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What Men Should Do When A Girl Looks At Them


When you're out and about, there are bound to be people who will look your way. Some might glance in your general direction and some might even stare if they're not polite. But when you're in a social setting and you notice that a girl is trying to catch your eye, is it safe to assume that she likes you? Knowing what to do when a girl looks at you isn't always so easy right?

Has this ever happened and you didn’t know what to do about it? You’re not alone. A lot of guys don’t know how they should respond when a woman looks their way. Sometimes they respond too late or they don’t respond at all. Either way, your chances for capitalizing on any attraction she may have felt for you has disappeared.

That first glance is so important. It can create sexual tension between you and, ultimately, sets the tone for what happens next. If you’re tired of being uncertain about how to respond when a hot girl keeps looking at you, don’t worry. I’m here to help you learn how to make the most of the situation and never miss out on a chance to be with her.

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What to Do When a Girl Looks at You

First off, let's consider the fact that a girl might be making eye contact with you for a number of different reasons. Maybe you look like someone she knows. Maybe you're wearing a cool shirt. Or maybe she just happens to be scanning the room when she caught your eye. It's important to know what it means when a woman looks at you (along with some body language cues) before you assume that she's into you.

It's time to start planning your move. She looked your way, (subtly) expressed her interest in you and is now waiting for you to do something.

1. Return her gaze

Women like a man of action and meeting her gaze is one of the best initial ways to show that you’re into her.

If she looks away before you have a chance to meet her gaze, keep looking her way. You want her to know that you’ve noticed her too. She won’t be able to stop herself from looking at you again and, once your eyes lock, that can create a lot of sexual tension before a single word has been spoken.

No matter which way it plays out, make sure you maintain confidence when you’re returning her gaze. If she stares back, keep looking at her to show her that you like what you see and you’re enjoying the connection.

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2. Smile

Once she knows that she has your attention and she's smiling at you, be sure to smile back. This will give her a lift, that the guy she’s interested in is escalating the attraction. So keep your chin up and show off those pearly whites with a confident smile. Smiling shows her that, No. 1 you’re interested in her too, and No. 2 that you're probably going to be a fun guy to be with.

After you hit her with your best smile, you can also look away for a moment and then look back. This lets her know that you’re going to approach her. Two things to keep in mind, while a genuine smile is great, a cocky smirk or nodding while smiling are not. Waggling your eyebrows, winking or grimacing nervously are not going to get you far either.

3. Establish eye contact

When you look at a woman, always maintain eye contact even before you strike up a conversation. The moment she notices you noticing her, establish eye contact and, if she stares back at you, don’t look away. It can turn into a sexy stare down and is a great way to intensify the spark between you.

If she makes eye contact with you quickly and then looks away, refusing to hold your gaze, it can mean one of two things: that she’s shy or she’s playing hard to get. Don’t be discouraged by this.

If you think she’s shy, give her a minute or two to adjust to the idea that you’re going to approach her. If you think she’s playing hard to get, stay confident and continue to focus on meeting her gaze.

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4. Approach her

Keep in mind that a girl looks at a guy to show interest and to show that an approach would be welcome. It’s an invitation. When a woman gives you “the signal” and you make a move, you’re instantly more attractive to her. If you hesitate and look nervous, she’ll begin to lose interest.

Most women gravitate toward confident men because this type of guy is not afraid to take charge of a situation. A man who exhibits these attributes is almost always attractive to a woman because she instinctively craves the security those traits can bring to a relationship. If you’re slow on the uptake and seem unsure of yourself, she’ll see that as a weakness and a major turn off.

When you do make the approach, be sure to walk tall with your head up. To a woman, bad posture and slouching equal a lack of confidence. As you walk over, keep eye contact with her if she’s still looking at you.

5. Get the conversation going

No matter how you choose to start the conversation, maintaining your confidence is key. Here are a few good openers to get things rolling.

  • Hi, don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m (insert name).
  • You know, you can’t look at me like that without at least saying hi.
  • Hi there, I’m (insert name).

You’ll notice all of these openings are very simple. They aren’t pick up lines or super clever — yet they're very effective. When you deliver one of these, always hold your hand out to shake hers. Be sure your grip is firm, but not firm enough to hurt her. And, whatever you do, don’t pump her hand up and down. Just hold her hand in yours for a few seconds and then release it.

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What NOT to Do When a Girl Looks at You

Now, once you've established that this girl is looking at you because she might be into you, let's start by discussing what you should absolutely never do.

1. Act aloof

Trying to be a man of mystery when you don’t even know if she’s into you is one of the worst things you can do to attract women. Brooding in a corner of a bar isn’t going to have women flocking to you. Instead, they assume you don’t want to be approached and aren’t interested in approaching them either. Worst case scenario, they might even think you’re a creep. As soon as they get that type of a vibe from a guy, they turn their interest elsewhere.

2. Waiting too long

If a girl is eyeing you and you do nothing about it, she’s going to lose interest. It's even worse if she keeps making eye contact and you sit there just planning your next move. She’ll assume you either aren’t interested in her or that you lack the confidence to approach her. Either way, your chances with her are sunk.

Now that you know the two cardinal sins to never commit, let’s look at what you should be doing.

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Receiving glances from a woman can mean a variety of things. But if you’re into her, it’s vital that you step up to the plate right away. When you know what to do when a girl looks at you, you’ll not only meet someone new but who knows where your encounter might lead!


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