10 Signals in Older Women’s Body Language That Say She is Interested

Learn to tell what an older women's body language saysDid you know that older women’s body language is the most powerful indicator of interest?

Nothing a woman can say will ever reveal more than what she does.

By understanding body language and how older women use nonverbal communication, you’ll become more knowledgeable about women in general.

Considering that you’re interested in dating older women, it helps to understand their most subtle cues at the most delicate times.

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Signals in Older Women’s Body Language

While you’re never going to know what’s going through her mind 100% of the time, you can improve your ability to recognize her signals and what they mean.

How else are you to know when she’s interested in you?

Let’s go over 10 signals in older women’s body language that express their interest in you. 

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1 – She looks at you shyly

How could eye contact not make this list?

It’s widely understood that eye contact is the number one indicator of interest between men and women.

Just like you’re going to look at the women you’re attracted to, expect the women that are attracted to you to return the favor.

But it’s not always going to be clear.

Some women are shyer than others, so it can be difficult to know if a woman likes you based on this indicator alone.

However, women that look at you shyly are usually interested in you – they are the ones that quickly look away when you catch them looking.

It’s worth talking to these women to find out how receptive she is to you in person, and not only from afar.

2 – She looks at you confidently

Older women are generally more confident than their younger peers, given that they have more life experience and are less insecure.

In turn, you’re more likely to find that they look at you confidently when they’re attracted to you.

Lingering eye contact, double takes, or even a smile when she looks at you are definitely signs that she’s interested.

As far as older women’s body language goes, frequent eye contact in this manner is as clear as it gets.

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3 – She plays with her lips

It’s hard to believe a woman isn’t interested in a man when she carefully and elegantly applies her lipstick in front of him.

It’s a charming feat, and at the very least it’s a way to bring positive attention to herself.

More often than not however, the signals an older woman will give you will be subtle.

Such is the case when a woman plays with her lips.

Pay attention to her movements – does she occasionally bite or lick her lips?

Does she purse or pucker them?

Oftentimes women will do these things unconsciously when they’re around a man they’re attracted to.

If she plays with her lips when she’s with you, you can be sure that she’s interested – and perhaps trying to tease you as well.

4 – She giggles often

There are few sounds more pleasing to a man than the spontaneous giggle of a woman he likes.

There could even be an evolutionary component behind this: men are attracted to a feminine vibe, and women often can’t help but giggle frequently when they’re with a man they like.

Women laugh when they’re with their friends, and they giggle when they’re with a romantic interest.

If she giggles often around you, especially when you’re not intending to amuse her, take it as a strong sign that she’s interested.

Just like eye contact is a reliable indicator of interest in older women’s body language, so are their chuckles.

5 – She touches her face frequently

This sign is slightly more difficult to recognize than the rest.

And that’s because when an older woman touches her face, it doesn’t exactly mean that she likes you.

It could just be a matter of comfort, or something she does out of habit.

But if you’re on one-on-one with an older woman, and you suddenly realize that she touches her face quite a bit when she’s with you, you shouldn’t overlook it.

If she keeps touching her lips, rubbing her cheeks, or brushing her chin with her fingers, it could be because she’s nervous around you.

Much of body language is difficult to understand because much of it has an unconscious element.

If you find that a woman frequently touches her face when she’s around you, you should definitely be on the lookout for other signs on this list.

It’s rare that a woman that likes you won’t give you at least a few different hints, whether they are intentional or not.

6 – She plays with her hair

This is a sign that can be painfully obvious, but also very unclear.

Like the previous one we mentioned, you shouldn’t get excited just because she plays with hair.

But an older woman playing with her hair when she’s alone with you is never a bad sign.

If she’s doing this, see if she’s giving you other signs, like playing with her lips as well.

In addition, keep an eye out for the women that make eye contact with you from across a room.

Sometimes, they will look at you as they play with their hair.

If that ever happens, rest assured that she’s definitely interested in you.

7 – She mirrors your body language

If you notice at anytime that an older woman is reflecting your body language with her posture, realize that she might be into you.

We have a natural tendency to mirror the actions of those we want to associate ourselves with, so it’s no coincidence that older women do it to men they’re attracted to.

Pay attention to the women that copy your posture, and think about other signs that she might be showing you.

In addition, if you’re in a group setting, look to see if any of the women are pointing their feet at you.

While this is not conclusive on its own, women that are interested in you tend to frame their posture towards you.

8 – She exposes her neck to you

This is an uncommon sign that is incredibly revealing when it occurs.

An older woman exposing her neck towards you is strongly interested in you.

This body language cue is very feminine and rarely occurs in a normal setting.

But it can happen on dates when there is plenty of mutual chemistry, or after a lot of comfort has been established.

We have some evolutionary theories as to why women expose their neck towards men they’re attracted to, but we’ll stick to the details that matter for now.

It’s an elegant maneuver, and one that you should be proud to see if it happens to you.

When a woman tilts her head one way, or brushes her hair on one side behind her back while dropping her shoulder, she’s probably exposing her neck to you.

With that said, even if it’s almost always a positive sign, you shouldn’t overthink it.

9 – She moves closer to you

Have you ever been at a gym doing your workout, when there were several attractive women around you?

Did you find yourself naturally gravitating towards them throughout your workout?

Not necessarily with the intention to talk to them of course.

The point here is, men and women almost instinctually move closer to the people they’re interested in.

Sometimes you notice it, and sometimes you do it without thinking about it.

In many ways, proximity plays a role in attraction, so that could be why it’s such a common thing to do.

Conversely, if you’re not attracted to someone, you’re more likely to move away from that person as they get closer to you.

A busy bar on a Saturday night is a great example to illustrate this point.

Over the course of the night, men tend to move towards the women they’re into.

Women will either move towards them to give them a chance (or deliberately choose to meet them), or move away if they’re not interested.

In any case, a woman moving closer to you at a social event or on a date is a sign that she likes you.

10 – She touches you

If there’s another definitive sign when it comes to older women’s body language that you should look out for, it’s when an older woman touches you – especially in a casual setting.

Touching creates attraction, particularly when it’s not necessary.

If it ever looks like an older woman looks for an excuse to touch you in general, know that it means she’s probably interested in you.

A good rule of thumb in these situations is to return the favor in the exact same manner.

If she touches your arm, back, or shoulder, you should do the same to her when it’s appropriate.

This will strengthen the chemistry between you and potentially create some tension that you can capitalize on later.

So remember, if a woman touches you on more than one occasion, make no mistake: she’s probably into you.

In Summary – The 10 Signals to Lookout For

1) She looks at you shyly

2) She looks at you confidently

3) She plays with her lips

4) She giggles often

5) She touches her face frequently

6) She plays with her hair

7) She mirrors your body language

8) She exposes her neck to you

9) She moves closer to you

10) She touches you


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