Our 10 Favorite Places to Find Single Cougars in Nebraska In 2019

Meet attractive Cougars in Nebraska

Since it’s a pretty big state, it can be hard to find cougars in Nebraska.

You need to be smart when you’re out looking to meet a sexy older woman.

Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time hanging out at bars that only cater to the college crowd.

But with all these options to find Nebraska cougars, how do you know which ones will make the most sense?

We’ve put together a list of the ideal places to help you out.

Where to Meet Single Cougars in Nebraska

Check out our recommendations of where to meet Nebraska cougars:

Take a chance at Whole Foods with Nebraska cougars

Head to your nearest Whole Foods to stock up on groceries.

And while you’re there, you can also take part in another activity: chatting up the cougars doing their grocery shopping.

Grocery stores are great for meeting cougars because they’re not traditional nightlife scenes.

You don’t have to worry about them being pestered by a bunch of different guys.

Which means the Nebraska cougars will probably be more receptive when you approach them.

And even if you strike out, you can still do your grocery shopping for the week.

Meeting a single cougar in Nebraska doesn’t get easier than on Cougar Life

You’ve probably noticed it’s getting more difficult to meet mature single women at bars.

It’s simple – mature women are busy, and they’re skipping the trendy clubs and looking online instead.

If you don’t have a profile set up, you could be missing out on a bunch of cougars in Nebraska.

There are a lot of sites that say they’re the best option for meeting cougars.

But how do you know which is best for you?

Well, for the past few years we’ve done an annual review of the best websites for dating older women, and CougarLife.com is the true winner.

For one thing, you’ll never have to worry again whether or not that sexy older women you’re talking to is interested in younger guys.

If she’s on CougarLife.com, you already know she is (check out their free trial offer and see what we mean)!

And with over 7 million registered members, if it doesn’t work out with one woman, there are still hundreds in your area waiting to talk to you.

So even if you’re more a fan of the traditional dating scene, you should set up an online profile.

You’ll give yourself much better odds of finding the right Nebraska cougar.

Swing by Green Onion for an old-school night with cougars in Nebraska

There’s something about lounges that cougars can’t get enough of.

Maybe it’s the old-school vibe, or maybe it’s the laid-back atmosphere.

Whatever it is, Green Onion Lounge in Omaha has it.

The atmosphere here is cozy and intimate, which is perfect for a great conversation.

The best nights to visit are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

So give it a chance – you’ve gotta start your night somewhere.

Enjoy a no-frills bar experience at Taxi’s

Some of the best bars are the ones that don’t try to do too much.

They just focus on the basics: good drinks, a full bar, and a lively atmosphere.

Taxi’s in Omaha is that kind of bar, and it’s a great place to meet cougars in Nebraska.

Nebraska cougars love this place, and you will too.

After all, how could you not love a bar that’s filled with sexy older women?

The best night to stop by is Tuesday – you’ll find plenty of cougars on the prowl.

Get your money’s worth at Interlude Cocktail Lounge

Looking for a place where you won’t spend $10 for a watered-down drink?

Then look no further than Interlude Cocktail Lounge.

Located in Omaha, Interlude is well-known for their stiff drinks and great bartenders.

And they’re also known as a place where cougars in Nebraska come out to play.

The vibe is quiet and laid-back, making it easy to have an intimate conversation.

And cougars love that it’s got an upscale vibe.

The best nights to visit are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Take in some live music at The Single Barrel

A lot of music venues end up being filled with college girls and hipsters.

Not the ideal crowd if you’re on the hunt for a Nebraska cougar.

But The Single Barrel in Lincoln is different.

This is a great place to meet cougars.

They have awesome live music on weekends, and they’re usually packed with sexy older women.

They also have a patio if you feel like doing a little people-watching.

So check it out- you’ll be glad you did.

Try the trivia night at The Starlite Lounge

Trivia is a great way to meet cougars.

And it’s also an awesome way to impress cougars with your intellect.

The Starlite Lounge in Lincoln has both: cougars and trivia.

Which makes it a perfect destination for a cougar hunter like you.

Located in the basement of Buzzard Billy’s, this place has a speakeasy vibe to it.

Which makes it even more of a magnet for cougars.

The best nights to visit are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

And be sure to try their specialty cocktails while you’re there.

Find a fun-loving cougar at Gillies

If you’re looking for a cougar who likes to let her hair down, dive bars are a great option.

And Gillies in Kearney is an excellent example.

The laid-back vibe makes it an attractive option for single older women.

And the friendly crowd ensures that you’ll have a great time there.

The best nights to visit are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

But the party is always in full swing no matter what night you stop by.

Stop by Kelsey’s for beer and billiards

Billiards halls used to be a great place to socialize and meet cougars.

They still are, but there aren’t as many around these days.

Fortunately, Kelsey’s in North Platte is still alive and well, and it’s a great place to find cougars.

Kelsey’s has a bit of a dive-bar atmosphere, perfect for meeting fun-loving older women.

And the pool tables guarantee that you’ll have something to do while you’re on the prowl.

There’s always a good crowd there, so stop by whenever you want!

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