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What A Guy Is Thinking When He Kisses You (The Top Answers)

Are you wondering what a guy is thinking when he kisses you? It can be useful to know these things, especially if you’re nervous about kissing or getting physical with someone for the first time.

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That’s why I took the time to investigate what men typically think when sharing a first kiss with a particular woman. I have listed 15 of the most common answers below.

Revealed: What A Guy Is Thinking When He Kisses You

Of course, every guy is different. His thoughts will depend on how he feels about you, the situation and the kiss itself.

Nevertheless, these are the most common answers that reveal what a guy is probably thinking when he kisses you.

1. “Yesss, it worked!”

Let’s start with a point that a lot of women probably don’t recognise.

If a guy kisses you, he has probably been thinking about the best time to kiss you for a long while. Of course, you can’t read his thoughts and your first kiss may appear spontaneous, but that’s rarely the case.

In most cases, he has been putting together a gameplan to kiss you at the right time in the right situation, so that you don’t reject him.

He doesn’t want to ask for a kiss, because that’ll ruin the passion of the moment, so instead he has to dive in and hope that you kiss him back. That’s why his first thoughts upon your lips meeting are usually of celebration that everything went to plan.

2. “This is awesome!”

A lot of women say they can learn a lot about a man -- and the future of their relationship with him -- from the first kiss. Men are rarely thinking that deeply about it, not in the moment anyway. If they’ve taken the plunge, moved in to kiss you and you’re kissing them back, they’re probably having a great time.

The longer he’s been thinking about kissing you, the more fireworks are probably going off in his brain.

3. “Wow, she is a really good kisser!”

Unless you’re doing something really weird and off-putting, he’s probably giving you top marks in his head. Congratulations!

A lot of guys aren’t majorly fussy about a woman’s kissing technique if they really like her.

4. Something sweet guys think about when kissing: “I hope she likes it.”

You’re not weird for wondering what a guy is thinking when he kisses you. In fact, in many cases, he is probably wondering what you are thinking too. He wants you to be enjoying the kiss as much as possible. Often, he’ll be looking for signs that you’re enjoying it.

So, if you are, hold him tighter. Kiss him more passionately. Do something to show him he’s doing a great job.

5. “I hope I don’t have bad breath.”

This is a funny one, but it may well be that the contents of his last meal are playing a prominent role in his thoughts. That’s because he’s trying to work out if he has bad breath or food in his teeth. If he didn’t have time to consider this before making his move, he’s probably thinking about it now.

Perhaps he’s cursing himself for not putting any mints in his pocket before he met you. Maybe he’s hoping you like the taste of Guinness and spicy chicken wings as much as he does.

New course

6. “I’m going to ignore this disgusting taste in her mouth.”

If your breath stinks, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is: yes, a guy is most definitely thinking about that when he's kissing you. If your breath tastes like cigarettes and vindaloo, that’s probably the only thing on his mind.

The good news is: he’ll be doing everything he can to ignore it. As men, we’re taught to power through in bad times. We’re also taught not to ruin our chances with a woman by pointing out her flaws. That rarely ends well.

If he has a breath mint, he’ll probably offer you one casually without making it obvious that you need one. If he doesn’t, he’s probably cursing himself once again for not bringing any.

7. “I don’t know what to do with my hands.”

Will it annoy you to run his hands through your hair? Is squeezing your ass too much? Should he try something fancy and dip you?

These are the sorts of thoughts that go through a guy’s head. Once we’ve got the kiss, the horny side of our brain is immediately asking what else we can get away with.

8. What most inexperienced guys are thinking when he's kissing you: “Should I tilt my head?”

It’s kind of the same as the ‘hands’ dilemma. First kisses take some adjustment. If he’s not an experienced kisser, these sorts of thoughts will enter his mind.

9. “How much tongue is enough?”

This is a difficult question to answer! After all, it’s down to the individual.

If you notice his hesitation, try starting slow and making a mental note of how he’s responding. If they’re into it, slip in a little more tongue. Baby steps are key. What’s the rush?

There’s no need to immediately treat his face like a quickly-melting ice lolly.

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10. “Who is watching?”

If your first kiss is in a bar or a nightclub, this will play on his mind.

If you’re hot enough, he’ll probably want his friends and random dudes to see. However, not all guys are into public displays of affection, even with super-hot women.

Indeed, there may be a particular person in the venue who he’d rather not spot him in an intimate moment.

11. “I want to see if she’s enjoying it.”

A lot of guys want to stare at the beautiful woman they’re kissing, but most of us are well aware that eye contact during a French kiss is one of the most awkward things that can happen.

12. One sure thing a guy is thinking when he's kissing you: “I’m so horny.”

Yes, for a lot of guys, I could have put this suggestion first and finished the article. It’s commonly suggested that men think about sex every six seconds, but for some guys that’s probably an under-estimation.

A great kiss will make most guys really horny, especially if you’ve also been flirting for hours. Forget the Prince Charming act he’s been putting on. As previously mentioned, it’s the male instinct to wonder what other sexual activity you might be up for. Most likely, he’s devising a strategy to transition from wherever you are into his bedroom.

If you’re in the bedroom, he’s almost definitely thinking about taking your clothes off.

13. “When should I stop kissing her?”

It’s a classic piece of dating advice to end the kiss first and leave the other person wanting more. The problem is: all the pleasure receptors in his brain are probably firing like crazy. So he’s probably also dreaming of this kiss continuing for a long time.

14. “What should I say next?”

If he’s the type of guy who struggles with running out of things to say, he’s probably using your tied tongues as an opportunity to think of new conversation material.

It’s sad but true. A lot of guys get nervous about awkward silences with women they’ve just met. What’s more, a dorky line straight after a first kiss could ruin your date completely.

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15. “What does this mean for us?”

The first kiss is a significant milestone within a romantic courtship. If he really likes you, his mind might begin to wander into the future. Perhaps he’s envisioning you becoming his girlfriend, introducing you to his family or maybe even more!

Ladies, you can be honest. Does that freak you out more than the idea of us plotting a strategy to get you into bed?

Well, it’s true that men have pure emotions too -- and a lot of us can get caught up in the moment of an innocent first kiss.

Lucky you can’t read our thoughts, huh?

Don’t Stress! Guys Aren't Thinking About Much When He Kisses You

Often, there is no point wondering what a guy is thinking when he kisses you because it’s common that he’s not thinking about much at all!

A lot of jokes are made about guys being simple creatures who don’t tend to overthink about seemingly romantic situations, but that’s actually a wonderful thing!

Instead of thinking about what’s going on, he’s lost in the moment and enjoying it fully. This mindset makes for the best kisses -- and the best sex too! That’s surely what you want for him and for yourself, right?

This world is full of so much stress and worry. One of the great things about getting physical with a sexy woman is that it’s an effective way to escape all this anxiety, if only for a few seconds or minutes.

If you’ve asked what a guy is thinking when he kisses you - and he tells you he’s not thinking about anything - it’s probably true! Most likely, this means he’s not too worried or insecure about kissing you. Surely that’s a great thing!

Hopefully, as you grow closer and more comfortable with your man, you reach this same level of nonchalance about kissing.

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