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Is Scrotum Stretching Healthy for You? The Bizarre Truth

Water balloons as a stand-in for scrotum stretching

Scrotum stretching is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the act of attempting to stretch your testicles. One of the first questions that may come to mind is, why would anyone want to purposely try scrotum stretching?

Some individuals, such as natural healthcare practitioners, swear that performing regular scrotum stretching is actually incredibly beneficial to a man’s health and that it’s not something that should be overlooked, laughed at, or feared.

We’ll be digging into the medical facts behind scrotum stretching and finding out if there’s actually any value or genuine health benefit to be gained here, or if this is all just nonsense by theorists “stretching” the truth.

What is Scrotum Stretching?

Testicle stretching is the act of placing one's fingers around the scrotum and pulling it away from the body, in order to stretch it. The idea is that it helps increase libido, sperm health, and testosterone production within the body. However, many individuals actually find it arousing and use it as a means of adding additional stimulation to sex and foreplay. Some guys use it to turn women on when sexting on Tinder.

There seems to be very little information about the origin of testicle stretching, or how and when it even started. Websites in favor of ball stretching also claim that it helps in increasing the size of the scrotum and allows it to hang lower and loosely.

The process follows a similar structure to that of lip stretching commonly practiced by some African tribes. Over time, as more weight and stress are added to the testicles, they can become longer and larger.

It seems that the act is also something of a turn-on to those who participate in it, and is fetishized by some in the “testicle stretching community.” Overall the practice is not intended to be sexual in nature but rather meant to provide holistic health benefits across the body, including sexual health.

As for how the men go about the scrotal stretching, it seems that practically anything goes so long as it does the job. However, on the “Ball Stretching” subreddit, the use of metallic weighted rings seems to be the most common form of achieving their goal. Other items such as ropes and pumps also seem to be fair game in the world of ball stretching.

Does scrotum stretching actually have health benefits?

Groin pain instead of health benefits

Scrotum stretching does not increase potency or reproductive potential, that is all a massive myth. In fact, scrotum stretching could actually be incredibly dangerous. Men have died from testicular injuries, and from simply having their balls squeezed too hard.

You could also cause testicular torsion, which can lead to the death of the testicles, and kill you quite rapidly. It is an extremely dangerous situation for a man to find himself in.

A quick search on Google Scholar comes up with no real studies performed looking for benefits of the practice. Anyone claiming that scrotal stretching has any health benefits is purely speculative. The only “benefit” may come visually, as it can enhance the size of the scrotum.

Though some may consider this a benefit; the risk greatly outweighs the reward. There are a wide array of very realistic scenarios that could occur during testicular stretching that could actually greatly decrease your testosterone. If you think testicular stretching is going to somehow make you more appealing to potential dates, there are much easier and more effective ways to get a hookup.

What methods are used to stretch the scrotum?

Scrotum stretching can be achieved in a wide variety of ways, but one of the most common of these methods is most certainly by using testicle weights. These can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, colors and patterns, and even materials. Metal seems to be a popular choice for its rigidity.

This man Zhao Zhenhua is a Chinese martial arts master who thoroughly believes in scrotum stretching and practices an extreme form of it. In this video, he is shown not only lifting 80kg of bricks with his testicles but swinging them back and forth too. How this is humanly possible, we cannot say. It seems you really can use anything to “get the job done.”

Other, less extreme methods, simply involve making an “ok gesture” around the testicles with your hand and lightly tugging at them. This is often used by couples who enjoy a little bit of rough play in the bedroom, and some men find it highly stimulating. This may, in part, be a sexual enjoyment of pain, as opposed to direct scrotum stimulation. Some guys even like having their nuts stomped on, whatever floats your boat gents!

Why Ball Stretching is Risky

Scrotum stretching has a ton of medical concerns associated with it, and many of them could greatly reduce your testosterone which is the exact opposite of what scrotal stretching aims to achieve! Some of the risks involved could actually send you to the emergency room, or even worse, end your life entirely.

The most likely conditions are pain and bruising, and naturally, the scrotum is not accustomed to having heavy weights placed on them. The testicles are designed to keep the testicles safely distinct from the internal heat of the body, which is not optimal for sperm health and production.

On a less serious note, you could also risk seriously weirding out your date for the night when it comes time for you to both get naked. A lot of women, and frankly men, have never even heard of scrotum stretching, let alone know why anyone might do it. If you’re looking to meet some women who might be into it, you could always try this hookup app.

Another risk, which is bound to spark some genuine fear, is the potential for tearing, of the scrotum. Nobody wants to deal with that.

Tearing of the scrotum during stretching

Pain due to scrotum tearing

Using a weight that you are not yet prepared for can lead to some serious micro-tearing, which can be painful and cause problems. You also run the risk of a major tear, which as anyone could guess, is a serious medical emergency.

Certain kinds of clamps can also create cuts and tears which may leave ugly scarring. If a major tear in the scrotum were to occur, the loss of blood could kill a man, and at the very least lead to testicular loss and the need for surgery.

The tearing of the scrotum can occur during contact sports and heavy blows to the testicles. An error during scrotum stretching could bring about similar effects. Men should be very cautious about using light weights, or better yet, skip testicle stretching entirely.

Loss of testosterone from scrotum stretching

Injury to the testicles can lead to a permanent loss in testosterone production. This in turn can lead to erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, decrease in muscle mass, and difficulty reproducing. All of these potential risks greatly outweigh the unconfirmed benefits that some claim can be attributed to scrotum stretching.

There is even evidence that loss of testosterone can lead to a decline in functional memory.

Men with lowered testosterone also experience side effects on their mood and general well-being, such as depression, anxiety, irritability, and other issues.

The weight used to stretch the scrotum can restrict blood flow, and if too tight to remove, could starve the testicles of oxygen and lead to their death. Not only will this massively impact your testosterone, but you will also need surgery to remove the dead testicles before they become gangrenous and cause septic shock.

Testicular torsion from ball stretching

It is possible to accidentally roll the testicles over during stretching, which could result in serious medical consequences. Like general blood flow restriction, this condition can kill the testicles in as little as only 6 hours.

This would mean that you’d require surgery, even if the testicles survived, purely to correct their positioning. The same gangrenous scenario mentioned can also occur, making this a life-or-death situation that requires immediate action. Your doctors are likely to be unimpressed when they hear how this all occurred, to begin with.

Testicular torsion can occur simply while rolling over in your bed, so it’s totally within the realm of reality for it to occur during intense manhandling and abuse of the testicles.

Dating and scrotum stretching

How men's health fads might affect your dating life

Some women find scrotum stretching attractive, however, the pool of individuals who practice it is small, and the amount of women who enjoy viewing it is even smaller. You’d need to find and utilize special dating and meetup websites to find those with your interest, or use subreddits to meet those who practice ball stretching too.

Another niche similar to scrotum stretching, which may be of interest, is known as “CBT” or “Cock and Ball Torture”. A rather frightening sounding activity, there are dominatrix women who enjoy subservient men and “putting them in their place”. This may be an exciting pastime for those who enjoy testicle stretching or a means of meeting somewhere in the middle for those not particularly keen on “torture”.

CBT involves the use of cages, whips, locks, and all kinds of horrifying toys designed to humiliate and cause pain. Scrotum stretching seems to be a sub-niche in this category for many. Casually listed above it is something delightfully known as “testicle crushing.”

Alternatives to scrotum stretching

If you’re interested in scrotum stretching for its supposed testosterone-increasing ability, forget about it. Scrotum stretching is entirely worthless in this regard, however, it is still possible to increase your testosterone.

One of the greatest things both men and women can do, if they’d like to increase the free testosterone levels in their body, is to take up exercise and weight training. Weight training in particular is fantastic for elevating your testosterone levels and adding healthy years to your life. Large muscles are far more likely to gain respect and impress women than a stretched-out ballsack. Your body requires more testosterone to maintain a greater amount of muscle mass, so production is naturally increased in order to sustain it.

Diet is also crucial for testosterone optimization, not getting enough fats can greatly decrease your testosterone levels, and leave you feeling worn out. A healthy balance of nutrients for staying fit, as well as ensuring that you remain a healthy weight. Obesity is one of the worst conditions for testosterone, and your levels will be greatly lowered by a surplus of body fat. Body fat of around 10-15% is the most optimal range for males in terms of testosterone production.

There are plenty of reasons men would want to increase their testosterone production, but if it’s to help you get with women, skip the testicle stretching and try searching for women here instead.

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