13 Proven Hangouts to Come Across a Single Egyptian Cougar In 2020

Smiling Egyptian cougar outsideIf you want to date an Egyptian cougar, we can’t blame you there. Egyptian women have those classic Middle Eastern features, with brown skin and dark hair, and they seem to get better with age.

The challenge is finding a place with plenty of Egyptian cougars to meet. After all, in most areas, there’s no designated “Egyptian cougar hangout,” as nice as that would be.

You don’t need to let that stop you, though. Our team has experience in this regard, and we’ve used our knowledge to put together a list of places where you’re sure to find older Egyptian women.

Find a Single Egyptian Cougar Without Fail

Egyptian restaurants are a great place to find an Egyptian cougar

It’s a safe bet that you’ll find older Egyptian women at the Egyptian restaurants in your area, as many of them will enjoy eating familiar foods from their culture. We find that the best times to go are either the early evening around happy hour or later at night, as these are both times when groups of women will go out together and are open to chatting.

A restaurant with live music is a great choice, because it puts everyone in a livelier mood and you could have an opportunity to dance with a beautiful older Egyptian woman. Just make sure to practice your Egyptian dances a bit. You don’t need to be the flashiest person on the dance floor, but you should know the basics.

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College Classes

It’s more common for older Egyptian women to go back to school in this day and age, especially if they didn’t have the opportunity to pursue higher education before. We’re often amazed at all the Egyptian cougars on campus at community colleges and universities. Guys who don't have a lot of knowledge about how to find and get cougars without much trouble can do well here.

The first classes we would try are anything related to Egypt, such as an Egyptian Studies course. A course in Arabic is another option where you can meet Egyptian women who want to brush up on their native tongue. Those Arabic skills will also come in handy whenever you do meet an Egyptian cougar, as many other men won’t be able to speak it. Even knowing a few basic phrases helps you stand out.

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Bars and Nightclubs

We find that some places to meet older Egyptian women are better if you want a relationship, and others are better if you want to hook up. Bars and clubs fall under the latter category.

That doesn’t mean that you it’s impossible to find a woman for a serious relationship at these places, just that it’s less likely.

For the best results, head to neighborhoods with a higher Egyptian population, and look for bars and clubs that play Egyptian music.

Coffee Shops

A coffee shop can be the perfect place to meet an older Egyptian woman, as it’s a casual setting where you can have a nice, relaxed conversation. Since older women usually have jobs that keep them busy during the day, the best times to go are in the morning, during lunch and the early evening.

Egyptian Cooking Classes

There are a couple reasons that an Egyptian cooking class is a great way to meet and charm an Egyptian cougar. There will likely be many older Egyptian women there, giving you plenty of opportunities to connect with someone, and cooking classes in general have a very favorable gender ratio.

CD image

Once you learn how to make an Egyptian dish, you’ll make yourself that much more attractive to older Egyptian women. You can invite one over for a cooking date, and she’ll likely say yes when you mention that you know an Egyptian meal.


The park is another casual environment where you can have a no-pressure conversation with an older Egyptian woman. Scope out a few different parks in your city at different times to see which ones tend to have the most Egyptian women.

We recommend having something else to do while you’re there so women don’t think you’re only there to pick up on them. A shirtless jog is a great choice, as you can do a couple laps to see who you want to talk to. You may even have an Egyptian cougar who starts chatting with you.


Older Egyptian women like to stay in shape, so you can expect to find plenty of them at the gym. Mornings and evenings are best, since they’ll probably plan their workouts around their work schedules.

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Just make sure you’re not “that guy” who stands around checking out the Egyptian cougars the whole time. Do your own workout and make eye contact when you get the chance. You can tell whether a women wants to talk to you by the way she looks at you.

Egyptian Grocery Stores

Most older Egyptian women will enjoy cooking at least one or two meals from their culture, and the best place for ingredients is the local Egyptian grocery store.

Here’s one of the easiest ways we found to meet Egyptian cougars at the grocery store – look up an Egyptian dish before you go. When you see an older Egyptian woman who catches your eye, ask her if she knows the recipe for it, because you forgot one of the ingredients. Now, you’ve started a conversation in a natural way, and all that’s left is to turn on the charm.

Museums and Art Galleries

Remember how we said that there are places to go if you want a relationship and places to go if you want a hookup? For relationships, it doesn’t get any better than museums and art galleries.

The older Egyptian women who visit these places tend to be very smart and sophisticated. Ask their opinion on the exhibits for great conversation and a chance at getting a phone number. While any museum or art gallery will work, try to find those that have Egyptian exhibits for the best results.

Yoga Classes

Many older Egyptian women prefer yoga over typical gyms for staying in shape, so you’re missing out if you don’t visit the yoga studio from time to time. Just like cooking classes, the gender ratio is very slanted in your favor here. Even though guys also do yoga, there are almost always more women than men.

You need to try this

Yoga studios are welcoming, which is great for talking to Egyptian cougars. You may need to take it slow, though, so you don’t look like the guy who came to one class just to hit on the women.

Volunteer Work

Any town or city will have all kinds of opportunities to volunteer, so you could try a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, a senior home or anything else that catches your eye. Older Egyptian women are sweet and caring, so there’s a good chance you’ll meet them while you volunteer.

Obviously, volunteering is its own reward, but you’ll also score brownie points with any Egyptian cougar you want to date. She’ll be impressed seeing that you’re spending your free time giving back to others.


It should come as no surprise that if you want to meet the most older Egyptian women, you’ll do so in Egypt itself. Since Islam is the predominant religion in Egypt, it’s one of the more conservative countries, but there are still nightlife options.

You’ll find Egyptian cougars at the country’s coffee shops, bars and dance clubs. People usually start going out around 10 or 11 p.m. in Egypt. There are places that close around 2 a.m. and others that are open until the early morning.

One thing we learned in our research is that older Egyptian women appreciate men who know how to dress. While that’s true anywhere, it’s especially important if you visit Egypt. You don’t need to wear a tailored suit everywhere, but avoid dressing overly casual.

Women who live in Egypt are on the conservative side. You can still get a date with an Egyptian cougar there, but remember that you may need to take things slow and gauge how open she is to your advances.

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