How To Get A Girl To Chase You (Let Her Do All The Work For A Change)

How to get women chasing you like thisIf you want to have women vying for your attention, it’s crucial to learn how to get a girl to chase you.

Below, I’ll show you exactly what’s needed for this and explain how to get a girl interested in you the right way. So you won’t have to be chasing after women anymore and instead inspire them to come to you.

How to get a girl to chase you

Getting women to chase you is a pretty complex and deep topic. But it’s possible to break it down into a few key points.

However, you have to know how to attract women in the first place. So you can then inspire them to chase you and want you more. We’ve made an in-depth video course which shows you all the specifics of how to do exactly that and get her attracted to you fast. Be sure to check it out if you don’t already have many beautiful women in your life.

If you’ve already got a handle on the basics, let’s move on to the more complicated matter of learning how to get a girl to chase you properly.

Get her thinking about you

The first and arguably most important step in comprehending how to make her chase you is to understand how emotional investment works. Then figuring out a way to use it to your advantage when you’re around women.

Basically, when a girl is emotionally invested in you, you’re always going to be on her mind. You’re going to occupy most of her thoughts and she’ll start feeling various emotions for you even when you’re not around.

That’s why when figuring out how to make a girl chase you, you have to leave a huge and positive emotional impact on them when you are together.

You do this by having fun, flirting and teasing each other verbally and physically, while engaging in tons of witty and challenging banter. Getting each other high on positive emotions and giddy with joy and excitement. I’ve broken down the specifics on how to flirt with a woman before, so take a peek if you need a refresher.

If you do all this successfully, once the date is over and she gets home, she’ll often start missing you and your time together.

When she later has some time to reflect on things, she’ll think back to that awesome date. She’ll start thinking about you and how great and awesome you are. Which will make her wait eagerly for your next meeting because she’ll know she’ll have the time of her life with you.

This will often prompt her to chase you, especially if you’re not texting her every day. So she’ll often reach out to you herself to see when you want to meet her again.

You need to try this

Your lifestyle is critical to getting her to chase you

Women want to be a part of an awesome man’s life and want to have a great life themselves. Human beings are wired to seek out, chase pleasure and good feelings.

Of course, the opposite is also very much true. If you don’t enjoy your life, don’t take care of yourself emotionally or physically, have no friends or hobbies; it’ll show. Women will pick up on the subconscious communication and feel your unmistakable negativity. They just won’t give you the time of day.

That’s why it’s important to always strive to improve yourself as well as the quality of your life. Learn stuff, educate yourself, take care of your body, get as many new experiences as you can, develop your skills and your personality. As I mentioned when writing about how to get any girl to like you -- find hobbies you’re passionate about and share them with others.

Most importantly, make sure you always have goals in life and do your hardest to achieve them. Be the man with the plan and work your way towards the things you want in life.

Doing these things will subconsciously tell women you have your life together and they’ll want to be a part of that. Women start chasing men who they spend a bit of time with and realize they’re fun, interesting, exciting and adventurous.

In truth, it’s not about figuring out specific ways of how to make a girl chase you. It’s about having a lifestyle of continuous growth, improvement and positive change, which draws people in and makes them want to be a part of it.

Making women feel great around you

Like I mentioned earlier, people want to hang out with guys that enjoy life. They also want to be around guys that make them feel good.

This doesn’t mean giving out massages to everyone you meet.

It does mean being calm, cool, collected and confident. It means being true to you and genuine to others.

Genuine people don’t go out looking to make everyone love them. They have no ulterior motives and are just looking to live life by their own moral code. They give out compliments because the other person legitimately looks good in that dress or with their new haircut -- not because they’re desperate to get laid.

By being genuine, you’ll make women feel good around you. That comfort combined with these other tips get them to think about being with you and therefore, to start chasing you.

The abundance mentality

A well-known phenomenon in seduction is that men who aren’t desperate as a result of having many other women in their lives are incredibly attractive.

Women, just like anyone else, want the best things in life. If they notice other women chasing you, praising you and wanting to be with you, they’ll think you’re the prize to get. As a result, they’ll start chasing you themselves, hoping you’ll show them attention and validation.

I mean, if many other women are constantly in contact with you, then it must mean you’re an amazing guy, right?

Well, that’s true, but unfortunately, not many men have lots of women chasing them around.

So how do you show this total lack of desperation and display an abundance of women in your life, even if there isn’t?

By displaying specific qualities and doing certain things when you’re talking to women you like.

For example, you have to show you’re not afraid of losing the girl while you’re talking to her. You have to be willing to walk away if she does or says something stupid, hurtful, mean or otherwise bad. Showing you don’t tolerate bullshit and bad behavior.

If you don’t, then women will see you’re desperate and that you’d do anything for them not to leave. They’ll lose all respect for you and may even start to abuse your desperation for personal gain.

So, don’t be afraid to say the word “No” to women when they ask you something you don’t want to do. In fact, don’t do anything to women they don’t deserve.

You wouldn’t buy a random stranger a drink, give them flowers or shower them with your affection unless they’ve given you a very good reason to do it, right? So why would you do the same for women?

Leadership is vital if you want her to chase you

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that women love a man with a plan.

It may sound silly but this is actually a very important concept in dating and seduction. Guys who are very successful with women know how significant it really is.

To illustrate, I’ll give you a great analogy.

Let’s say you’ve paid a lot of money to meet one of your absolute favorite celebrities and have them spend a weekend with you.

When the day finally arrives and you go to their place, you ask them “Hey, so what are we gonna do? What’s the plan?” And they reply with “Oh, I dunno. I didn’t really have anything planned. What do you wanna do?”

Wouldn’t you be absolutely pissed at them? You spent good money, several months worth of savings, to come meet them because you wanted to become a part of their awesome life. To experience the amazing things they get up to during the day. And not do your usual thing but with some celebrity dragging along.

You see what I’m getting at? This is exactly how women feel if you don’t have a plan when you’re with them, especially on dates.

They met with you to experience who you are and to see your life, not lead you around in theirs. So take them on an adventure that is you and show them a good time.

Women are attracted to and want to spend time with men who will lead them to new fun, exciting, interesting or even unexpected experiences. In fact, women appreciate leadership greatly even in bed.

Some techniques for how to make a girl chase you

The above stuff is all part of your "Inner Game". Which means they have everything to do with who you are on the inside and nothing to do with techniques and similar things.

That said, you should still know a few practical things on how to get a girl to chase you.

These include flirting techniques like pushing-and-pulling, teasing, roleplaying and similar things.

All of them are awesome at sparking attraction and making sure women have an unforgettable time with you. They also convey you have a great personality and a sense of humor, aren’t afraid to be challenging, don’t care if you’re going to lose the girl and are anything but desperate. Basically, pretty much everything we’ve already discussed above.

To learn how to do all of them and more, I highly recommend you read my other article on how to successfully flirt with women. They’re essential skills to have if you want to understand how to make a girl chase you and then do it with ease.

Now you know exactly how to make women become very interested in you and then chase you. It’s mostly about your inner game and various techniques and “moves” come much later.

Make sure to not give women your approval too easily, then follow the advice above and you’ll quickly see positive results.

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