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How To Make A Girl Like You (It’s Much Simpler Than You Think)

How to make a girl like you and want to date you

Ever wondered how to make a girl like you? From afar, us girls can seem kinda confusing at the best of times. You might even say some of us don’t even know what we’re looking for, so what’s a guy supposed to do?

Here’s the truth: even if we don’t know exactly what we’re looking for, we’ll know it when we see it.

But there are so many guys out there, especially in the online dating world. So how can you avoid saying the wrong thing and get a girl to pay attention to you and only you?

I’ve read far too many articles on this subject written by immature men who think they’re still in kindergarten and need to play games. You don’t need to play games, and this strategy never works in the long run.

The great news is, it’s much simpler than that.

Here’s Exactly How to Make a Girl Like You

Follow these 11 simple steps, and you’ll be wondering why you ever doubted yourself before.

Try these out and see.

Be yourself

If you’ve ever seen the movie Hitch, you’ll know it’s about an expert dating coach (Alex Hitchins aka Hitch) who helps guys to get the woman of their dreams. He does this by polishing them up and showing them step by step exactly what to (and what not to) say and do.

But by the end of the movie, Hitch realizes that because all women are different, you cannot define a universal set of successful dating principles.

This is why you must be yourself. After all, everybody else is taken.

If you go into it pretending to be someone you’re not, you won’t be able to continue the charade forever. Plus, you’re not going to know if the girl you’re with genuinely likes the real you. After all, what use is it if, for example, your crush or a coworker likes you, but she likes the "you" that's putting on a facade?

Just remember to be mindful that you’re not being rude or causing offense, but act in a way that is comfortable to you. If she doesn’t like you, then you’ll know she’s not the person for you.

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Be honest

Women are emotionally intelligent creatures, so it’s often obvious to us if someone is lying, exaggerating, or simply making things up.

We understand and appreciate that you want to impress us. But what’s more impressive than anything is you being one hundred percent honest with us from the get-go. This is one of the key things girls like in a guy.

This goes for your feelings too. If you’re not looking for anything serious, don’t tell her that you are. She’ll respect you more if you’re honest with her, and after all, she might be on the same page as you anyway.

And if you are hoping to take things to the next level, your honesty will build vital trust, which leads to a strong foundation in the relationship.

Be a gentleman

Men often confuse women’s desire for equality with the idea they’re no longer interested in chivalry. But equality of the sexes simply means we’re not suppressed or treated inferior to men simply because we’re women.

It doesn’t mean we don’t want you to open doors for us, let us walk ahead of you or offer to carry something heavy for us. These are all signs of kindness and respect, and they make girls feel special and cared for.

If you're a complete gentleman, even shy girls will show that they like you by paying attention to you. We just can't help ourselves!

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Give her your full attention

When you’re with her, be completely there with her. Don’t be thinking about what else you need to do today, that upcoming meeting at work or checking your phone. This is rude and shows you’re not interested in her. She'll think you're testing her to see if she likes you, but this rarely works.

Give a girl your full attention, look her in the eyes when she’s speaking and actively listen to what she’s saying and respond, so she knows you heard her. This will mean that you know of any important upcoming events in her life, and you’ll be able to check in with her about them nearer the time. This will show her that you listened, that you cared enough to remember, and that you want her to feel special.

Make an effort with your appearance

This sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many men forget these simple things and then wonder why they have trouble getting a girl to like them.
Personal hygiene is a basic must. Take a shower, lather up, wash your hair, brush your teeth, groom yourself, put some deodorant or aftershave on and wear clean well-fitting clothes. Don’t over-do it on the spray, though. One or two squirts is enough to leave you smelling great, which is a huge turn-on for girls.

If you don’t have a great sense of style ask a friend to help you out and go shopping with you. Or even book an appointment with an in-store stylist. Get a haircut. You don’t need to spend a fortune to look well-groomed and attractive.

Basic hygiene and manners go a long way.

Be confident

Most of what you’re saying to someone usually isn’t coming from your words. It’s your body language that speaks volumes, which is why it’s vital you use strong, positive body language to convey a sense of confidence.

This means standing up straight with your head up and shoulders back, making eye contact frequently, smiling, pointing your body towards her, ensuring you’re not crossing your arms and remaining open to her. All of these little things will help you appear calm, confident and collected.

Keep in mind that confidence does not equal arrogance. There's a thin line here. You might think that girls only like jerks, but in truth, they're usually attracted to confidence.

And naturally, it’s important that you feel confident within yourself. So remind yourself of everything you have to offer her--all the amazing qualities that make you, you.

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Wondering how to make a girl like you? Be different

Try not to repeat or imitate cheesy pick-up lines or moves you’ve read about or seen in movies. There are too many guys making cliches of themselves. If you want a girl to like you, then you need to stand out by being different from all the rest.

A great way to do this is by giving her a compliment that’s about something other than her physical appearance. Go deeper. Tell her you love her sense of humor or her kindness. Remember, it has to be genuine because she will notice if you’re being fake.

Another way to be different is to be passionate about something. Anything as long as it’s real. Maybe you’re obsessed with motorbikes, baking cakes or traveling. This will give you something to talk about. It will make you seem interesting while showing that you have a fun life that she might just want to be a part of.

Make her laugh

Some guys worry that they’re not funny, but you don’t need to the next Kevin Hart. Everyone can be funny if they try. And the more jokes you tell, the better you’ll become at the art of making people laugh.

Lots of studies have shown that girls love laughing, and it plays an important role in attraction and status for them. When you can make a girl laugh, it shows her that you’re not only funny but strong, confident, intelligent and playful.

If you’re wondering whether she genuinely finds you funny or she’s only giving you pity laughs, see where her eyes go when she laughs. If she looks at your first, this is a strong sign that she likes you, even if it’s only at a subconscious level right now.

Let the conversation flow

If you’re wondering how to get a girl to like you, you’re coming at this from the wrong angle.

Your goal is to find out as much about her as quickly as you can to see if you’re a good match and whether you should continue to invest your time in her.

So, how do you do this?

You focus on her and the conversation. Forget about getting her number or wondering if she likes you. That’s not important right now. When you focus on the conversation, it will create a natural flow that makes it fun and engaging. Who wants to end a conversation like that?

If the conversation isn’t flowing, she seems distracted, or she tells you she’s taken; then that’s your cue to say, “it was great talking to you,” and move on.

How to make a girl like you by being her friend first

So many amazing relationships have begun with friendship first.


Because everyone wants a romantic partner who is their best friend but they’re also attracted to physically. If you’re already friends, then you’re halfway there. And attraction can often arise for women later on after they get to know someone’s personality and intentions.

So focus on being a true friend to her. Get to know her, do sweet things for her and show her you genuinely care. Send her a good morning text that will make her smile. Find out her favorite flowers, then send them to her workplace. Women love feeling special.

You may even find yourself in the friendzone for months before anything happens, and that’s okay. She’s much more likely to like a guy who she already knows and cares about than a random stranger.

Open up to her

It’s normal to be a little wary of new people and not trust them. But people tend to like and trust people who trust them first. So open yourself up to her and share something with her that most people don’t know about you. Be authentic.

It might be an embarrassing story from your school days or it could be something deeper like a goal you have for your life. You don’t need to go overboard in the beginning and share something you wouldn’t want her to share with other people. But open yourself up enough so that she feels like you’re sharing a secret with her.

Remember: there are plenty of girls out there

There are 7 billion people in the world, so if one girl doesn’t like you, don’t worry. Trust that someone out there will. Knowing for yourself that other people can also find you attractive is important to how to make a girl like you after all!


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