9 Unbeatable Locations for Ottawa Hookups In 2020 (The Ultimate List)

Young singles looking for Ottawa Ontario hookups over beer

Ottawa is known for its high quality of life, and that extends to all facets of our city. Like any great world capital, this is a city of movers and shakers. It’s also a place practically overflowing with horny singles. No wonder there are so many bars and apps dedicated to helping singles find Ottawa hookups.

We do have to admit, most Ottawa hookup sites and apps aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be. Too many are sparsely populated and of the actual users, the selection isn’t great (kind of like living in Cavamant). Meanwhile, hitting the bars every time you’re randy isn’t all that practical. Frequently, you’ll blow your rent buying drinks for uninterested parties.

We get how frustrating finding Ottawa hookups can be. That’s why we decided to do something about it. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of Ottawa hookup sites, apps and bars. These are the apps and websites that get results, along with the bars that draw good crowds. Whether you’re in South Riverside or Varnier or even studying at Carleton, there’s something here for you.

It’s time for you to take advantage of the fact that Ottawa has nearly a million people in it. Get out there and have some fun tonight. Tell us how our suggestions work out for you in the comments.

These Apps and Bars Provide Reliable Ottawa hookups

Everyone has something different in mind when they head out in search of a hookup. Whatever your preference, this city has something for you. Here are the Ottawa hookup apps, sites and bars we find to be the most consistent.

Copper Spirits and Sights towers above the rest

Appetizers from Copper Spirits and Sights


Is there anything sexier than a rooftop cocktail lounge? When we’re on the hunt for Ottawa hookups, we like a spot with a view. That’s why we hit up the Downtown Hyatt and headed up to the 16th floor for Copper Spirits and Sights. This cocktail lounge is the tallest in the city and offers a spectacular view from its patio.

Copper Spirits and Sights is a great place to bring a date, especially if she’s of the cougar variety. The classy surroundings and well-mixed drinks are a true aphrodisiac. If you’re flying solo, it’s still a great location. Come on Friday and Saturday nights for a live DJ and an evening in the stars. We can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.

Adult FriendFinder has been the most reliable way to find Ottawa hookups for years (try it free)

Homepage for Adult FriendFinder

There are a lot of hookup sites and apps out there. To stand out, many aim at a specific audience, like Cougar Life. More generalized sites can struggle to build an audience. A big reason for that is there already exists a near-perfect hookup site for every type of user. It’s called Adult FriendFinder, and it’s as good as Ottawa hookup sites get.

Of all the sites out there you can try this is the one that tends to get the best results for guys (unless you are super handsome).

AFF first appeared on the scene back in the 90s, but around 2006 it really took off. Since then, it’s consistently been one of the biggest names in the hookup game. Every year, we assemble a list of the best hookup apps and sites, and AFF regularly lands at the top. It’s not just big locally. AFF is the most popular hookup site across Canada and most of the world.

If you haven't had a ton of success elsewhere, Adult FriendFinder is probably going to give you the best success finding a hookup in Ottawa!

A big part of the site’s popularity is its singular focus on hookups. Nobody on AFF is looking for relationships or anything serious. That simplicity makes it a lot easier to use than other sites and apps. Men and women of all ages can find easy Ottawa hookups without drama.

Whatever you look like, whatever your sexual desire, Adult FriendFinder has something for you. Give it a try tonight.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
Using this link to Adult Friend Finder's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had such great success finding hookups using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found, especially when you're not super good looking.


Find singles in the aisles of Produce Depot

Fresh ingredients from Produce Depot


Just because you're not at a bar doesn't mean you won't find hookups. Surprisingly, Produce Depot is one of the most underrated hookup spots in the city. Think about it: women go here to get some produce and head back home. They're not as on guard as they would be at a bar. That means you'll find it easier to strike up a conversation over which cabbage to use for your coleslaw.

Hookups come in all forms, and their beginnings are just as varied. So don't knock Produce Depot until you've tried it because many a hookup has started here!


Cougar Life makes it MUCH easier to meet sexy women over 35 (try it free)

Cougar Life hookup app

Stereotypes about youth being sexy are ridiculously out of date. These days, most men know that the sexiest women have a few extra years under their belt. Guys in their 20s get bored with the girls their age and want women with experience. In Ottawa, the hottest women over 35 are waiting to hook up on Cougar Life.

With its user base of 7 million, Cougar Life is the most popular and highest quality app of its kind. It’s designed to help connect men of all ages with women in their mid-30s and older. Local young guys who crave cougars and older men who want like-minded hookups flock to this app. That’s why it’s become one of the most popular Ottawa hookup apps out there.

In our annual listing of the best cougar apps and sites, Cougar Life takes the cake year after year. It helps that there are just as many women as men on the app. Older women often face social stigma when they pursue younger guys. To avoid feeling judged, they turn to this app to meet sexual partners who appreciate what they have to offer.

If the thought of hooking up with a cougar equally excites and frightens you, we understand, and we can help. For guys who lack the confidence to approach a cougar, we offer a course on dating women over 30. Follow our advice, then download Cougar Life and your lonely nights will be a faint memory.

Try Cougar Life For Free


Lowertown Brewery is a true taste of Ottawa

Top view of the bar at Lowertown Brewery


Ottawa has officially become the craft brewing capital of Canada which gives you a lot of options for finding hookups near where you live or work. There are breweries and pubs all over the city that focus on specialty brews. It would be a vast oversight to not include at least one in our list of the best Ottawa hookup bars. For that reason, we have to mention our favourite of the bunch, Lowertown Brewery.

We enjoy many of the local breweries, but Lowertown just does it for us. It’s the mix of a comfortable atmosphere with a fantastic food menu and, of course, delicious beer. The taps are always flowing with an amazing craft selection. It doesn’t stop there. Their cocktail list is also extensive. It all adds up to a place where people love to hang out and make new friends.

Even More Ottawa Hookup Sites and Bars

We don’t want to leave anybody out, so we have a few more bars for hookups in Ottawa. We’re also including a couple more of the best hookup apps in NYC.

No other beer garden beats Craft

Tacos from Craft


With several branches all over the city, they know exactly how to cater to beer-loving customers. With an enormous collection of beers on tap, Craft lets you pick a brew for every day of the month. As with any beer garden, you can take your glass and grab a seat outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.

With a relaxed atmosphere, singles from all over the city come here to unwind. They're not outright looking for hookups, but they're not averse to the idea either. So if you find yourself needing a drink and a nice bit of flirtation for the evening, you can always turn to Craft.

Château Lafayette has history in Ottawa

Exterior of Chateau Lafayette


Proudly exclaiming that it is Ottawa’s oldest tavern, the Château Lafayette (or The Laff) has been around since 1849. In those 170 years, it has earned its reputation as Ottawa’s favourite dive bar and home away from home. Like the best dive bars, it’s occupied by regulars but always open to newcomers.

The Laff not only provides a relaxed hang, it’s one of Ottawa’s most consistent venues for live performances. With a mix of longstanding performers and a regular open mic night, there’s always something going on here. When you’re feeling frisky, you want to find a place where you know you’ll find a crowd. The Laff is just such a spot.

Ottawa’s sexy, young singles get wild on Tinder

Hookup app Tinder

Writing about Tinder is like writing about Romeo and Juliet. Everyone’s heard of it and already has an opinion. We’re not here to change anyone’s mind. We just want to offer some perspective.

Most Millennials and younger folks have tried Tinder at one point or another. It’s massively popular among people between the ages of 18 and 28, though you’ll find older people on there too. If you want to find someone who absolutely loves the app, head over to Carleton University or Dominican. Youth is a major plus when using Tinder.

The other essential quality is good looks. Sure, being attractive is helpful in any hookup situation, but it’s especially important on Tinder. Guys who aren’t in the top 10-15% in the looks department rarely get matches. If you aren’t especially hot and you’re older than 28, don’t even waste your time.

That said, most women have pretty good luck on this app. If you’re in the top 50% of looks, you’ll get non-stop matches and tons of messages. The hottest women on Tinder are so overwhelmed by the attention, they don’t even bother to message back. For these women, Tinder is all about boosting their egos and nothing else. Fair play to them, but it does make the app frustrating at times.

Tinder has started to focus on being an app for romantic relationships and dating. Maybe that will work out for them, eventually. For now, though, Tinder remains the Ottawa hookup app with the sexiest (and youngest) user base.

Try Tinder For Free


Clocktower brews up a good time

Attractive ladies hanging out at The Clocktower Brewpub


You can’t have just one. We had to talk about one more of our go-to local brewers, Clocktower. This brewery has been an institution in Ottawa for decades, and in that time it has earned the respect of beer lovers citywide. Their mix of regular brews and seasonal concoctions means they always have something for everyone.

There are many Clocktower locations across the city, but for our money, the original location is best. Located on Bank Street, the Glebe / Brew House is a relaxed pub with outdoor seating and amazing food. This is where Ottawans come to day drink. It also happens to be where we head for Ottawa hookups when we’re feeling social. Give it a try, it may surprise you.

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