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8 Proven Places For Finding Casual Encounters in Phoenix in 2024 (Real)

If you haven't had a lot of luck setting up a casual encounter in Phoenix you are not alone. Our city is so big with so many different places to try that it's easy to waste a lot of time (especially as a guy). You need to be smart about where you look if you want to find success.

There are a lot of casual encounter websites, bars, and clubs that have potential but it can take a lifetime and fortune to try them all. It's a good thing for you that we have already done all the legwork and figured out what is working best.

If you are looking for a Phoenix casual encounter these are the places you need to try out first!

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Here are our favorite online and offline places that are worth your time:

Three women at Lustre in Phoenix

Image: @lustrerooftopbar

#1 - Lustre Rooftop Bar is where a lot of casual encounters in Phoenix start

Lustre is a little nicer than a lot of the other places on our list so keep that in mind before you head over. It's the only rooftop lounge downtown so they are going to charge you a little extra. That being said, this is definitely one of the better spots to find a casual encounter in Phoenix.

If you head here after 9 or 10 on Friday and Saturday things are usually pretty hot with a lot of single women. They usually have a live DJ so be prepared to either talk a little louder or pull the girls you meet off to the side for a little conversation. If you are confident on the dance floor there is a lot of potential for that as well.

They close at 10 PM aside from Friday and Saturday which kind of kills the potential of this place if you're not free on the weekend. A solid outdoor bar on a night that isn't too hot can make meeting women almost too easy.

#2 - The best way to find Phoenix casual encounters is definitely AFF

Finding women who are looking for a casual encounter without any commitment afterward is something that isn't easy to find. There are a lot of women who are interested in the same thing but they can't go around broadcasting it without being labeled as "easy". Even in a place like Phoenix that is a lot more liberal than other parts of Arizona it's a problem.

The best solution to this that we have found is AFF. This is the largest and most established site that is completely dedicated to helping men and women connect for a physical relationship without the commitment. They have the most members of any site out there and, in our experience, we have seen the most guys get the best results on their site.

A big reason why it's so helpful is women can actually use it without fear of being discovered and labeled in their normal day-to-day lives. Everyone using the site is looking for the same thing so you don't run into anyone that is going to make a fuss! With sites like this, there are usually one or two great options worth checking out and AFF is definitely one of those. Try them out for free and see what we mean. It really doesn't get any easier than this, especially if you are not very good at picking up women in public.

Try AFF For Free!
Using this link to AFF's free trial offer you can check out exactly why so many guys have had success using it. It really is the best option for most guys that we've found.

Logo for Phoenix's Club Dwntwn

#3 - Club DwnTwn is fantastic if you are light on your feet

When it comes to meeting a lot of women and turning the first meeting into casual fun it is hard to beat Latin dance clubs. If you are not afraid to step out onto the dance floor dances like Salsa are an amazing way to get up close with women from the moment you meet. If you haven't tried it you need to.

Club DwnTwn is without a doubt the most popular Latin dance club in town and is usually pretty full so expect to wait in line a bit on the weekends if you don't show up early. The cover isn't bad ($10) and there are three different rooms once you get inside so you have some variety in the music and vibe you want once you get in.

If you don't have a lot of experience with these dances you can still have a lot of fun. There are plenty of women hanging out around the dance floor to meet and it's always fun to have one of them show you the ropes on the dance floor before you take them home.

#4 - Guys who are specifically looking for BDSM in Phoenix should try Alt.com

If you are looking for a casual encounter with a woman in Phoenix who shares the same interest in BDSM that you do Alt.com needs to be your first stop. Outside of specific clubs, it's almost impossible to find a woman who has the same interest without a LOT of time spend and that awkward first conversation where you bring it up. BDSM is still a little taboo in Phoenix so there is always a risk that she will react negatively.

The easiest way we have found to skip the awkward conversation and actually find a lot of women is on Alt. They are the largest site the specifically caters to those who are interested in something a little different in the bedroom and allow you to filter for people who are interested in exactly what you are looking for. Try them out for free and see what we mean. You have the best odds of finding what you want with them.

Group of people looking to meet at Paris

Image: @azlocalbusiness

#5 - If you are more of a Hip Hop guy check out Paris

Latin clubs aren't everyone's scene, if Hip Hop is more your style Paris is another great place to find casual encounters in Phoenix. This place is more on the expensive side but the quality of women you meet there definitely makes up for it.

They have a pretty strict dress code so don't expect to get in if you are wearing sneakers. Let's be real though, if you are wearing the same shoes when you go out to meet women that you wear to the gym you need to reevaluate your style. It doesn't take much to raise your game a bit and meet the dress code here.

The vibe here is pretty fun and definitely more laid back than you would think from the dress code. The drinks are solid and not as expensive as a place like this usually makes them. Friday and Saturday are the best night but it can get pretty crowded. Prepare to be packed in tight but that isn't always a bad thing.

#6 - The Phoenix Craigslist casual encounters section used to be solid

Up until fairly recently one of the most popular places for finding casual encounters in Phoenix was on Craigslist. They had a very popular casual encounters section that had been going strong for a long time. Unfortunately, that's no longer the case.

Craigslist decided to discontinue that specific section of their site and it's no longer the "go-to" it once was. Let's be clear though, this wasn't where you would go to find the most high-quality meetup. This was a pretty bottom of the barrel place that isn't really a huge loss to Phoenix.

#7 - Locanto is a backup option for casual encounters in Phoenix now

With Craigslist no longer an option in Phoenix, Locanto has become the more popular message board for casual encounters. They aren't as big as Craigslist was, especially for this, but they are the biggest out there right now.

Again, while we did take the time to mention the Phoenix Locanto casual encounters section, we wouldn't recommend it as your first or only choice. The results are going to be pretty hit or miss and the quality of women that you meet on this site is going to be far below what you will find in the other places we recommend above. This is really more of a last resort for guys.

#8 - If you want some options try out Bar Smith

Bar Smith is where we like to go when we aren't really sure what kind of mood we're in. There are two different stories as well as a balcony rooftop and each section has a different vibe. This means that it attracts several different types of women who may be interested in casual encounters which gives you more options.

You are probably sensing a theme here for places we like. We try to find spots that are reasonably priced, attract a lot of single women, are great to visit in the evening, and give you a lot of options. Bar Smith checks all of those boxes.

If you are downtown and looking for a new spot to try it is definitely worth your time. This place isn't pretentious at all so you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars for a bottle.

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