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How To Tell If A Girl Wants To Kiss And Be Smooth When You Do It


Most guys want to find out how to tell if a girl wants to kiss and when they should be making their move.

I'll give you some great tips on how to notice when girls want to be kissed by you. Also, I'll show you how to be smooth when you're getting ready to move in for the kiss.

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Noticing when a girl wants you to kiss her

If your date is going well and you're both having a wonderful time, the chances are high that the woman you're with will want you to kiss her soon.

However, if you miss her signals and don't make your move, more often than not she'll be very disappointed with you. That's because women don't respect men who are clueless and have no idea what they desire. At best, they'll think that you're meek or too timid to make your move because you doubt yourself. At worst, they'll believe that you're afraid of them and label you as a loser.

None of those outcomes spell success and that's why it's crucial to learn how to tell if a girl wants to kiss you. If you don't, you're going to miss out on many excellent opportunities to start intimate relationships with women.

Here are great ways to notice when girls want you to kiss them:

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Watch her eyes and notice where she keeps looking

During your conversations, try to maintain steady eye contact with women. This builds intimacy, attraction and lets you notice many things about them that you would otherwise miss. If you notice that their eyes wander away from yours, see where they stop.

A huge sign that a girl wants you to kiss her is when she's often switching her gaze between your eyes and your lips. She's glancing at your lips because she wants you to draw your attention to hers. Also, she wants to make it clear to you in a subtle way that she's thinking about kissing you. It might all be subconscious but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening and that’s what she’s telling you.

Notice if she's licking her lips when she's looking at yours

If she keeps looking at your lips like I describe it above, take notice what she does when you look at hers. A massive sign that she wants you to kiss her is when you look at her lips and she licks them in a sensual manner.

In fact, it's a sign that's anything but subtle. It means that she's "caught" you looking at her lips and wants to show you that she's ready for some make-out action. She’s moistening her lips because she wants you to enjoy the experience when you kiss her.

After you notice something like that, you have almost no excuse not to move in a little bit closer and kiss her. Whenever I saw this, I always went for the kiss and it went perfectly well the vast majority of the time.

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Move your face close to hers and see how she reacts

This is another great tip for how to tell if a girl wants to kiss that I frequently use on my dates.

When you notice the woman you're with already likes you and feels comfortable around you, move a little bit closer to her. Then, lean into her face, slightly to the side, as if you're about to whisper something in her ear. When you're very close to her ear, move your head slightly to face her so that your mouths are very close to each other. Make sure to hold it and don't lean in further and see how she reacts! If she's ready to be kissed and wants it badly, she'll lean into your mouth herself to close the gap.

This is one of the surest and least subtle ways to find out if a girl wants you to kiss her and I make sure to use it quite often. That's because you're letting her do some of the work herself and it becomes very easy to notice her intentions.

Keep an eye on her body language

Body language can tell you a lot about what a person is thinking. How women carry themselves and what they do with their bodies, and especially their hands will betray their intentions.

For example, you may notice that a woman you're on a date with will often touch her neck or stroke her thighs subtly and gently. These things usually mean that she's into you and that her mind's preoccupied with thoughts of intimacy.

A very telling gesture is when a woman runs her finger on the rim of her wine, beer or beverage glass. Another body language cue which betrays that a woman is thinking about intimacy and kissing is when she plays with her hair nervously. It's even more telling if she's also looking at you and acting overly girly or in a shy manner while doing this. It shows that she's interested in getting to know you intimately but is trying to control herself.

When you notice this or similar signs and know that she's already attracted to you, you should move in a little bit closer. That's because if you make a move at this point, she'll very often be open for a kiss and reciprocate eagerly.

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Here's how to tell if a girl wants to kiss you by using your touch

I've said it many times before: Physical touch is one of the most critical aspects of seduction. It has many different uses, like building comfort, attraction, trust and sexual tension. It also lets you find out if your date wants you to kiss her if you know what to do.

To that effect, here’s how you can make your move and kiss her in a smooth manner:

While you're sitting close to her, you can touch her hair gently or run the back of your palm sensually over her cheek. Then, see how she reacts to this. You can even comment something like "Wow, your hair is so soft . . ." when you feel her hair, for bonus points.

The most important step when doing this is to watch how she'll react to what you just did.

If she shies away from your touch, stops your hand mid-air, moves away or prevents you from doing what you wanted in any other way, she's not ready! She's also not ready to be kissed by you if you notice any discomfort or unfavorable facial expression and if she says something negative. In this case, don't give up and simply take it as a sign that she's not yet attracted enough to you to want to kiss you.

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However, if you notice a very positive response, you're good to go! If she smiles, says something nice, compliments you, moves closer to you or touches your chest in some intimate way, then you're golden. At this point, you should simply move closer and go in for a kiss because that's exactly what she wants you to do.

This is, by far, the safest and most effective way of telling if a girl wants to kiss you and that she's ready. This works perfectly for guys who are shy and want to play it very safe without blowing their chances. When I was inexperienced, I relied on this tip heavily, and it brought me incredibly powerful results. Although, when you gain much more experience with women, you'll start noticing many other subtle hints that a girl wants you to kiss her. As a result, you won't have to rely on this technique as much.

Now you know what to look out for so you'll understand how to tell if a girl wants to kiss you. You now also know a smooth and fool-proof way to find out when she's ready to be kissed and when to lean in and make out with her.

All it takes now is a little practice. As with anything, the more you practice using these tips, the easier everything will eventually become. With time, you won't have to pay close attention to the subtle cues that women give you to show you they want to kiss you. That's because it will become a natural part of your dating routine. You'll be able to know when to make your move without having to worry about missing any signs and women will never think that you're inexperienced.

Just remember that if you're both having a wonderful time on your date and she's enjoying your company very much, she'll be open to making out with you most of the time. Women appreciate men who can make them feel great and who focus on having fun first and foremost.

If you can do that, then usually it'll just be a matter of moving in a little bit closer, seeing if she's comfortable with you being near her, and kissing her.


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