15 Locations You Will Meet Single Cougars In Honolulu in 2018

If you are looking for Cougars in Honolulu then our guide to the best places and bars to find them will help.

The picturesque capital of Hawaii, Honolulu is famed for its gorgeous beach, temperate climate and stunning scenery.

Both Cougars who live here and those who visit this popular tourist destination appreciate the beautiful setting, and the many things to see and do here.

We have picked the best spots to head to if you are hoping to meet an older lady.

Where The Cougars in Honolulu Hang

Check out the water to find cougars in HonoluluSo where can you go to find Cougars in Honolulu?

Art after Dark for the cultured Cougar  

If a sophisticated and cultured Cougar is what you are after, head to ARTafterDark which is held on the last Friday of every month on the grounds of the Honolulu Museum of Art.

A cool and unusual venue to meet a Cougar, but definitely worth a shot nonetheless.

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If you are not online you are missing out.

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Rumours Nightclub if you’re in the mood for a party 

Rumours Nightclub is a well known Cougar hotspot! It draws in an older crowd with its classic pop hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s.

If you want to impress the Cougars here you are going to have to hit that dance floor, so make sure you bust out your best moves and see where the night takes you!

Whole Foods for the health conscious Cougar 

Whole Foods is a great place to come looking for Cougars in Honolulu. Most Cougars are pretty health conscious so it is likely that they would come here to stock up on nutritious foods during the week.

If you want to practice your Cougar charming before you head out for the night Whole Foods is a fantastic place to get going.

Take it easy and don’t get flustered, keep it cool, calm and casual, and you never know where meeting a Cougar in a supermarket might lead!

Jazz Minds art cafe for a cool and sophisticated Cougar 

If you fancy something laid back, with a touch of class head to the Jazz Minds art cafe. Here you can find the type of Cougar that is still in with the cool crowd.

Every Monday is ‘Project Monday’ where local jazz musicians really get into their groove. There is a great drinks selection and decent food here too.

The Gym for fitness and flirting

Did we mention Cougars like to take care of themselves? Well they do! So of course naturally you can find many of them working out at the local gym.

Cougars also know that the gym is likely to be packed full of great looking young guys who like to keep themselves in shape!

Cougars love a compliment so pick your moment before you approach, perhaps offer to spot her or offer some good training advice and she could be putty in your hands.

Try the Island Club and Spa which is Honolulu’s luxury fitness venue and a popular Cougar hangout.

Parks for fresh air and fun

Parks are a great place to meet Cougars, try to the Pu’u’ualaka’s state park which offers great views and nice walks.

This is where you may very well come across a Cougar or two getting some exercise and enjoying the spectacular scenery.

If you have got a cute dog, bring it along with you and you can use it to make the perfect icebreaker!

Moose Pub and Cafe for a chilled out, upbeat night out  

Moose Pub and Cafe is a historic bar on the Island that draws in big crowds. The welcoming atmosphere means that this venue is always busy and has a cool and relaxed vibe.

Cougars come here to have a few drinks and let their hair down and with happy hour from 4-7pm every day, who wouldn’t?!

The Moose Pub and Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also broadcasts all the major sports games, what’s not to love about that?

Yard House for drinks and fun with friends 

Though a chain, Yard House still makes for a fun night out. The restaurant serves a typical American bar food type menu and it’s pretty good too.

Come here for a decent meal and to fuel up for the night ahead You’ll find the Cougars in Honolulu lounging at the bar sipping on cocktails.

Happy hour is popular here, mainly because they have two! So make sure you don’t miss out!

Side Street Inn for local Cougars 

Side Street Inn is where the locals like to hang out, so if you are looking to meet a more mature lady from Honolulu then this is the place to come.

It’s great if you prefer a more relaxed vibe, being an unassuming dive bar with a friendly atmosphere.

If you are looking for decent food and drink, and are up for impressing the Cougars with a spot of karaoke, this is the place to be.

So there you have it, our top spots to meet Cougars in Honolulu, now all you have to do is get out there and be charming!

Cougar Bars in Honolulu You Shouldn’t Miss

The 10 Best Cougar Bars in HonoluluHere are some additional great bars to meet single older women:

RUMFIRE Wakiki is for a cougar who’s classy and fun

Located inside the Sheraton, this spot takes Honolulu cougar bars to the next level with luscious tropical rum drinks and a view of the sunset.

The indoor lounge is decorated with plush red furniture, perfect for a relaxing conversation with an attractive older lady.

The patio outdoors features live music and some of the best entertainment on the island.

As the night gets later, tiki torches are lit and patrons hit the dance floor.

Despite the upscale vibe and classy appearance, RUMFIRE also offers reasonable prices.

This is the perfect place to meet a single older woman who is both classy and fun.

Bar 35 is for sexy, single older ladies that love Honolulu cougar bars

Bar 35 is at the center of downtown Chinatown, and happy hour flows from 5-10 PM.

The drinks are fantastic, and so are the pizza and gyros.

The spot has a full bar and serves bottled beers from around the globe.

Bar 35 draws a diverse crowd, but it’s a popular spot for professional older women after a long day of work.

The outdoor courtyard and the indoor lounge both have a cool, romantic vibe.

Later in the evening, the dance floor gets pretty lively.

Candles and dim lighting set the perfect atmosphere to chat with an older woman and see where the night leads.

The Study is when you want a classy intellectual cougar

This sophisticated and unique spot is located at The Modern Honolulu.

The entrance is behind a bookshelf and resembles a secret passage.

Although it’s a bit pricey, the food is good, and the cocktails are named after classic novels.

The interior is posh and modern with a cozy vibe.

The Study also offers a dance floor and live music.

The mixed age group includes classy cougars looking for a fun and an elegant evening.

Make sure you dress to impress, although there’s no need to be overly formal.

Home Bar and Grill makes mature professionals feel right at home

This spot gets packed around 5:30 with the after-work crowd, including cougars looking to let their hair down.

The casual bar offers great drinks at affordable prices.

Locals rave about the food, including the garlic chicken and the tater tot nachos.

Here you’ll find TVs, good music, and a cool atmosphere.

If you want a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and attractive older women, check out Home Bar and Grill.

Arnold’s Beach Bar & Grill lets the good times shine with vibrant cougars

This tucked away, beachy location is a local favorite with minimal tourists.

Drink some of the best and most affordable drinks on the island in the spot’s tiki hut.

Arnold’s also offers free popcorn and live music.

The bar is relaxed and intimate, and patrons say it’s always a good time.

Older women are among the locals who frequent Arnold’s, and they’re likely to be a warm and approachable bunch.

If you want a fun, casual hangout spot to meet cougars, you should check out Arnold’s.

Like all the locations we’ve hand-picked, it’s one of the greatest cougar bars in Honolulu!

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