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How Guys Can Tell If A Girl Doesn't Like Them - The Signs That Guys Always Miss

He's clueless about the signs a girl doesn't like you

When you’re out with your friends and you see a group of girls looking your way, how do you know if any of them are into you? Do you go by body language? Or do you approach them to find out for sure. The thing is, lots of women show different signs of attraction. So it can be hard to know the signs girls don’t like you or are just too shy to show it.

Here’s the thing about women, whether younger or older: A lot of us are scared to straight-up tell a guy that we’re not interested. We’re worried that he’ll react poorly. There are a lot of assholes out there who don’t take rejection well and a lot of us don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings either.

So, we often try to let guys down gently by giving them these hints that we’re not interested. The problem is: a lot of guys don’t get the hints. So they continue wasting their time pursuing a woman who has no interest in them. Honestly, it’s a horrible situation for both parties.

Yes, in a perfect world, a woman would be able to tell a guy “Sorry bro, I’m not feeling it” and a man would be able to accept that with grace and decorum. Sadly though, we don’t live in a perfect world.

So, in this article, I am going to explain to you the clear-cut signs girls don’t like you in a romantic way. If you spot any of these signs when you’re speaking with a woman, you really are better off finding someone else.

#1 - The first sign a girl doesn't like you is closed-off body language

When a woman is interested in you, she will be facing you. She will be looking at your eyes. You will have her full attention. She might even be touching you now and again. You’ll see that these are the tried and tested signs that she wants to keep talking to you.

If she doesn’t like you, she’ll often turn her body away from you. If she doesn’t even have the will to turn and face you, that is one of the clearest signs that she has no desire to keep talking. On top of that, if she’s staring at her phone or looking anywhere except at you, that’s another bad sign.

#2 - Blunt communication can be telling

When a woman is interested in you, she will make an effort to keep the conversation going. She will add her own opinions to the subject you’re discussing. She will ask you questions. And she'll make an effort to show interest.

One of the biggest signs girls don’t like you is when they’re not going to do any of this. They will give you one-word responses. They will perhaps answer your question with no extra details. And they will mutter things like: “oh really,” “no way,” “cool,” “ok” with no enthusiasm. Even if a shy girl likes you, she won't give you one-word responses.

No matter how shy a girl might be, if she likes a guy she will make some effort to add more than this to a conversation. This is the case over text as well as in person. So, if your online match is only sending one-word responses, you can be sure that there are a lot of other guys she’s more excited about at this moment.

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#3 - If they flake on you it's a major sign she doesn't like you

Ok, sometimes we have no choice but to flake on a guy we really like. Sometimes life gets in the way and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it.

But, other times, we will flake on guys because we’re just not that excited to meet him. This is so true for younger women who’ll ghost you suddenly. But older women can also be very flaky when they’re seriously not into someone.

There’s an easy way to tell a difference between the two: When we flake on a guy we really like, we’ll make an effort to rearrange the meeting for a more suitable time. If we don’t like you, there will be zero effort to rearrange that date - and if you try to rearrange, we’ll usually be really vague about it. We’ll usually say something like “let me check my schedule” or “let me get back to you.” When women do this, it’s incredibly rare that we’ll actually get back to you. Take the hint.

So for example, if you think a female coworker likes you, you invite her out and she flakes on you. Check to see if she'll arrange another date. If she doesn't try to ask her out on a different date. If none of those work, then it's pretty clear she's not into you.

Honestly, if anyone flakes on me more than once, it will be very hard to convince me to give them a third chance. Most likely, I won’t be trying to meet that person again because they don’t respect my time.

If you’re a guy with a busy life and a lot of options for girls to date (and you always want to be coming across this way, at least), then I’d suggest you do the same.

#4 - “Friendly” nicknames

Sometimes we will make it extra clear that we want to be friends with you by giving you a “friendly” nickname. Think “bro,” “mate” or “dude.” Sometimes we will go one step further and say: “Wow, you’re such a good friend” or the classic put-down “you’re like a brother to me.” Even worse, if an older woman tells you, “Aww, you’re such a cute kid.” That’s it; there’s no hope for romance here.

To really hammer this point home, we might give you the “friendly” double pat on the shoulder. The pity pat. To this day, no man has recovered from this. It’s like locking the door to the friendzone. There’s no escaping now, bro.

Sometimes women will do this when we don’t even want to be friends. It’s one of the classic signs a girl doesn’t like you. We could be perfectly happy never seeing you again. We might still call you “mate” if we think it’ll help get the point across that we are not interested in dating you.

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#5 - No physical contact AT ALL

Ok, this is the main one I wish all men would understand. If you’re trying to get physical with us and we tense up, that means we do not like it. A little initiative is something girls like in a guy, but too much initiative at the start is a turn-off. Whatever it is you’re trying to do - whether that’s holding hands, trying to stick your tongue down our throat or anything in between - pay attention to our response.

If we tense up or back away or tell you to stop, you need to STOP. There are no blurred lines here.

#6 - The boyfriend talk

If we don’t like you and you’re trying to flirt with us, we will immediately bring up our boyfriend. Even if we don’t have a boyfriend, we will probably do this. At this point, a lot of guys will waste their time trying to figure out if we’re telling the truth about our boyfriend. Honestly, there’s no point in doing this.

If we say we have a boyfriend, it means we’re not interested. End of story.

#7 - How to tell if a girl doesn’t like you if you can’t take a hint: She will tell you!

Perhaps as you’re going through this list, you may have been thinking: “Man, why don’t these women just tell us the truth?!” or "Why do girls like jerks and assholes instead of me?!" Well, the good news is plenty of women out there are brave enough to skip the BS and tell it how it is. Honestly, you should be grateful to these women. They’ve saved you a lot of time, which you can spend on finding a woman who appreciates you.

If you thank a woman for saving your time when she’s honest about her feelings towards you, maybe she’ll feel more empowered to do it again in the future.

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As I mentioned, there are a lot of girls out there who are simply too scared to do this. That's because there are a lot of assholes who take it to heart, berate us and insult us. Don’t be that guy. Not everyone is supposed to like you. No matter who you are, there will probably be a lot of women out there who aren’t feeling it.

Instead of wasting your energy on being frustrated about this, I suggest learning more about handling rejection and bouncing back. The sooner you learn that she’s not into you, the sooner you can move on! Don’t let rejection get you down because there are so many other women you can meet.

Now that you know the signs girls don’t like you, you can avoid wasting time on someone you have no chance with. Take it in stride and move on to someone who does appreciate you as more than just a friend.

On the bright side, you can work on doing some things to make a girl like you. While these may not guarantee that she'll end up being into you, they're ways to make yourself more attracted to her. Once you do these, you can check for signs that she's slowly becoming more into you and work from there.


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