15 Locations You Will Meet Single Cougars In Honolulu in 2023

Check out the water to find lots of gorgeous mature women

If you’re looking for cougars in Honolulu, it can be dizzying at first. With all the beaches and tourist areas, cougars are hard to spot amidst the crowd.

Of course, Honolulu cougars have their favorite hangouts--from the ever-popular Aloha Yoga Kula to posh malls like Luxury Row. But striking up a conversation in these places can be a challenge. Even dating and nightlife hotspots like Chinatown and Kakaako are too crowded with non-cougars.

To make your search efficient, it helps to have a specific destination in mind. Honolulu may be a busy city, but as long as you’re in the right place, you’ll meet a dreamy cougar. We’ve narrowed down the exact best places and cougar bars in Honolulu here you can find gorgeous older ladies instantly.

Head over to these spots and let us know how it went in the comments below. We always love hearing about your experiences!

Where the Cougars in Honolulu Hang Out

In a city with more than 350,000 people, you may have a tough time finding women who suit your particular taste. Luckily, this list of the best cougar hotspots will point you in the right direction.

The Dragon Upstairs is a haven for cougars in Honolulu

The colorful logo of The Dragon Upstairs


Chinatown is one of the best neighborhoods for you to find Honolulu cougars because of its vibrant nightlife. The Dragon Upstairs is one such cougar haven. Though it’s pretty much a small room above a café, all you have to do is climb the stairs and you’ll find tons of cougars hanging out and having a good time.

The cougars hear lean towards the artsy side. They have good taste in music too, since the Dragon Upstairs is a go-to place for jazz. On a random night, you might stumble into a poetry reading or a stand-up comedy gig!

Quirky and chaotic, the Dragon Upstairs is a classic Chinatown spot. It has gold-and-scarlet walls and Chinese theater masks staring down at you. The ambiance is excellent, and because of the limited space, you’re likely to bump into cougars without even trying on crowded nights.

Drinks are okay in terms of price, but you’ll have to pay a cover charge of $5 upon entering. Mind you, they can hit hard, so make sure you’ve already done some flirting before you chug down too many.

AFF is the fastest way to jump into bed with cougars (try it free)

Homepage for AFF

There are a lot of cougars in Honolulu, both locals and tourists, who are just looking for some quick fun. They don't want a relationship or to get married--they want a good time!

We've found that AFF (which has a great free trial) to be the easiest way to meet them. This site is completely centered around sex, so every woman on it is looking for the same thing. You're in luck if you just want to get laid too!

This is our top way to meet cougars to take home around the city!

Guys who are actually willing to take a little action and not sit on their butts all day are going to get solid results with AFF. They have a lot of women using it but you still need to be the one making the first move. We have seen way better results on this site than the competition and have seen especially good results for normal dudes and guys looking for women over 30. It is well worth checking out their free trial with the links above.

Unlike other apps like Tinder, AFF has a lot of Honolulu cougars. Of all the apps we have tried, they have the most women over 35 with active profiles. And by most, we mean a huge chunk of their 90 million-plus users!

We had a lot of fun (and success) using AFF and think you will as well. Give it a shot and start meeting Honolulu cougars every single night!

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If you actually want to meet single cougars who are more interested in fun in the bedroom than a long-term relationship you need to check out AFF's free trial with this link. We've spent many months testing out 100+ different sites and apps to meet cougars and AFF has consistently been the easiest way for most men.


Go to Duke’s Waikiki for local and tourist cougars

A woman riding a bike at Duke’s Waikiki


If you want to cast your net wider and meet single cougars from other parts of the world without leaving Honolulu, then Duke’s Waikiki is your destination.

Duke’s Waikiki is a tourist-y restaurant that you’ll find inside the Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort. Why all the hype? Aside from being named after a legendary Hawaiian surfer, the restaurant is set in one of the most well-known beaches in the world, Waikiki.

It’s so popular that most tourists go straight here. In its open-air section, the view of the beach is amazing, but the main reason that people come here is the food. We always order the fish and chips here as well as their hula pie (with extra nuts).

For cougars that are ready to mingle, move on to the bar once you’re done with the food. The crowd here is a healthy mix of locals and tourists. Ages are diverse too, so whether you want a 35- or a 50-year-old cougar, someone will catch your eye.

After 10 p.m., only the bar remains open. Cocktails are around $10, and they also offer wine, beer and craft spirits. You can take your sweet time with your cougar because Duke’s closes at 3:30 a.m.

Finding single cougars in Honolulu on eHarmony for long-term relationships works (try it now)

Homepage for eharmony.comIt doesn't matter where you are on the island there are a decent number of single cougars but they can be hard to track down. There are a lot of great options on our list here but nothing really compares to eHarmony. To be fair, it's hard to beat one site that the majority of single cougars seem to be using in Honolulu.

Now, eHarmony is a bit more relationship-focused than most sites finding women for casual dating is also pretty easy. We have had the best success using eHarmony to meet cougars and think most normal guys will as well. With 30,000,000 active members and the best results we have seen the odds are in your favor.

Guys who are relationship-focused will probably do a bit better here. eHarmony is responsible for 75% of all marriages that start online so it would be hard to find a better option for you.

What we really like about eHarmony is how easy the women are to connect with and how responsive they are to our messages and dates. Their signup process does a great job of identifying women that match your preferences as well as eliminating those that would just be wasting your time. You are not going to find many women who are just here for attention or an ego boost (unlike every other site and app out there).

If you haven't had much luck on other sites or never tried out online dating eHarmony's proven trial should be your next step. It's really easy to use and the results speak for themselves. Change up your approach if you want better results dude!

eHarmony trial

Dance and get rowdy at Kelley O’Neil’s

A variety of drinks at Kelley O’Neil’s


Feel like staying up late? Kelley O’Neil’s is an Irish pub in Honolulu that draws a rowdy crowd. That’s why cougars in Honolulu love gathering here.

It’s one of the few places around that’s still open until 4 a.m. The energy here is infectious. Live music blasts from 5 p.m. to nearly closing time. On Friday and Saturday nights, the dance floor gets completely packed. You’ll be jamming to the music all night long, and it’s natural for a cougar or two to wink at you.

Cougar dating promo

Anybody who’s in Kelley O’Neils is likely to be one of these: a tourist, a military officer or a cougar. Because there aren’t a lot of tables, the bar is where most people sit. There’s plenty of opportunities for you to chat up a cougar as you down a Guinness.

They don’t serve food anymore, but you can bring your own. In any case, the authentic Irish brew and the company make up for it. The lively music is a foolproof ice-breaker, too.

Find a cultured Honolulu cougar at ARTafterDARK

Cougars in Honolulu checking out the displays at ARTafterDARK


If a sophisticated cougar is what you are after, head to ARTafterDark, which is held on the last Friday of every month on the grounds of the Honolulu Museum of Art. The exhibits open from 6 p.m. and close at 9 p.m. That means it’s just the right time to meet a cougar in Honolulu who might be interested in grabbing a drink afterward.

If you happen to be into arts and theater, you might just find a like-minded lady here!

The Apps Dating Coaches Recommend Most To Meet Cougars

More and more older women are only using apps and sites to meet guys, especially younger guys. You need to be on at least one or two apps now if you want to get the best results you can. These are the apps that give normal guys the best success meeting cougars:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best Hookup Site Cougars
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • The best way to meet cougars for hookups by far
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
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Best For Relationships
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Easily the best option for long-term relationships
  • 75% of all online marriages start here
  • 70% of users meet their spouse within a year
  • In-depth signup and matching process
Try eHarmony
2nd Best For Hookups
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • 2nd best option to find hookups
  • Attracts an older crowd than most hookup apps
  • Pretty popular
  • Great free trial
Try Passion

Rumours Nightclub if you’re in the mood to party

Beautiful older women in Rumours Nightclub


Rumours Nightclub is a well-known cougar hotspot! It draws in an older crowd with its classic pop hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s. If you want to impress the cougars here, you’ll have to hit that dance floor. So bust out your best moves and see where the night takes you!

Find fit cougars in Honolulu at the Island Club and Spa

A coach motivating the women at Island Club and Spa


Cougars who are into fitness won’t be caught without hitting the gym even if they’re on vacation. If you want to find a classy cougar with a rockin’ body, skip the beach and head over to Island Club and Spa. This luxury fitness and rejuvenation center attracts cougars who want to relax when the beaches get too crowded.

Course promo

Go to Yard House for some classic American food

Margherita pizza from Yard House


Although it’s a chain eatery, Yard House still makes for a fun night out. The restaurant serves classic and tasty American bar food that everyone loves. It’s a safe option for many tourists, so you’ll find lots of out of town cougars eating and sipping on cocktails here.

What we love most about Yard House is that they have two happy hours. Get cheap drinks from 2:30 to 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. until closing!

Cougar Bars in Honolulu You Shouldn't Miss

Need a few more places where you can spot a sexy cougar in Honolulu? Here are a few more cougar bars you shouldn’t miss.

Have the happiest hour in Honolulu at Bar 35

Big crowds go to Bar 35 on the weekends


Bar 35 is at the center of downtown Chinatown, and happy hour flows from 4 to 9 p.m. This bar draws a diverse crowd, but it's a popular spot for professional older women after a long day of work.

Enjoy a beer at the outdoor courtyard or cool off in the indoor lounge. With Bar 35’s chill and romantic vibe, it’s only a matter of time before a sexy cougar catches your eye. Let the candlelit ambiance and strong drinks get you both in a flirtatious mood.

Moose Pub and Cafe for a chill, upbeat night out

It's easy to meet new people at Moose Pub and Cafe


Moose Pub and Cafe is a historic bar on the Island that attracts big crowds. Because of the welcoming atmosphere, this venue is always busy. That’s great news for you because Honolulu cougars come here to have a few drinks and let their hair down. With happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m. every day, who wouldn’t?!

The Moose Pub and Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also broadcasts all the major sports games. What’s not to love about that?

Single woman

Side Street Inn is the Honolulu cougar bar that locals love

Side Street Inn before happy hour


Locals love to hang out at Side Street Inn because of its relaxed and non-touristy vibe. If you want to meet a more mature lady from Honolulu, this is the place to visit. This bar transforms from a casual dining joint in the daytime into a bustling dive bar at night. And mind you, this Honolulu cougar bar has won its fair share of restaurant awards!

The Study is when you want a classy intellectual cougar

The elegant entrance to The Study


Honolulu may have its fair share of tiki bars, but this city also excels at classy, upscale bars. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, you deserve a night out at The Study in The Modern Honolulu.

Hidden behind a bookshelf that transforms into a secret passage, this modern bar offers a cozy getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a dance floor, live music and a huge crowd of over-30 singles, you’ll have the time of your life. Dress to impress and waltz into this bar, and you’re sure to attract your fair share of Honolulu cougars.

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