guide will help you discover whether that’s likely to be the case. It features 21 of the most reliable signs someone is falling out of love with you.

The more of these signs you experience in your relationship, the more likely it could be curtains for you soon.

The 21 Top Signs Someone Is Falling Out of Love with You

This person may have loved you in the past. Maybe you had an amazing relationship. But if they’re treating you like this, that love is quickly fading.

1. They stop saying "I love you"

When we’re truly in love, we’re not shy about saying it. Not after the first time, anyway. It’s the simplest way to express your love for someone. It feels good to say it and hear it back. That’s why loved-up couples say it all the time.

If your partner used to say “I love you” a lot but has now stopped doing so, that’s one of the clearer signs that they don’t feel the way they used to. If they only say “I love you too” after you say it first, that should be a cause for concern as well.

2. They stop using pet names

Pet names are another common verbal indicator of deep affection.

When you’re in love, it somehow feels odd to call your partner by their first name. In many cases, it feels more natural to call them “babe”, “sweetie” or some other cute moniker.

This doesn’t apply to all couples. But, if they used to give you a sweet nickname and have stopped, that’s one of the more obvious signs your partner is falling out of love with you.

3. Physical intimacy dries up

A couple with no intimacy

Physical intimacy is one of the biggest indicators and most desirable benefits of a loving relationship.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it dries up when your partner is falling out of love with you. There’s likely to be fewer hugs, fewer kisses, less sex, and less of everything in between.

Researchers have proven a positive correlation between the frequency of sex and relationship satisfaction. So, if your sex life has dried up, it’s unlikely to always be because your partner has a headache.

4. They don’t prioritize you

When someone is madly in love, their partner and their relationship usually become the top priority. This is because there’s nothing else that makes them happier. As such, not being prioritized is one of the clearer signs someone is falling out of love with you.

Be aware of this if your partner suddenly has a long list of things that are more important than spending time with you or making you happy.

5. They stop trying to impress you

The desire to impress our partner is part of being in love. This isn’t about convincing them to stay with us. We usually do it to show our appreciation.

Still, if your partner stopped making romantic gestures, planning cute dates, or trying to dress well, it’s fair to assume they don’t appreciate you or want to stay.

6. They’re hesitant about future plans

If your partner seems hesitant to agree to future plans with you, that could be a sign that they don’t see themselves being with you for much longer.

Someone who feels like this definitely won’t be trying to make grand plans with you in the future.

7. They stop wondering what you’re doing

When we’re in love, we ask our partners about their day because we’re genuinely invested in their lives. Sometimes, we only ask if we think the answer will affect our lives.

When we’re planning to leave someone, we tend to stop caring about what they’re doing. This could be because we’re no longer invested in their life story or because we believe that their actions won’t affect our lives for much longer.

8. They start forgetting important things

When we’re in love, we listen and remember what people tell us. This is a sign of respect and we’re genuinely interested in our partner’s stories. We also know that our partners will be upset if we forget things that are important to them.

Such forgetfulness is therefore another one of the signs that someone is falling out of love with you. They stop listening because they no longer care. This counts double if they forget important days like your birthday or anniversary.

9. Small things start to irritate them

Annoyed with each other's habits

Nobody is perfect. You have imperfections and annoying habits. So does your partner. When we’re in love, we learn to put up with these annoyances because the other person makes us so happy overall. Perhaps we don’t even consider them flaws.

Sadly, this honeymoon period has no impact on whether a couple will stay together for the long run.

When we start falling out of love, we notice all of the other person’s flaws. And they bug the hell out of us.

In both cases, this is the work of confirmation bias; the human brain finds evidence of what we already believe is true.

10. They point out your differences

This is another sign of confirmation bias in action. They used to point out all the reasons you were such a great couple. Now, they mention all the reasons why you’re wrong for each other.

This is often done to motivate you to change or to prime you for an incoming break-up. Indeed, women are more likely than men to plan their break-ups ahead of time.

11. They make plans without consulting you

Scheduling your plans around your partner - or at least letting them know when you’ll be away for a while - is seen by most people as part of a healthy relationship.

If they disappear for a couple of days without warning, that’s one of the more transparent signs your partner is falling out of love with you.

12. They’re in a bad mood around you, but light up around other people

This one is a real kick in the teeth. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your partner always seems to be in a foul mood around you, but you tell yourself it’s because of something stressful outside the relationship.

This rationalization is destroyed when they immediately light up around their friends and family. Everyone gets the best of them, while you get the worst. This happens only when they are falling out of love.

13. Their texting becomes more formal

The way people text can give away clues about their emotions.

It’s widely agreed that using more formal language is a sign of passive-aggressiveness.

If they’ve always formatted their messages with impeccable spelling and grammar, that might not be worth reading into.

If they used to send hearts, emojis, and kisses, but can now only finish their sentences with full stops, you might have trouble on your hands.

14. They’re less quick to reply or even ignore your texts completely

The speed and frequency of text message replies can also tell you a lot about someone’s feelings toward you. A change in the speed and frequency shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s imagine they used to reply quickly and frequently and now they don’t. At the very least, that means replying to your messages has become less of a priority to them. In all likelihood, so has the relationship.

15. They start to notice other attractive people

A lot of men and women don’t even consider the attractiveness of other people when they’re in love. The thought of replacing their lover or comparing anyone to them doesn’t cross their minds. Not in a serious way anyway.

So, what if you start to notice your partner staring a little bit too long at the opposite sex or even flirting with someone? That should be considered another warning sign that they’re falling out of love with you.

16. They put you down instead of building you up

Putting each other down without knowing it

Couples in love function like team-mates. They would never think to hurt each other or tear each other down. If it happens accidentally, an apology quickly follows.

But when your partner is falling out of love, you might start to notice them taking subtle digs at your confidence. It’s a horrible thing to witness and one of the biggest signs that a relationship is in disarray.

17. They embarrass you in public

Maybe they make a comment to deliberately humiliate you. Perhaps they do something they know will make you feel degraded. Either way, this would never happen in a loved-up relationship. When this happens, your partner has fallen out of love in a big way.

18. They’re more secretive

Is your partner beginning to give vague and dismissive answers to your questions? Do they seem more guarded over their phone?

This usually happens when they’re planning something they don’t want you to know about. They might not be planning to cheat on you, but it’s certainly possible if you’re experiencing the other signs mentioned in this list.

19. Their friends start to treat you differently

If your partner’s friends seem to be acting colder toward you than before, that’s another sign that it could be curtains for your romantic relationship. Most likely, she’s told these friends how she’s fallen out of love with you and they know that you won’t be around for much longer.

20. They do the bare minimum

When someone is in love, they’re enthusiastic about doing all the things that make a relationship great. They want to take you on romantic dates. They enjoy doing favors that make your life easier. They proudly kiss and hug you in public. The sex is frequent and passionate.

If your partner is falling out of love, the enthusiasm drops like a stone. Instead, they do the bare minimum to stop you from causing a fuss or walking out on them.

Maybe the date nights are infrequent and unoriginal. Perhaps the sex is robotic and uninspiring if it happens at all. These are also worrying signs that your partner is falling out of love with you.

21. You can feel the tension

Let’s be honest. The reason you searched for this blog post is that you could sense that something was off in the relationship. When you get these feelings, they’re usually spot on. They don’t pop up for no reason unless you have severe trust issues.

The best thing you can do when you begin to feel this tension is to talk about it with your partner. Tell them you love them and want to know how to make your relationship better. Falling out of love isn’t inevitable, even in relationships that last decades. So, hopefully, you can have an adult conversation and improve things before it’s too late.

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