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Tinder Plus vs Gold vs Platinum | All You Need To Know

Have you started online dating recently, without much success? While the free version of Tinder allows you to meet new people, a subscription can work like magic if you want to step up your game and meet even more people successfully.

There are currently three paid Tinder subscriptions you can avail of. To help you decide on the best paid Tinder package for you, we will compare all three and highlight their key features. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Free Tinder Features

When you download Tinder for the first time, you will be using the free version. Before you evaluate which Tinder package to purchase, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different features of the free app version first. After that, you can decide if the free Tinder features are enough, or if you want more. Here’s what you can do for free:

  • Change preferences
  • 25 swipes to the right for men every 12 hours
  • 50 swipes to the right for women every 12 hours
  • View other people’s profiles
  • Free messaging after matching with someone

Tinder Plus vs Gold

While you can match with new people on the free Tinder version, the paid packages offer additional benefits that you can take advantage of.

Let's talk about the first two subscriptions—Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. What sets these packages apart? Here’s a detailed comparison between Tinder Plus vs Gold.

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is a premium subscription package that offers several valuable features to enhance the user experience on the app.

Exactly what does Tinder Plus do and why should you get it? One of the main benefits of Tinder Plus is its unlimited likes feature. With the free version, there is a cap on the number of profiles you may swipe right on (or like) in a specific amount of time. This restriction is removed with Tinder Plus, enabling you to show interest in as many profiles as you choose.

Other than that, here are other benefits to purchasing a Tinder Plus subscription.

  • Rewind option: I'm sure you've tried unintentionally swiping left on a possible match you were interested in. Happily, with Tinder Plus, you're given a Rewind feature. With this feature, users can reverse their most recent swipe and choose differently.
  • Passport feature: Passport is a handy feature of Tinder Plus that lets you change your location so you can view profiles of people from other cities or countries. This feature is particularly useful for travelers who want to explore potential matches before arriving at their destination. It also allows users to broaden their choices and horizons by connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds. If you are experiencing a lack of matches in your area, the passport feature will definitely come in handy.
  • One free boost: Tinder Plus users receive one free boost per month. This is a fantastic feature that increases your profile's visibility for a limited time, making it more likely for others to see you and match with you.
  • Extra Super Likes: Another amazing feature of Tinder Plus is Super Like. Users of Tinder's free edition are allowed one Super Like each day, which they can use to show they are very interested in someone.

When someone you Super Like comes across your profile while surfing through Tinder, she will know that you Super Liked her through the bright blue footer and star icon on her picture.

With Tinder Plus, you get five Super Likes every day. This means if multiple women spark your interest, you can stand out to them with the help of this feature.

All these Tinder Plus benefits combined give you a more holistic experience when using the app. You have better chances of matching with women in your area.

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Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold is a more premium version of Tinder Plus. Meaning it offers all the benefits of Tinder Plus and more. Now let’s take a look at the premium features Tinder Gold offers.

  • Likes You Feature: The "Likes You" feature is a game-changer provided by Tinder Gold. It allows you to see who has already swiped right on your profile before you even come across their profile. This eliminates the need to swipe through profiles blindly, saving you significant time and effort. You can directly view those who have expressed interest in you and decide if you want to match with them or not.
  • Top Picks: Another excellent feature added to Tinder Gold is Top Picks. Each user receives a customized list of profiles from Tinder based on their likes and past swiping habits. These profiles are shown in the Top Picks area. Only displaying a small number of potentially compatible profiles each day streamlines your matching process and makes it simpler to identify possible partners who share your interests.

Having all the features of Tinder Plus combined with the Likes You and Top Picks feature means Tinder Gold subscribers have an even more streamlined and efficient experience on the Tinder app.

Tinder Gold is especially beneficial for users looking for a more targeted and efficient way of finding matches. Additionally, it provides valuable insights and increased visibility to potential connections, making navigating the vast pool of users on the platform easier.

Tinder Gold vs Platinum

So, Tinder Plus is basically a better version of free Tinder. And Tinder Gold is a better version of Tinder Plus. Now that you know the differences between Tinder Plus vs Gold, it’s time to look at the more premium side of Tinder by comparing the Tinder Gold vs Platinum subscriptions.

Tinder Gold

To recap, Tinder Gold has added features like the Likes You feature, which allows you to see who has already swiped right on your profile, and the Top Picks feature, which provides you with a focused list of potential matches based on Tinder's algorithm.

These features combined give you a simpler, more straightforward experience on Tinder that saves you time and energy. With all of these in mind, let’s see what additional benefits Tinder Platinum offers.

Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum builds upon the features of Tinder Gold and offers additional perks to enhance the premium Tinder experience. In addition to Likes You and Top Picks, you get to do the following on Tinder Platinum:

  • Text before matching: This feature allows Tinder Platinum users to message a potential match before swiping right on their profile. Users have more personalized and meaningful interactions since they can initiate conversations first before deciding if they want to match.
  • Priority likes: Your profile is prioritized on Tinder Platinum and is presented to prospective matches ahead of other profiles. With Priority Likes, your profile becomes more visible, increasing your chances of getting noticed and finding more matches.
  • Priority Message Delivery: Let’s say you came across an interesting profile. You're totally into her and want to get to know her because not only do you find her pretty, but she has similar interests and hobbies as you. But what if other men find her equally attractive? How do you grab her attention before everyone else? This is where the Priority Message Delivery feature comes in. This feature prioritizes your messages in the recipient's inbox, ensuring they are seen sooner so you can have more timely and responsive conversations.
  • See your previous likes: This is an exclusive feature on Tinder Platinum. If you use Tinder regularly, you might swipe right on multiple women. By the end of the week, you might even lose track of whom you liked. This is where seeing your previous likes comes in handy. This feature summarizes and lists all the profiles that you liked in the last 7 days.

Tinder Platinum offers an elevated experience for users seeking even greater control, convenience, and visibility on the app. If your texting game is strong, the features in this package will work like hacks for you.

Are Tinder Subscriptions Worth It?

Whether it’s worth it or not depends on individual preferences and dating goals. Here are some factors to consider when deciding on the value of Tinder subscriptions:

  • Your budget: The first thing you need to factor in is your budget. Do you really want to commit to the app financially or just use the free version? Evaluate whether the price aligns with your dating priorities and budget. It's worth considering how much value you personally place on the additional features and benefits the subscription packages provide.
  • Location: Are you someone who tends to travel around a lot? Or do you simply want to explore women in different regions without leaving your home? Depending on how important these factors are for you, you might find the Passport feature of Tinder useful. The Passport feature in the Tinder paid packages allows you to change your location and connect with people in different cities or countries.
  • How much time do you want to spend: Depending on how much time you want to invest into the app, you can decide if getting a Tinder subscription is worth it. This is because, with the free version, you get a limited number of swipes. However, with Tinder paid subscriptions, you can access unlimited swipes, rewinding, and super likes. These features will give you a better experience overall.

Ultimately, the value of Tinder subscriptions varies from person to person. Some individuals find that the premium features and enhanced functionality significantly improve their dating experience, while others may find them expensive and unnecessary.

It can be helpful to try out the free version of Tinder first and assess how it aligns with your dating goals before deciding if the added features of the premium subscriptions are worth the investment for you. We hope our comparison between Tinder Plus vs Gold vs Platinum helped you understand which subscription to opt for.

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