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The Science of What Makes a Man Sexually Attractive

He has what makes a man sexually attractive

What makes a man sexually attractive? Is it a Greek godlike physique or a modelesque face with sharp features? The truth is, you will find tons of information on the internet about what makes a man sexually attractive. However, most of these tips are from a general perspective, are superficial, and can only get you so far.

We all wonder what makes actors like Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling captivating. In fact, sexual attraction is vastly subjective, and your sex appeal has a lot to do with what vibe you give off in particular settings. So, how do you know what makes a man sexually attractive to a woman? Many factors come into play here, like leaving a lasting impression at first glance or having distinct characteristics and features.

We have compiled all the desirable features of a man in this article. It contains a mix of the best science-backed tips and some unique tricks suggested by experts and gurus. Read on to know more.

What Makes a Man Attractive at First Glance?

The first impression is the last. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true. Many people will remember you based on the impression you made on your first interaction with them. This is why making an excellent first impression is impactful as it increases your chances of talking to that girl you like and asking her out on a date. The following are some of the best ways you can make heads turn and come off as a sexually attractive man.

Work on your fashion sense

When you walk into a room, what’s the first thing people notice about you? Usually, it's your outfit. The first and most essential way to grab people’s attention at first glance is by always dressing to impress. Dressing well shows that you are conscious of your appearance. Girls will find you charming, even without interacting with them.

Now, how exactly should you dress? The first tip is to always dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are attending a formal event, you should wear a classy suit. On the other hand, if you are attending a college party, you should wear something more casual, like a sweatshirt, jeans, and a jacket.

However, regardless of what you wear, you must ensure that your clothes are tailored to fit your physique. The right color combination is also essential.

What should you wear on a first date, you ask? It's simple. Your clothing should be relevant to the date location. This can be a casual outfit for the beach, slacks and a dinner jacket for a fancy restaurant, or a button-down shirt for a nice cafe. As a general rule, it’s better to be a little dressed up than dressed down.

Wear accessories

Accessories can instantly draw attention

Another essential fashion tip that men tend to overlook is accessorizing. Accessories take your outfit to the next level and make you stand out from other well-dressed men. The right watch, bracelet, chain, or ring can complement your entire outfit and greatly add to your attractiveness.

A few tips to remember are to avoid going overboard with the accessories you wear and to stick to a color scheme. For instance, the color of your watch’s leather strap should be the same as, or at least similar to, your belt and shoes. If your watch has a silver bracelet, match it with a silver ring. But don't wear all accessories at once since doing so can overwhelm your outfit instead of making you look chic.


Symmetrical objects are always pleasing to look at. It refers to how closely both sides of a person’s face match. Studies have shown that the more symmetrical a man’s face, the more attractive he is.

This is because, biologically, a symmetrical face translates to stronger genetics. It signifies good health, and tells a potential partner that you are the perfect man to have offspring with.

You can take advantage of symmetry to be more sexually appealing to women. Start by getting a nice haircut that makes you look clean and fresh. Afterward, groom your facial hair to make your facial features, such as your jawline and cheekbones, look more prominent.

A deep baritone voice

Besides your visual appearance, how you talk plays a big part in determining how desirable women find you. Generally, women prefer men with deeper and more baritone voices.

From a primal instinctive point of view, a deeper voice signifies higher testosterone in men. This is how women used to determine mating partners in prehistoric times. However, that instinct carried on to the modern generation, and you can also take advantage of it.

To have a deeper voice, try talking from your epiglottis, not your nose. You will notice that your tone drops instantly. But if you find it difficult to maintain, then just try to talk slowly. Talking slowly and deliberately shows that you are more confident and have a commanding tone over whatever you say. It also shows that you care about what you have to say.

A muscular frame

When a man with a muscular body walks by, he is bound to turn heads. Chris Evans is currently the hottest man in the world. He is an excellent actor, but what makes him desirable to women? His pleasing attitude naturally draws people in, and so does his ripped physique.

Studies have shown a direct link between sex appeal and a strong muscular frame. You exude confidence and strength by default if you have a fit body. So if you want to make jaws drop, start working out. Take a look at Chris Evans’ workout routine that got him ripped for the Avengers Endgame for ideas.

As a bonus point, if you have a well-built physique, avoid wearing baggy clothes. The strong features of your body, like your chest, shoulders, arms, and back, will become more prominent once you really tone up. Don't be shy, show them off!

Always be well-groomed

Good grooming instantly makes someone more attractive

Remember first impressions? Proper grooming etiquette definitely ties in with making a good first impression. Having a clean haircut and a trimmed beard makes a man sexually attractive to a woman. A well-groomed man signifies discipline, self-care, and proper hygiene. If you look neat and presentable, women are more likely to want to approach you.


This deserves its own section. A strong and foul body odor is a big turn-off for women. If you smell bad, your chances of impressing a lady go out the window instantly. Even scientific studies have found a strong correlation between scent and attraction.

Since how you smell dictates what people think about you, then make a conscious effort to shower more frequently, depending on your lifestyle. Two to three times a week is recommended, but if you hit the gym every day, then you'll want to make it a daily habit. And find a nice cologne that you can carry around with you. This will be the new signature scent that people will remember you by.

Since one’s scent can have a visceral effect on women, it may sometimes be enough to make a woman want to sleep with you the minute she catches a whiff. Scents like Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony Red #2 and Versace’s Eros are said to be particularly seductive.

What Makes a Man Sexually Attractive in the Long Term?

At a glance, a man might draw a woman’s attention, but it won’t always hold her interest. In the previous section, we talked about all the things that make men sexually attractive at first glance. But in this section, it’s all about holding a woman’s interest long enough for her to want you.

Being good with babies and dogs

Another thing that women notice and appreciate in a man is kindness. How do you show that you are kind and approachable? Just be good with kids and animals. If you are at a party and notice a kid, play with them for a few minutes. This will make everyone in the room think you’re sweet and approachable.

If you have a pet dog or cat, take them out on a walk to the park. According to an article by the Economic Times, women are more attracted to men who own pets. You can even use your pet to initiate a conversation with a cute girl who also likes animals.

Holding good conversations (Humor is a bonus)

A sense of humor is timeless

You can definitely attract female attention just by appearance. But to hold her interest, you'll need to be a good conversationalist. She will lose interest if she agrees to go out on a date with you, just to find that you have nothing interesting to say. What’s worse is if you only talk about yourself.

This is why to be a sexually attractive man, you need to learn to hold interesting conversations. If a lady is invested in your conversation the entire time you're together, there’s a big chance you’ll see her a second time. The icing on the cake is a good sense of humor. Women are attracted to men who can make them laugh and feel good about themselves.

Being confident

To women, a sexually attractive man is someone who is confident. This means never shying away from taking charge and being assertive.

Being more confident in your job will allow you to perform better and grab everyone’s attention. A confident man is desirable because he knows what he is doing and never doubts himself. This is why confident men make great leaders, and women tend to fall for them.

You can exude confidence in various ways. Start by having a straight and upright posture. A man with a strong posture embodies confidence and strength. People will feel your aura when you walk into a room. Being more confident will also help you impress a girl when texting her.

Once you’ve mastered that, you can exude confidence in your behavior by being more decisive and sure of yourself. Forget second-guessing and letting the woman decide everything. You can steer your date or your conversation in whatever direction you want if you’re confident.

We also have a full guide about being confident with women that you should check out.


Nowadays, the importance of chivalry is often not talked about. A woman will notice when you hold a door open for her, pull a chair for her at the bar, or have a handkerchief ready for her whenever she needs it. Women tend to notice these small gestures that give them a sense of importance and show that you care about them.

So, be gentle and kind, and be mindful about adding in some extra sweet gestures whenever you can. Some women may feel defensive, especially if they want to show off their own assertiveness. However, if you show her that your chivalry is out of concern and kindness (and not because you’re belittling her abilities), she may find you more attractive.

Having other things going on

Women like a man who gives them attention and pampers them. However, they are more attracted to a man who is ambitious about his own life. Don't let your time and life revolve around that one woman. She has her own life to live, and won't be impressed by you hanging around her all the time. Honestly, women like it when you care, but not when you care too much.

The key is to find the perfect balance between giving her time and playing hard to get. Once a woman starts to feel like you are serious about your job or academics, she will take you more seriously and get emotionally and physically attracted to you. Always remember that your passion dictates who you are.


Being desired is one of the most validating feelings. As a man, there are numerous things you can do to get noticed by women, but only a handful of those traits will make you sexually appealing. From making an impactful first impression to capitalizing on that to come off as more attractive to women, you have to always be on your feet.

The tips mentioned in this guide make a man sexually attractive to a woman. You can use them to stand out to women initially, but to build meaningful relationships in the long run, you need to be equally invested in them.

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