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Why is My Tinder Account Under Review? 5 Possible Reasons

Have you ever been in a situation where one day you were happily scrolling through Tinder, looking for the love—or friend—of your life, but the next day you suddenly couldn't access your account?

Chances are your account is under review because you did something the devs aren’t happy about.

If you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t worry. Accidents and mistakes happen. We’re here to help you get to the bottom of this problem. But if you suspect you might have done something wrong, let’s figure out exactly which guideline you violated so you can do better in the future.

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Tinder Account is Under Review

Tinder is a social platform that allows you to meet new people online. As such, it is responsible for protecting its users from scams and other harmful content or persons.

For this reason, Tinder has a set of community guidelines that ensures the safety of its users as they interact and socialize with others outside of their immediate circles. If your account and/or your actions go against those guidelines—regardless if you meant to do it or not—your Tinder account will be placed under review.

So, you may be asking yourself “why is my tinder account under review?”, especially if you have not done anything wrong.

Here are a few reasons why your Tinder account is under review:

  • Your actions go against Tinder's Community Guidelines and Terms of Use
  • You got reported--a lot
  • You've been banned before, and now you're back
  • You coincidentally (or on purpose) acted like a bot
  • You are promoting your business on the app instead of socializing

Reason 1: Your actions go against Tinder’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

As mentioned earlier, the guidelines make Tinder a safe space for users. So if you do something undesirable, your account will be under review.

To prevent this from happening, follow these simple tips:

Appear and act your age - Tinder is strict with their age policy. To use the app, you must be 18 years and above. Violations happen when you upload pictures that don't match your age description.

So, check if you uploaded a few of your baby photos since they might be why your account is under review. Yes, you might look cute in those photos and were probably hoping to catch a woman's attention through them, but Tinder is strict regarding age-related issues.

Don’t break the law - This one is pretty obvious. If it's not allowed in the real world, it certainly won't be allowed in the digital world. Be responsible and follow the law as mandated, even on Tinder.

Jokes might not go down that well, either. Any conversation that involves breaking the law—such as drugs and thievery—or even seeking assistance to break the law will be tagged as suspicious activity by the devs and will put your Tinder account under review.  

Be yourself - Never use or claim another person's information as your own. That’s called catfishing, which is illegal. One way or another, you will get caught, and it won't be pleasant when you do.  

Having your Tinder account under review will be the least of your worries because you'll also be at risk for copyright infringement. And, yes, that's way worse than a banned Tinder account. 

Just be yourself. It'll be better for you in the long run, trust me.

You're also only allowed to own one account. If you have multiple accounts with the same information, it will be assumed that your account information was stolen. This will also put your Tinder account under review.

Be nice - This general rule will help you get along with others better both on and off Tinder. Simply being nice, sharing good content, and being kind to others will help Tinder be a better place for the community. There’ll be fewer chances of you getting reported for bad behavior, too.

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Reason 2: You got reported—a lot.

Speaking of being reported for bad behavior, this is another possible reason why you can’t access your Tinder account. A single measly report doesn’t really do anything to your account, but multiple reports? Now that’s a different story.

When Tinder detects that your account has been reported multiple times, especially by different people in different instances, they will put your Tinder account under review. The bad thing is that users are free to report at their own will, so a group can decide to bully you and report you repeatedly for no reason, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Luckily, Tinder takes the time to review your account first and won’t ban you on a whim.

Reason 3: You’ve been banned before—and now you’re back.

Tinder usually keeps tabs on those they have banned in the past, so it's no surprise for a person who got banned before to get banned again after making a new account with the same information.

If, for whatever reason, you got banned on Tinder before, try another dating app instead and be a better person there.

Reason 4: You coincidentally (or on purpose) acted like a bot.

Your actions might have become repetitive after using Tinder for a long time. One common situation that will flag you as a bot is if you send the same intro message to all your matches.

Understandably, sending a greeting every time you get matched gets old if you've been doing it for a while, especially if you have an insane number of matches (lucky you). But such behavior is similar to what a bot would do, and Tinder, unfortunately, cannot automatically discriminate between bot and human. 

Reason 5: You are promoting your business on the app instead of socializing.

Tinder is a dating app whose primary purpose is to help you find a romantic partner, not bring more people into your pyramid scheme. According to the community guidelines, your Tinder account will be placed under review if you ask for follows, and promote fundraisers, campaigns, and solicitations.

What to Do When Your Tinder Account is Under Review

Thinking of what to do about his Tinder account

There isn't much you can do when you get your Tinder account locked. It's up to the Tinder staff to get to the bottom of your situation, so all you can do in the meantime is wait until it gets resolved.

There aren't any tricks to speed up the process, so don't go searching: "Tinder account under review hack" on Google. Instead, here are some suggestions you can do to keep the ball rolling while you wait:

Try other dating apps.

Tinder is one of the go-to apps for dating, but there are other apps worth looking at, such as Bumble. Using a different dating app means you can keep getting matches and meet new people while waiting for the Tinder team to review your account.

Go on blind dates.

Going on blind dates outside the virtual world is a more direct approach to meeting new people that could benefit you. You could go out and use the flirting skills you developed through Tinder and test them in a more intimate setting.

Take a break.

If your Tinder account is locked and under review, it may be a sign that you need to take a break from flirting and spend time for yourself for once. Self-development is an important aspect of life that people often undervalue.

Discover new hobbies, exercise, meditate, and build character. These things make you a better person and can be a great conversation starter once your Tinder profile becomes accessible again.

How Long Does the Review Take?

You might wonder, "How long will my Tinder account be under review?". There's no set time on when you can get your account back, as it depends on the complexity of the issue or violation and the number of accounts Tinder has to review.

Having your account reviewed could take a few hours if you're lucky or several days if you're not. On average, you can expect to have your account back in about 2 to 3 days (48 to 72 hours), which is a decently long time if you ask me.

How Will the Tinder Account Review Affect You?

The account review will prevent you from doing any of the typical activities on the app until the review is done. Basically, the app will be unusable for you.

Once the review is done, what happens next?

Here are the possible outcomes you can expect after your Tinder account is reviewed:

Your account is good to go.

This is the best-case scenario. Your account is verified as clean and innocent—as it should be. If you have done nothing wrong and suddenly got your account under review, you can expect your account to be verified sooner rather than later. If not, you might have made a mistake somewhere.

You get shadowbanned.

If Tinder finds that you have done something against the guidelines, but the offense is minor by their standards, you get a pass. Being shadowbanned allows you to use all of Tinder's features, except you'll find it harder to get a match. 

Tinder will basically mess with your matches as a way to punish you for your bad behavior in the app. This is also a nifty way for them to get you to purchase their premium features since these will give you higher chances of getting matched.

Ban Hammer.

If your offenses are obvious and deemed major offenses, you are dead in the water. A ban is imminent once Tinder verifies that you have hugely violated their community guidelines. The same goes for new accounts using information from banned accounts.

Some users have reported that their accounts were verified briefly after the review but were still banned after a few days. So don’t be complacent.

Whether you intentionally or accidentally violated Tinder's guidelines, having your Tinder account under review is troublesome. Not only are you barred from using the app, but you might also never get your account back.

To avoid getting into these situations, it is best to abide by the rules of the app. Be nice and polite to the community. And use the app as it was intended—to help you find a romantic partner. 

Above all else, just be yourself. You'll definitely find someone who will accept you for who you are.

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