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What are the PC Muscles and What Can They Do for You?

Is this how you do PC muscle exercises

If you have read guides on how to have a better sex life, chances are, you have come across the same standard tips like staying hydrated and having a fit body to ensure endurance. While these are indeed essential to enhancing your experience in the bedroom, oftentimes, other vital aspects of your overall sexual health are ignored. One of these fundamental parts is the PC muscles.

What are the PC muscles? These muscle tissues play a vital role in sexual intercourse, especially for men. In this article, we delve deeper into what PC muscles are and why you should pay attention to their health.

What Are the PC Muscles? 

The pubococcygeal muscles, aka PC muscles, are located in the perineum, which is the region directly below the testicles. It is in front of the anus, next to the prostate gland. The surrounding internal organs are supported by the PC muscles, which keeps them from deteriorating. It is primarily controlled by the pudendal nerve, which regulates sexual activity and thus, directly affects sexual satisfaction.

In men, the PC muscles help control the flow of semen and urine. In women, they help control the flow of urine and play a crucial role in sexual pleasure and orgasm. Upon tightening, strong PC muscles enhance sexual satisfaction in men by releasing hormones such as endorphins.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the PC muscles act as a floor to your abdominal visceral, including the rectum, which supports your bowel movements.

What happens if your PC muscles are weak?

If you do not have strong PC muscles, you will suffer from the following problems:

So, even if you successfully get your date interested in having sex with you, with weak PC muscles, you might have a hard time satisfying her.

The good news is the PC muscles can be strengthened through Kegel exercises. These exercises have different variations and contribute to the overall condition of your prostate muscles.

PC muscle exercises

Doing lunges at the gym

Primarily, the PC muscles stay healthy if they are utilized in regular sexual activity. However, if you cannot get girls interested in you, you might not have a partner to engage in physical activity with. In such cases, you must pay direct attention to that region with PC muscle exercises.

The PC muscle exercises, also known as Kegel exercises, help activate and strengthen the muscles in your pelvic area. These exercises range from simple to more advanced forms. If you are just starting, we suggest starting with beginner-level exercises and moving up gradually as you build a better mind-muscle connection.

Locate your PC muscles

Before you start, you have to understand and feel the physical position of your PC muscles. This will give you a good idea about the PC muscles and how they work. To locate or feel them, you can do any of the following exercises:

  • After getting an erection, clench your pelvic muscles. This will cause your penis to move upward. Now, try to locate the position of the muscle contractions that are causing your penis to move. Those are your PC muscles.
  • While urinating, try to stop the flow consciously midway. The muscles used to stop your urine midstream are the PC muscles. This also counts as a PC muscle exercise.

Once you understand the exact location of your PC muscles, you can move on to the exercises. Getting a good grasp of these techniques will be hard at first, but you will get better with practice.

Beginner-level exercises

Doing PC muscle exercises while urinating

  • The first exercise is stopping the urine flow midstream. To do this effectively, consciously make an effort to stop your urine flow midway, hold it in for a few seconds, then let it flow again. Try to keep the rest of your body relaxed while you do this. Do this exercise a couple of times every time you visit the restroom.
  • The next method is also a way to locate and activate your PC muscles. You can do this while you have an erect or a semi-erect penis. For this technique, try to move your penis without using your hands by clenching the PC muscles. Repeat this exercise a few times to get better control over the movement.
  • Another beginner-level PC muscle exercise is flexing them in quick succession. For example, clench your PC muscles and hold that position for three to five seconds. After that, release them and clench them again. Repeat this for ten reps and then rest for a minute. Then repeat the entire exercise for three sets.

By practicing these exercises regularly, your PC muscles should gradually get stronger. Besides improving your overall pelvic muscle health, it will also boost your self-esteem, which will help you confidently talk to a girl and get her attracted to you.

Intermediate-level exercises

Once you have mastered the beginner-level PC muscle conditioning exercises, you can move on to these intermediate techniques:

  • To do this first exercise, clench your PC muscles tightly and hold them in that position for five to ten seconds. Then, release the muscles slowly, creating tension until they are fully relaxed. Do this for ten repetitions and three to five sets per day.
  • For this exercise, you need to have a full erection. Once you do, start by squeezing your PC muscles to move your genitalia. Afterward, put some sort of resistance to make the movement more challenging. For example, try to slightly push your genitalia downward as your PC muscles contract and try to push it upwards. You can also add a towel or a small handkerchief to resist. Repeat this process for ten repetitions and three to five sets daily.
  • The third intermediate-level PC muscle exercise is quite straightforward. You will have to quickly contract and release your PC muscles. Do not hold the contraction for long. Simply contract and relax your PC muscles for 20 to 30 seconds and then rest. Do this for five sets regularly.

These intermediate-level exercises will enable you to gain a better mind-muscle connection. They will increase the blood flow to your pelvic muscles, so you might get an erection while doing these exercises.

Advanced exercises

Doing PC muscle exercises together

The following are the most advanced PC muscle exercises. Once you master these, you will notice a significant increase in your overall sexual performance.

  • The first advanced exercise is known as the PC burning exercise because it will create a fatigued, burning sensation in your muscles. Start by slowly contracting your PC muscles until you cannot squeeze them any further. After that, hold that position for as long as possible or when your muscle tires out. Rest for a few seconds and repeat the process.
  • For the next exercise, you will need to have an erection. Once your penis is erect, squeeze your PC muscles. Doing this will make your penis move upwards. Push against it, making sure that it stays in the same position. The goal is to keep flexing the PC muscles until they tire out. However, do not push your genitalia down so hard that you injure yourself. Remember that your genitalia is sensitive, so proceed with caution.
  • You can do this final Kegel exercise with your partner during sex. Firstly, communicate with your partner that you want to practice this. After penetrating your partner, squeeze your PC muscles. Ask your partner to try to flex her PC muscles as well. Repeat this process a few times to make it more challenging.

If you practice these exercises regularly, you will have a stronger command over your prostate and your ejaculation.


What are the PC muscles? The PC muscles comprise the area around your genitalia and rectum. As such, they control your bowel movement and urination and are equally important to your sexual health.

Among other things, they contribute to sufficient semen production and maintain firm erections. It is essential to have strong PC muscles to make sure you have better control over your genitalia and have an overall better bedroom experience.

We hope the Kegel exercises discussed in this guide have helped promote a healthier sex life and develop a positive body image.

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