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He doesn't know how to stop caring about every little thing
How to Stop Caring Too Much: The Art of Letting Things Slide

Are you someone who cares too much about everyone and everything in your world? Have you ever wondered...

A man who's trying to find himself again
Finding Yourself Again When You Feel Lost in Life

We all have periods where we feel lost like we don’t know who we are. These periods can...

Figuring out the effect of mommy issues in men
Mommy Issues in Men and How It Affects Your Dating Life

Mommy issues in men are more prevalent than you might think, and can really affect your romantic relationships...

A man who knows how to enjoy life
How to Enjoy Life More Fully: Tips for the Modern Man

The promise of the 21st century was that technology would finally free us all to pursue our own...

Attempting to break the cycle of abuse
Breaking the Cycle of Abuse in Your Life: A Guide for Men

There is a common expression: “Hurt people hurt people.” At its core, this simply means that people tend...

Doing one of the best kettlebell chest workouts
The Best Kettlebell Chest Workouts for Beginner and Advanced Lifters

If you’re looking to do some exercise at home, and you’re wondering what’s good and simple gym equipment...

Trying a new dad workout program with results
Dad Workout Programs with Results: 9 Proven Tips that Work

So, you’re a dad who just had his first child, and amidst the excitement of being a father...

Pondering the importance of mental health for men
The Importance of Mental Health for Men | Beyond Ages

America is facing a mental health crisis. In a time when people can’t agree on anything, there’s a...

Covering his mouth because his tongue feels like sandpaper
Why Your Tongue Feels Like Sandpaper: Causes and Remedies

When you imagine a dream-like kiss, you probably think of soft lips, a warm embrace, and the scent...

Making the most of the gym essentials for men
16 Gym Essentials for Men: From Beginners to Experts

So you finally want to lose a few pounds or gain a bit of muscle. Good for you....

Using one of the best loofahs for men
The Best Loofah for Men in 2024: The Secret to Smooth Skin

Have you ever noticed how most women have such soft, smooth skin? It’s not just a “woman thing”...

A man trying to get into boxing
How to Get Into Boxing: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

We have all seen boxing movies. From Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” to Michael B. Jordan’s “Creed”, these movies have...

Facing daddy issues in men
Daddy Issues in Men: Signs, Causes, and Dealing with Them

We’re all familiar with the fact that women can have what is colloquially called “daddy issues.” In fact,...

A man who's trying to quit porn
How to Quit Porn: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Modern Man

Pornography has become increasingly accessible with the rise of the internet. And for many people, it has become...

A man who is tired of being fat
Tired of Being Fat: Here's What You Can Do to Change That

Being overweight or obese affects almost every aspect of your life, from your physical health to your mental...

How bad is it to masturbate
Is it Bad to Masturbate? Here's What Our Experts Think

Masturbation is the act of stimulating one’s genitals for self-pleasure. Even though masturbation is taboo in some cultures,...

Trying to lose ten pounds in two weeks
How to Lose Ten Pounds in Two Weeks the Healthy Way?

Have you ever wished you could lose weight overnight? We all want gorgeous, fit physiques, but not all...

What your desk looks like if you're overwhelmed at work
Feeling Overwhelmed at Work: Reasons and What to Do

Being overloaded with work can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. That can make you depressed and even...

Preparing for a prostate self-exam
How Do You Perform a Prostate Self-Exam? Should You Do It?

For longer than anyone can recall, the word exam has struck young men with feelings of terror and...

Water balloons as a stand-in for scrotum stretching
Is Scrotum Stretching Healthy for You? The Bizarre Truth

Scrotum stretching is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the act of attempting to stretch your testicles. One...

A man wondering if there are real ways to increase one's penis size
Are There Real Ways to Increase Your Size? What Science Says

If someone is born a male, at least once in his life he’ll dream of becoming larger and...

Can you get herpes from a toilet seat
Can I Get Herpes from a Toilet Seat? What You Need to Know

If you’re a sexually active adult who gets frisky with several partners, you’re quite likely to catch herpes....

Is this how you do PC muscle exercises
What are the PC Muscles and What Can They Do for You?

If you have read guides on how to have a better sex life, chances are, you have come...

Does he have more testosterone because he smokes
Will Quitting Smoking Increase Testosterone? What Experts Say

Smoking is among the worst activities you could possibly take up for your health. It can cause your...

Wondering if masturbation has an effect on memory
The Effect of Masturbation on Memory: What Experts Say

For men with poor memory, a somewhat frightening urban legend may have you wondering whether you’re causing the...

A man who drinks water to help his sex life
Does Drinking Water Help You Sexually? What Science Says

Drinking water is essential for your body. Considering the fact that 60 percent of the human body is...

Painful testicular torsion
How to Prevent Testicular Torsion | Men's Health Tips

There are two kinds of men. Those who fear testicular torsion, and those who’ve never heard of it....

Eating fast food even if it's bad for him
Why is Fast Food Bad for You and Your Dating Life?

We have all heard the age-old question, “why is fast food bad for you?” You probably already know...

The benefits of celibacy on a man
5 Celibacy Benefits to Consider (Even if You're Not Religious)

In this day and age, finding a sex buddy can be quicker than a pizza delivery. But despite...

A man fighting off the signs of dehydration
The Symptoms of Dehydration in Men that You Don't Notice

Need help figuring out just how much water you should be drinking daily? It’s simple: Listen to what...

Sitting down because he's shaking after a workout
Shaking After a Workout | Causes and Ways To Stop It

Do you ever experience shaking after a workout? If so, don't panic – it's not uncommon for your...

A man enjoying a beer by the sea
Does Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger? The Hard Facts

Does losing weight make your penis bigger? While no scientific evidence has been made to prove this, losing...

Vegan men with lots of testosterone
How Going Vegan on Can Affect Your Testosterone: The Facts

Testosterone is one of the crucial building blocks in making a man masculine, it boosts sexual function and...