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100 Dares You Can Send Over Text to Both Boys and Girls

Are you talking to someone and thinking about ways to keep the conversation going? Texting is a great way to get to know somebody and develop rapport, but if the conversation starts to get dull, you could totally lose your momentum.

Don’t worry, though, because there is one thing you can do to keep the other person invested—playing the truth or dare game. There are numerous fun and interesting dares you can send over text, that aren’t too hard to do. Here are a hundred that I dare you to try!

Take a selfie making a funny face, and send it to me.

Let's start with one of the classic dares over text—telling them to take a selfie. But here's the twist: tell them to make the silliest, funniest face that they can think of and send it to you. Trust me, it'll make you both crack up and lighten the mood!

Sing “Quote a song” and send me a recording.

It's time to unleash your inner pop star. Challenge the other person to pick a popular song and sing a line or two from it. Afterward, tell them to record themselves singing and send you the recording. Who knows, maybe you'll discover a hidden talent with these dares to do over text!

Post the oldest picture on your phone on social media.

Now, let's bring a little nostalgia into the mix. Dare your partner to dig deep into their photo gallery and find the oldest picture on their phone. It could be a funny childhood photo or an awkward teenage moment. After that, tell them to post it on social media with a witty caption. It's a great way to laugh and reminisce about the good old days.

Show the most embarrassing photo on your phone.

Okay, brace yourself for this one. We all have embarrassing photos that we hope will never see the light of day again. But be a sport and reveal your most cringe-worthy picture! Then, dare the person you are texting to show you the one that makes them blush or laugh out loud from embarrassment.

Show the last photo you took.

Telling the other person to share the last photo they took is one of the good dares over text. It could be a breathtaking sunset, a funny meme, or even a snapshot of your favorite meal. This dare allows you to get a glimpse into their daily life, and share in their favorite moments.

Do 50 squats.

Time to get those leg muscles working! Challenge them to do 50 squats (or less if they’ve never gone to a gym their entire life). This fun and healthy dare will get their blood pumping. Plus, it's a great way to support their fitness journey.

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Text your crush saying you want to take them out on a date.

Ready to take a bold step? Encourage them to make a move by texting their crush and asking if they want to go out on a date. It's a thrilling dare that could lead to exciting possibilities. Go for it!

Go to someone’s Instagram and like the first picture on their profile.

Spread some positivity! Dare them to brighten someone's day by liking the first picture on a stranger's Instagram profile. It's a small gesture that can make a big impact and even spark new connections.

Send a silly poem to the third number on your contacts list.

Let your creativity flow! Randomly select the third person on your contacts list and send them a whimsical poem. It's a delightful surprise that will surely bring a smile to their face. And who knows? It might even lead to a poetic conversation. This is one of the good dares to do over text.

Cut a piece of your hair.

Thinking about good dares over text for a girl? How about a harmless makeover? Ask them to snip off a small lock of their hair. This quirky dare adds a touch of spontaneity to your text conversations. Note: a small lock of hair. You don't want them to end up with a disastrous new hairstyle!

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Video yourself doing a crazy dance and post it on social media.

It's time to unleash your wild side and show off your killer dance moves! Record a video of yourself busting a move, no matter how silly or outrageous, and share it with the world on social media. Get ready to spread some infectious energy!

Ring your neighbor’s doorbell and run away.

Looking for thrilling dares for truth or dare over text? Prepare to do a classic childhood prank! Dare them to embrace their mischievous side and ring their neighbor's doorbell, then make a swift and stealthy escape. It's a harmless way to add a dash of excitement and spontaneity to their day.

Find the spiciest thing in your house and record yourself eating a spoonful of it.

Turn up the heat with this next challenge! Tell them to search their kitchen for the spiciest food or condiment they can find. Then, take a spoonful of the stuff and capture their reaction on video. Be prepared for a hilariously fiery experience!

Let me listen in on a three-way prank call with somebody.

Time to team up for some prankster fun! Dare them to engage in a three-way prank call, where you silently listen in on the conversation. Choose a target and let the comedic chaos unfold. Just remember to keep it light-hearted and friendly. We don’t tolerate bullying here. Remember—keep it light-hearted and friendly!

I dare you to have $10 worth of food delivered to me.

Hungry but too cheap or lazy to order your own food? Challenge them to order you $10 worth of food for delivery. This big brain move lets you know just how much they like and know you—and gets you fed at the same time.

Send me an audio of you reenacting your favorite scene from a movie.

Lights, camera, action! Ask them to channel their inner actor to send you a voice recording of them reenacting a scene from their all-time favorite movie. Get ready to be entertained as they bring the characters to life with their voice talents.

Send me a video of you making your best Harry Potter impression.

Accio impersonation skills! Dare your fellow Potterhead to showcase their best Harry Potter impression in a video. Let them mimic Harry’s iconic Expeliarmus spell or imitate a beloved character. These Harry Potter dares to do over text will add a touch of magic to your text conversations.

Call your dad and say you got engaged.

Ready to stir up some scandal in their family? Challenge them to call their dad and deliver the unexpected news that they are "engaged." Brace yourself for their dad's reaction, which could range from a joyous celebration to a hilarious moment of confusion. This is one of the good dares to do over text with a boy.

Do a TikTok dance from your ‘for you’ page.

If you are considering good dares for truth or dare over text, you can tell them to pick a random dance from their 'for you' page and give it a whirl. It's a great way to show off their moves, embrace their inner influencer, and discover a new favorite dance routine.

Call your mom and tell her you were charged $500 at the station for 'premium air' in your tires.

Time for dare questions over text to pull a lighthearted prank on dear old Mom! Challenge them to call their mom and innocently inquire about a dubious charge for "premium air" in their tires. Get ready for some laughs as they navigate through the hilariously absurd conversation.

Take a video of you dumping a bucket of ice water on yourself.

Ready to feel the chill? Dare them to grab a bucket of ice water and pour it over themselves while capturing the whole freezing experience on video. It's a daring way to test their resilience and create a hilarious moment to treasure forever.

Video yourself singing a song by your favorite artist to your sibling without explanation.

Who hasn’t made fun of their sibling? Challenge them to send a video of themselves singing their favorite artist's song to their sibling—without providing any context or explanation. Who knows? The sibling might sing along as a bonus!

Take a spoonful of vanilla extract and record yourself doing it.

Are you ready for a flavorful challenge? Dare them to take a spoonful of vanilla extract and consume it, capturing their reaction on video. It's a unique dare that will test their taste buds and provide some amusing moments.

Call a random number and tell them, “I ate your pizza.”

Time for a quirky prank! Dare them to call a random number and confidently declare, "I ate your pizza." Then, prepare for a host of responses, from confusion to laughter. Just remember to keep it light-hearted to ensure no one gets upset.

Text your family and tell them you’re moving to the other side of the planet.

Challenge them to send a text message to their family, announcing they're moving to the other side of the planet. Sit back and enjoy their family's reactions as they grapple with the unexpected news.

Write 'I love you' on your forehead, take a pic, then post the picture on Instagram.

Thinking of romantic yet fun dares over text? Dare them to grab a marker, write 'I love you' on their forehead, and boldly share a picture of it on Instagram. It's a playful, light-hearted gesture that will make their friends and followers smile.

Call your nearest McDonald’s and order a Whopper.

Time to mix up the fast-food game! Tell them to call their nearest McDonald's restaurant and order a Whopper, a signature burger from Burger King. Get ready for some confused responses and a moment of fast-food crossover hilarity.

Send a voice note making your best impression of me.

It’s always fun to see and hear what other people think of you. So why not ask them to send a voice note imitating your voice? It's a playful way to showcase their creativity and add a touch of humor to your text conversations.

Change your Instagram bio to something ridiculous like, “I’m Michael Jordan’s personal chef,” and leave it like that for 24 hours.

Put your wild imagination to good use and dare them to change their Instagram bio to something absurd, like "I'm Michael Jordan's personal chef". Tell them to keep it that way for a full day. This will surely spark some curiosity and entertain their followers.

Pop a Mentos into a bottle of Coke and record yourself trying to drink it.

This next one is a dare that is sure to make you both laugh. Tell them to drop a Mentos candy into a bottle of Coke and record themselves attempting to drink it without getting sprayed by the fizzy explosion. You’re guaranteed some laughter and some pretty epic fails.

A dare to put mints in soda

Send me the names of five of the cutest people in your contact list. I’ll pick one, and you must ask them out on a date.

Awaken your inner Cupid. Dare them to send you the names of five people in their contact list who they think are cute. Pick a name and challenge them to ask that lucky person out on a date. Who knows? You might be credited for unintentionally kickstarting their love story.

Make a steamy playlist and send it to your crush, saying that it makes you think of them.

Ask them to create a steamy playlist for your next dare. Then, tell them to send it to their crush, and they have to say that it reminds them of that special someone. They might think it’s embarrassing, but it might just be the spark needed to finally ignite a passionate connection! Then, sit back and watch it all unfold.

Eat a piece of clay and send me a pic.

Let’s be honest, who didn’t do this as a kid? Dare them to break off a piece of clay and eat it. And they have to send you a picture as proof! You’ll definitely raise some eyebrows with this childish request, but you’ll get a good laugh out of it, too. Note: edible clay. We’re not trying to poison anyone here!

Bark like a dog for 30 seconds straight, and send me a recording.

A good way to have a good laugh is by daring your friend to bark like a dog for a solid 30 seconds. In public. Record the hilariously embarrassing affair and prepare for a good laugh together afterward.

Slide into a celebrity’s DMs with a pickup line.

Ready to make some celebrity connections? Challenge them to slide into a famous person's direct messages with a clever and amusing pickup line. It's a bold move that will add a touch of excitement and intrigue to their text conversations.

Color your front teeth black with squid ink and take a selfie.

For the next dare, tell them to use squid ink to color their front teeth black, then snap a selfie together. In fact, why not join in on the fun? Yeah, you’ll look ridiculous, but you’ll have fun—and stay healthy with squid ink’s many health benefits!

Post a status on Facebook saying, “I didn’t shower for a week”.

Wondering about good dares over text for social media? If they’re not particular about their image, dare them to post a status on Facebook announcing that they haven’t showered for a week. It’ll definitely get people talking, but it’ll also showcase their carefree side.

Prank call your best friend and tell them you’re getting married.

Wanna stir up some mischief with your best friend? Dare them to prank call their closest buddy and deliver the unexpected news of their "upcoming marriage". Brace yourselves for some confusion and laughter.

Post a story on Instagram saying you’re shaving your head.

Challenge them to post a story on Instagram announcing that they're about to shave their head. Prepare for the shocked responses and read through the flood of DMs together.

Send the lyrics to your parent's favorite song to your parent line by line.

For more good dares over text, instruct them to send their parent the lyrics to their favorite song, one line at a time. If it really is their parent's favorite song, they just might sing along! If it’s not… then it’s a sign that your friend needs to pay more attention.

Text the lyrics of your grandparent's favorite song line by line to your grandparent and show me their reaction.

Many of us wish we still had grandparents. So, have fun with yours while you still can! Daring your friend to send the lyrics of their grandparent's favorite song to their grandparent one line at a time is an innocent way of letting them know that your friend cares. It'll surely make them smile.

Text a friend pretending to be their mom and send a screenshot.

One playful dare is to let them impersonate their friend's mom via text and capture a screenshot of the conversation. It's a mischievous way to add some laughter and surprise to their friend's day. Just remember to keep it light-hearted to ensure no one gets genuinely upset.

Tweet something with your eyes closed.

Get your Twitter fingers ready for a challenge! Dare them to compose a tweet with their eyes closed—and tell them that they have to tweet whatever it is they end up writing. That’s right, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Just go with it and see where it takes you!

Text some random number and say, “There are ghosts under your bed”.

Time to send a shiver down someone's spine! Dare them to text a random number a creepy message, "There are ghosts under your bed". Wait for the response together. It could be scary, hilarious, or it could be nothing. Just remember to be mindful of the recipient's response and keep it light-hearted.

Watch this weird video and send me your reaction.

For this next dare, tell them to watch a peculiar video and capture their genuine reaction on camera. It could be a funny clip, an unusual music video, or anything that will leave them scratching their heads. Get ready for some priceless expressions and laughs.

Make a song about pizza and record yourself singing it.

Challenge them to compose a song about everyone's favorite food—pizza. Encourage them to let their creativity flow and capture a video of themselves singing their delicious creation. Who knows? Their tune might go viral!

Text your mom that you’ve been arrested.

Dare them to send a text message to their mom, pretending they've been arrested. Brace yourselves for their mom's panicked reaction, which will turn into a huge sigh of relief once they reveal it's just a joke. And do reveal the truth, by the way—preferably sooner rather than later.

Like your crush’s first Instagram post.

It's time to show some subtle affection! Dare them to scroll through their crush's Instagram feed, all the way to the end so they can like their very first post. It's a sweet and discreet way to grab their crush's attention. Who knows? It might be the start of an intriguing conversation.

Try to lick your elbow.

Want to see your friend have a hard time? Dare them to attempt the seemingly impossible task of licking their elbow. It's a fun and silly dare that will surely bring some laughter and show off their flexibility (or lack thereof).

Send your 5th contact a random GIF without any explanation.

Let's add some intrigue to their text conversations! Dare them to send their 5th contact a random GIF without any context or explanation. The contact may or may not reply back. It’s the uncertainty that makes it thrilling!

Loudly singing near a window

Open your window and sing as loudly as you can.

Tell them to open their window and belt out a song at the top of their lungs. It's embarrassing and liberating at the same time. It can make them feel alive and entertain their neighbors. But be prepared to shut the windows quickly if they turn out to be tone-deaf. The neighbors won’t be happy then!

Call your significant other by their first name and tell them that you have to talk to them.

For the next challenge, tell your friend to call their significant other by their first name and tell them that they have to talk to them. Your friend has to record the entire thing to see how they react. Since most couples refer to their partners by pet names, they only call them by their first names when they have to talk about something serious. This unsettling confrontation will be a good prank to pull on your friends over text.

Walk around the block talking to yourself.

Embrace your inner chatterbox! Challenge a friend to take a stroll around the block while engaging in a conversation with themselves. They’ll look crazy doing it, which is the whole point!

Brush your teeth with Nutella, and send me a pic.

You can dare your friend to grab their toothbrush and add a glob of Nutella to brush their teeth with. Then say, “Chocolate!” before snapping a pic and sharing it with you. It's a tasty dare that will add a touch of flavor to your conversations.

Draw a beard on your face and take a selfie.

One of the fun dares over text is to challenge your friend to draw a magnificent beard on their face and snap a selfie. You’ll never know, they might like the look and keep it!

Text the 10th guy in your contacts that he’s cute.

Let’s spread some positivity, shall we? Dare your friend to text the 10th guy on their contacts list and tell him he's cute. This simple gesture will surely bring a smile to someone's face and possibly start a pleasant conversation.

Text the 7th girl in your contacts that she’s hot.

Let’s continue the chain of positivity. For their next dare through text, your friend has to tell the 7th girl in their contacts that she's hot. There’s nothing quite like a piece of flattery to brighten someone’s day and bring people closer.

Send a dad joke… to your dad.

Dad jokes are notorious for being bad, but we love them anyway! Well, turn the tables around by telling your friend to send their dad a dad joke. If their dad is having a bad day, or if they’re going through a rough patch, this unexpected gesture might bring out a chuckle and further strengthen their bond.

Go on Amazon and order the first animal product that pops up.

This one is for your friends who have pets. Dare them to open Amazon and order the first pet product that appears on their screen. It can be anything from pet food to toys. You can specify the cheapest or the most expensive item—whichever their wallet allows! Not only will this be a fun dare to send over text, but it will also give you a chance to give their pets a gift indirectly.

Text a friend, “It’s all your fault!”

Challenge your friend to text one of their friends the message, "It's all your fault!". Such a mischievous and playful dare will surely prompt a puzzled and amusing response.

Call your mom by her first name and record her reaction.

Ready to catch a mom off-guard? Dare your friend to call their mom by her first name and record her reaction. This cheeky move will either create a moment of playful confusion and laughter or get your friend grounded.

Call your mom and tell her you got someone pregnant.

Challenge a guy friend to pick up the phone, call his mom, and deliver the unexpected news that they've gotten someone pregnant. Brace yourself for their mom's shocked reaction. This will be more shocking if your friend is openly gay!

Put your clothes on backward and post a story on Instagram.

Dabble at being a fashionista by telling a friend to wear their clothes backward, then share a story on Instagram showcasing their trendy—more like unconventional—style. Get their heads turning and their friends talking.

Put ice cream toppings on spaghetti and take a bite.

To all the proud Italians out there… we apologize. But we want you to dare your friend to top a perfectly good plate of spaghetti with ice cream. Then force them to take a brave bite. This sweet and savory adventure will surely make their taste buds go wild.

Confess your love for Mickey Mouse on social media.

Calling all Disney babies to the stage! Dare them to openly declare their deep love for Mickey Mouse on social media. Whether it's a heartfelt post or a quirky confession, their friends and followers will be entertained by their adoration for the iconic character.

Cover your face in shaving foam and take a picture.

Time to get a little messy! Challenge them to lather up their face with shaving foam and snap a picture of their foamy transformation. It's a playful and hilarious dare that will have everyone giggling and wondering about their shaving routine.

Eat a pickle dipped in peanut butter.

Let's explore some unconventional food combinations! Dare them to dip a pickle into peanut butter and take a bold bite. The clashing flavors will leave them either totally grossed out or wanting more. Hey, you never know, right?

Mix ketchup and mustard and eat that.

It’s no secret that ketchup and mustard go well together, especially on a hotdog. Yum! But can you get your friend to eat a spoonful of the stuff on its own? Challenge their taste buds, and don’t forget to take a video while they do it.

Wrap your head in toilet paper and walk around your block saying, “I’m a mummy!”

Anyone can dress as a mummy on Halloween. But can your friend do it off-season? Have them wrap their head with toilet paper, then let them take a casual stroll around their block, proudly proclaiming, "I'm a mummy!"

A joke proposal

Text your first match on Tinder “I wanna get married.”

A daring and bold challenge indeed, but with completely unknown results. Will their match say yes? Will they get reported or permanently blocked? Let’s wait and see.

Send your Tinder match a baby picture of yourself.

Ready to share a blast from the past? Dare them to dig up a cute baby picture of themselves and send it to their Tinder match. They get to break the ice and give their match a glimpse into their adorable past all at the same time.

Tell your Tinder match that you want five kids.

We’re dying to know their match’s reaction to this one! Dare your friend to boldly tell their Tinder match that they want five kids. The other person might blanch at the thought. Or they might be on the same page. You never know!

Post a video on social media imitating your favorite YouTuber.

Unleash your inner content creator! Dare them to create a video imitating their favorite YouTuber and share it on their social media platforms. It's a fun way to showcase their creativity and entertain their friends.

Send a breakup text to someone random.

Challenge them to send a heartfelt breakup text to a random contact on their phone. Prepare for some bewildered reactions and perhaps even a humorous exchange. Just make sure that it's all in good fun and no one gets hurt!

Text your best friend and tell them you won the lottery.

You can totally make—or break—their best friend’s day with this next dare. Tell them to text their best friend and deliver the exciting news of a fictional lottery win. They can go so far as to plan a trip together with the money they’ve won, before admitting that it was all a ruse. It’s ok. A true best friend will forgive anything.

Text your sibling and tell them you accidentally broke their favorite possession.

Ah, sibling drama. Have your friend confess to a sibling that they accidentally broke that sibling's favorite possession. Yeah, it’s mean. But it’s not like the thing is actually broken, and anyway, we all know siblings mess with each other all the time.

Rap your favorite nursery rhyme and send it to your crush.

Show off your lyrical skills! Challenge them to rap their favorite nursery rhyme and send the performance to their crush. It's a unique and playful way to grab their crush's attention and leave a lasting impression.

Send a voice message of you singing the alphabet… backward.

We’re all taught the alphabet the moment we can talk. But not many can sing it backward. Dare a friend to record themselves singing the alphabet backward and share it as a voice message. Bonus points if they turn it into a ringtone.

Try to balance a spoon on your nose and send me a video.

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks—or so we’ve heard. Challenge your friend to try and balance a spoon on their nose and capture the hilarious results on video. This ridiculous dare will bring a smile to their face and yours. But remember: safety first!

Call the fifth person on your contact list and start singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

Let’s get musical. Dare them to call the fifth person on their contact list and surprise them by singing Justin Bieber's "Baby" out of the blue before hanging up. It'll leave their contact scratching their heads in confusion.

Send a voice message of you reciting a tongue twister as fast as possible.

Dare a friend to record a voice message of themselves reciting a tongue twister of your choosing as fast as they can. Tongue twisters are a great way to exercise your mouth and speech abilities, plus they’re fun to do!

Text your teacher and ask them if they believe in unicorns.

Add a touch of magic to the conversation, and perhaps even spark an interesting discussion, by having them text their teacher and boldly inquire if they think unicorns are real. Bonus if it’s a science teacher!

Text your best friend and tell them you just saw an alien.

For this next challenge, dare them to text their best friend and share the thrilling news that they spotted an alien. You can even create a fake video together to show their best friend. Try to make it look real. Or make it as fake as possible. It’s your choice.

Put on a blindfold and attempt to draw a self-portrait.

Dare your friend to put on a blindfold and draw a self-portrait on a blank sheet of paper. This guarantees some hilarious and unique results. After all, art is what you make it!

For one hour, do everything with your non-dominant hand.

Ever met a person who’s ambidextrous? There are quite a number of them out there, and they always inspire awe and envy. Let your friend switch hands for one whole hour and tackle everyday tasks with their non-dominant hand. From writing to eating and everything in between. If they can do it, they deserve a prize!

Go into your sibling’s room and suddenly start doing the floss dance before them.

Surprise, surprise—another sibling prank. Dare your friend to enter their sibling's room and surprise them by spontaneously breaking into the floss dance. It's a surefire way to add some liveliness to their sibling's day and create a memorable bonding moment.

Go outside and do the chicken dance in front of people for 1 minute.

Embrace your inner chicken! No, don’t watch a horror movie. Go out and boldly perform the chicken dance for a full minute in a place where others can witness their feathered moves.

Wear the weirdest dress combo possible, and send me a picture.

Tell your friend to put together the most outlandish and unconventional outfit they can imagine. Encourage them to mix and match clothes in the most eccentric way possible. Once they've created their masterpiece, have them send you a picture of their unique ensemble.

Text your parents and say that you are considering getting a pet dinosaur.

Let your friend casually text their parents that they're considering getting a pet dinosaur. Their parents will never know if they’re joking or not. They might even mention it again years down the line.

Fill your mouth full of water and say your full name. Take a video and send it.

Be careful not to choke on this one! Dare them to fill their mouth bursting with water and attempt to say their full name without spilling a drop. They have to capture this hilarious challenge on video and share it with you for a good laugh.

Speak with anyone who talks to you for the next hour in a British accent.

A fun challenge you can pose to your friend is to put their accent skills to the test and speak in a delightful British accent whenever they interact with others for the next hour. Let them inform the people that they’re feeling posh today.

Text your best friend using only your nose and see if they can decipher your message.

Talk about being nosy, challenge them to compose a text message to their best friend using only their nose to type. If their best friend can decipher the nose-generated message, they’re a keeper for sure.

Put a spoonful of peanut butter on your nose and try to lick it off without using your hands. Capture it on video and send it to me.

One of the good dares over text is to tell them to place a spoonful of peanut butter on their nose and attempt to lick it off without using their hands. This hilarious challenge is a sure recipe for laughter. Ensure they capture it on video so they can share the memorable moment with you.

Call a random number and tell them you left your shoes in their place last night.

Dare your friend to dial a random number and inform the person on the other end that they accidentally left their shoes in their place last night. Prepare for some puzzled responses and a comical conversation as they both attempt to figure out “where” in the house they left their shoes.

Crack an egg on your head.

Wanna try fun dares over text? Challenge your friend to crack an egg on their head. It's a simple yet hilarious dare that will surely make them and anyone witnessing it burst into laughter. Just make sure they have a towel handy for the eggshell cleanup!

Take a few hot photos of yourself and send them to the person you're seeing, then ask them which one you should post.

Let's add a dash of flirty fun! Have your friend send a few sizzling photos of themselves to the person they're seeing, asking for their opinion on which one to post. It’d be sweet if they want the pics all to themselves! But it would be interesting if they actually end up choosing one.

Record yourself laughing hysterically and post it on your Instagram story.

Time to spread the joy! Dare your friend to record a video of themselves laughing hysterically and share it on their Instagram story. It's a contagious way to spread positive vibes and bring smiles to their followers' faces. Laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Do the weirdest dance tutorial and post it on your social media.

Tell your friend to bust out some unconventional moves and create the weirdest dance tutorial they can imagine, then have them share it on their social media. Give them this chance to showcase their creativity and provide some lighthearted entertainment for their friends and followers.

Crawl up the stairs like a baby and show me the video.

Challenge your friend to climb stairs like a baby and capture it on video. This playful and silly dare will surely bring a smile to both of your faces when you watch them do this unique climbing style.

Text your crush and tell them that you like them.

This timeless dare is one of the most common things teenagers let their peers do. Encourage your friend to text their crush and confess their feelings. This could potentially open up new possibilities and pave the way for a deeper, more meaningful connection.

Whether online or offline, truth or dare has always been a fun game to play to get to know new people. We hope our 100 good dares to send over text to both boys and girls helped you make your conversations more interesting and engaging.


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