Mako Young
Men's Lifestyle and Fashion Expert

Mako has been in the men’s lifestyle and fashion niche for over 5 years, writing how-to guides, informational blog posts, and more. Growing up in an all-boys school, he grew up at the bottom of the food chain—zero experience with girls. Through sheer willpower and cringe, he’s learned the best ways to have a conversation with women, the foundations of good self-care and etiquette, and more.

Heartbroken around 3 times in his life, Mako understands what it means to be down bad and desperate for love. Alone and depressed, he takes his sad boi demeanor to the streets and experiences the one-night stand life. And, after much thought and deliberation, he decides that it isn’t for him, but he understands why men and women live that way. Now, in a 2-year relationship with his amazing girlfriend, Mako’s writing about his passions and learnings about men’s lifestyle.

Mako Young

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How bad is it to masturbate
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How to Be a Sexually Disciplined Man: Tips for Hookups

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When a Woman Loses Interest in a Man: The Reasons Why

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Dumper's Remorse: Why It Happens and How to Overcome It

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