5 Tips to Help You Have Better Sex With Older Women


How to improve your physical relationship with older womenHere’s the great thing about having sex with most older women: They know what they want, and they have experience. And so, they’re usually more comfortable with themselves and their bodies than younger women.

That’s why it can be an amazing sexual experience. If you don’t give your older woman good sex – whether she’s a girlfriend, friends with benefits, wife, etc. – she’s not going to stick around for long. But once you learn how to satisfy older women in the bedroom, she’ll want to keep coming back again and again. She’s probably been with enough guys who don’t know what they’re doing - so you’ll be a refreshing change. Today, I’ll talk about how to have better sex with older women…

These are tips you can use with all kinds of women from long-time girlfriends to new friends you met on one of the quality hookup apps that actually work.

Let’s get into it!

Having Better Sex With Older Women


Communication is key before, during, and after sex. This is because women are highly emotional. For us guys, we can look at a girl and know within seconds if we want to have sex with her - and we can be ready for that sex right away. This goes for women we meet on the top hookup apps out there worth trying or in a more traditional way around town.

But for women, that’s not enough - and this is especially the case for older women who’ve probably had some meaningless sex before (and now want something deeper). She needs to feel passion, and for that, she needs an emotional connection from the minute that you start the conversation

With this in mind, here’s how to communicate before, during, and after sex…

Communication before sex:

Ask her open-ended questions about her passions, experiences, dreams, and adventures
Look into her eyes for the majority of the conversation
Keep the conversation focused on her, but listen and relate back with experiences and stories from your own life after she tells you something about her life

Communication during sex:

  • Talk dirty to her
  • Moan to show her when you like something
  • Look into her eyes

Communication after sex:

  • Ask her what positions she likes most in bed. If she asks why, tell her it’s because you want to please her even more the next time
  • Ask her about a sexual fantasy she has, and be willing to share one of your own
  • Overall, the goal is to show her that you aren’t judging her for having sex with you

You need to know how to talk to girls throughout the entire process if you really want to find success.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to sex with older women (Adult FriendFinder is great for finding practice partners)

This might not be too surprising but you need to actually be putting these tips to work if you want to improve. Nobody becomes a champion boxer by reading article after article about boxing techniques. If you are struggling to find older women to take home we suggest checking out Adult FriendFinder.

We know you are a busy guy and finding the time to meet a single woman can be hard, especially if you are going the traditional route of meeting them in bars and clubs. Instead, you need to be smarter about your approach and that means using technology to help. There are really only two good apps/sites for finding a quick fling, Tinder and Adult FriendFinder. Of those two, Tinder is really only good for meeting women under 30 but Adult FriendFinder is really the king of flings for women over 30.

Give their free trial a shot here, they have over 90,000,000 active members (mostly in English speaking countries) so the odds are good you can find someone in your area. It's hard to beat being able to meet practice partners 24/7 without leaving your house.

Turn Up the Dominance

When learning how to have great sex with older women, the idea of dominance can be very important.

Many attractive older women have taken control of their career, and have seized a high-level control over their lives in general (versus younger women who don’t quite know what they want out of their lives yet).

They enjoy having this control - but in the bedroom, they want to feel the opposite. They want to be able to let go completely and feel like the man is in total control.

That requires you to be confident in the bedroom and also extremely dominant.

Here are some ways you can be more dominant in the bedroom:

  • Don’t ask her to get into sexual positions. Move her into the positions you want, so that she can let go and enjoy the experience
  • Don’t ask her if she likes it. Assume she likes it and but pay attention to how she is reacting. If you get any indication she isn't into it pull back.
  • Pull her hair. Grab her hair from the roots and lightly pull it back
  • Choke her. What I’ve experienced is that the majority of women like when you put your hand around their neck and choke them lightly. Put your hand there lightly at first, and if she shows no resistance, then go a little bit harder. Keep it relatively light though, at least the first time, and then ask her afterward if she likes to be choked. If she says yes, then you can go harder the next time (just remember to be careful with this one)

Be Open-Minded (And Leave Your Ego at the Bedroom Door)

Older women know when you’re great at sex, and they also know when you need improvement. What’s more, they’re not afraid to tell you what you can do better (whereas a younger woman might let it slide or just not even notice it all).

So, you need to be open-minded, leave your ego at the door, and be willing to take and accept their advice.

Here’s a little embarrassing story to illustrate this…

I once had an older woman buy me a copy of The Multi-Orgasmic Man for my birthday. She enjoyed the sex we had, but she just wanted me to last longer, breathe deeper, and be more in the moment.

I could’ve been embarrassed. Instead, I embraced it, and improved on all of those things.

Now, I meditate consistently, have full control of my breath, and am deeply in the moment during sex.

The lesson? Don’t get bitter or defensive. When you’re open-minded with older women, you can greatly improve your sex life for years to come.

Don’t Skip the Foreplay

Foreplay is a core element of a great sexual experience. If you don’t know how to handle this part, then the sex will likely be sub par.

And the foreplay can start before anyone takes their pants off. How?

Massages, scented candles, incense, music…

You don’t need to go through the full gambit every time, but when you break out tools like these during foreplay, she’ll appreciate it and get very turned on.

Once you play the music and light the incense and candles, you can tell her to lie down and then give her a sexual massage.

Rub down her whole body. Back, head, arms, legs… and inch closer and closer to her pussy. Then, turn her around on her back and massage the front of her body with her hands, and then lightly kiss her breasts. Work your way down each leg with your mouth, then slowly back up to her pussy.

When you finally start the cunnilingus, she’ll be moaning uncontrollably.

Build Your Stamina

A sexy older woman doesn’t want a 5-minute sex session. To have better sex with older women, you need to build your stamina and last longer.

You should be able to go at it for at least 10-15 minutes consistently - without worrying about finishing too quickly the whole time.

Here are some tips to improve your stamina:

  • Start meditating 10 minutes per day so you can be more in the moment. When you get in your head, you’re a lot more likely to finish too quickly
  • Work out consistently. Hit the gym and lift weights at least 2 to 3 times a week, and mix in some cardio as well
  • Don’t be a jack hammer. You’re having sex with an older woman - not jack hammering on a construction site. Vary how quickly you thrust, and even stop thrusting from time to time, and instead move in a circular motion inside of her. This will conserve your energy, help you last longer, and also add some variety to the experience

Wrapping Up How to Have Better Sex With Older Women…

If you follow all this guide, you’ll be able to have great sex with older women. Not only will you enjoy the sex a lot more yourself, but older women will literally get hooked on sex with you. Plus, it’ll be a lot easier to build relationships and get second dates with them.

To recap, here’s how to have better sex with older women:

  • Communicate
  • Turn up the dominance
  • Be open-minded
  • Don’t skip the foreplay
  • Build your stamina
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