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What It Means When a Woman Makes Eye Contact With You (6 Types)


In the world of dating, eye contact and body language are really important forms of communication. The better we can get at understanding them, the easier the dating scene becomes. But when it comes to eye contact, something so ubiquitous that anyone does it, how can you know what it means? Let me run you through some great tips to help you learn what it means when a woman makes eye contact with you. How a woman looks at you and how she reacts to making eye contact can tell you so much.

If you struggle to approach women, this article will give you some clues about how receptive they'll be. In many cases, you can get a great idea if she’s into you before you even leave your table. By lowering the risk like that, you’re making the approach that much easier.

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What It Means When a Woman Makes Eye Contact

Now, let’s take a look at the most common instances of when a woman makes eye contact with you. While some women will be more subtle about it than others, they’ll generally fall into one of these categories.

The further down this list we go, the clearer it is that she’s interested in you, so stick around. One thing’s for sure, if she’s showing you that she’s interested, you should go say hi!

#1 - The blank stare

We’ve all been there before, right? We’re out somewhere with friends, drift off into our own thoughts for a moment then realize we’re looking at someone. They’ve noticed and glance in our direction. Oops.

Since there’s no intention behind this type of eye contact, it doesn’t actually mean anything to receive it. Rather than her looking at you, she just happened to look in your direction while she was thinking about something else.

This is easiest to spot by the fact that it almost feels as though she’s looking through you. She isn’t focused on you and probably has a completely blank expression.

Don't misinterpret this as her showing her interest in you. When a woman looks at you, she'll have more than just a blank expression on her face!

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#2 - The people watcher

Another one that we’re all guilty of, sometimes you’re just looking at people around the room. You might have noticed something they’re wearing, what they’re doing or just generally paying attention to your surroundings.

Much like the blank stare, there’s no real intent here. She looked at you but might have done the same thing with other men and women around the room as well.

In this case, you can usually tell because she’ll look away immediately and keep the same neutral expression. Nothing exciting to report here, sorry.

#3 - When a woman looks at you shyly

With those out of the way, we can start talking about some of the looks that can show that she’s interested.

If she’s into you but is a little shy about showing it, this is the look you’re going to get. It’s a brief but intentional glance, usually followed by her looking down and away.

Quite often, it’ll be accompanied by a shy smile. When a slightly more confident woman makes eye contact with you, she might do a follow-up glance to see if you’re still looking. There’s a good chance she’s into you and wants you to know it but is also a little shy.

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#4 - The obvious glance

Similar to that shy glance, if she’s comfortable showing a little more interest, she’ll hold your gaze for just a moment. It can feel like minutes but may only be another fraction of a second.

It’s still just a glance but she was looking at you intentionally and is making sure you noticed it. This is probably one of the more common forms of eye contact you can expect from a woman who’s into you.

It’s a little shy, a little flirty but doesn’t want to broadcast it too much just yet. Remember, all of this can be scary and intimidating for women too!

#5 - When a woman makes eye contact with you deliberately

Some women know what they want and aren’t so shy about going for it. For them, you’re probably going to get this look or maybe even the final one on our list.

This woman is looking right at you, holding your gaze and giving the eye contact equivalent of waving at you across the room. She’s leaving no room for misunderstandings. She’s into you and hoping you come and say hi.

This look is usually accompanied by a big smile. It can be fun and exciting and you should definitely do something about it!

There are plenty more subtle signs to look out for to see if a woman is interested in you and this is a big one.

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#6 - The “are you going to do something about it?” look

This is a look that everybody will recognize straight away and that’s the whole point. If she’s particularly confident, this is the most obvious invitation you’re ever going to get from eye contact alone.

It's when a woman makes eye contact with you intently, holds that eye contact, smiles and maybe even gives you a slight head tilt, as if to say “come say hi!”

While we can’t always rely on eye contact signals alone to know for sure that she’s interested, this one is the exception. She’s really going out of her way to let you know she’s into you.

One thing to keep in mind here is that you really don’t want to wait around. She’s obviously a bold, confident woman that’s all but giving you an invitation. If you still need more coaxing than that, you’re giving her the impression you don’t share that same interest and confidence.

Since confidence is something everyone finds attractive, that can be a bit of a turnoff and she might lose interest.

There we go, the six most common types of eye contact you can expect to see from a woman. The next time you’re out with friends, pay attention to others in the room. Get familiar with these different types of eye contact and how they feel. Some can be more subtle than others and might even go unnoticed if you’re not paying attention.


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