10 Great Places To Find Attractive Single Cougars In Sydney For 2019

One of the blonde cougars in SydneyIf you are looking to improve your chances of meeting cougars in Sydney you are off to a great start. There are way to many places to try in the city to go out without a plan.

If you want to get the best results you have to be smart with your time. We have put together a solid list of our favorite places to get you off to a running start.

There’s tons of cougars to go around for whatever you may want them for.

Don’t forget that finding these women is only half the battle. If you really want to improve your ability to attract and date them once you meet you absolutely have to check out our incredible video series with our proven step-by-step approach to meeting and attracting cougars over 30.

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Where To Look For Cougars In Sydney

Try these spots first if you value your time:

Catch a fit cougar at Unity Gym

At Unity Gym they cater their business towards busy corporate professionals.

Or in other words, all the hot, successful, and fit cougars in Sydney.

The family-owned facility is all about promoting a happy, motivational environment.

And with bright facilities, new equipment, and stunning change rooms they’ve certainly succeeded.

Elite fitness professionals are always on-site too.

If you don’t catch a cougar, at least you’ll learn valuable fitness and training advice while you’re there.

Cougar Life makes it about is about as easy as it gets to meet a Sydney cougar

More and more often we are seeing cougars looking online for younger guys over going to a bar or club.

When you think about it these women are very busy and don’t have time to spend all night out on the town.

Be smart about how you spend your time and ensure you get the results you want.

Every year we review all of the best dating websites for older women and Cougar Life has been #1 for the past several years.

You can try it for free with this special offer and you will quickly see what we are talking about.

There is no faster or easier way to meet a lot of women quickly.

Eat seafood by the seashore at Quay

Located in downtown Sydney, this eatery is more than luxurious.

It’s scenic too!

Eat modern and innovative food prepared by chef Peter Gilmore himself.

All while admiring the sea – day or night!

The bar offers unique cocktails as well as beer on draft.

Not to mention, a selection of the classiest cougars in Sydney.

Scoot up next to one and let her carry the conversation.

The depth of these beautiful women never fails to shock us.

If you are looking for something short-term you need to try Adult FriendFinder

Cougar Life holds the crown for the best overall site for meeting cougars in the city. If you are not interested in an actual relationship and just want something short-term or one-time Adult FriendFinder is going to edge them out a bit (though they are still pretty good). They also have a free trial which makes it easy to try them out.

With over 50 million members and a long track record of delivering value to members (they have been around since 2006) there isn’t a better option out there. You might be thinking “what about Tinder” and that is a great question. The thing is that Tinder is only useful if you want to date women between 18 and 28. Once you start looking for cougars in their 30’s and 40’s Adult FriendFinder is way better.

Give their free trial a shot and check out your options around here. We have tested out all the proven hookup apps and they have been tops for a while.

Do your grocery shopping at Wholefoods House

This organic grocer has everything your kitchen could ever need.

Not to mention, everything your cougar-fetish could ever need.

Browse the aisles for bulk organic food supplies.

All while keeping your eyes out for fresh cougar meat.

It shouldn’t take long before one catches your eye.

The door at Wholefoods House is almost always revolving with them.

Strike up conversation about a product they pick up.

If all goes well, the nearby cafes are a perfect place for an impromptu date.

Sit back with a beer at Crows Nest Hotel

Newly renovated and revamped, this pub is perfect for relaxing in modern style.

A large bar area, drink selection, and TV’s make the venue perfect for mixing and mingling.

While the historic surroundings make it a melting pot for cougars in Sydney.

Order a beer and some pub grub to get the night started.

And bring your cigar out to the social smoking patio outside.

The stars are dazzling, but the cougars are even more so.

Surprisingly, their house wine isn’t bad at all.

If you want to treat a cougar to a drink, that one will be sure to impress.

Hang out with cougars at Castle Hill Tavern

Forget the noisy clubs!

Castle Hill Tavern is changing the way we do nightlife.

With 4 bars, a patio, courtyard, and bistro, you can change the atmosphere as the night goes on.

VIP lounges provide ample space for getting close and comfortable.

While the pool table is great for igniting flames of friendly competition.

Regulars say that the cougars here are fierce and anything but subtle.

So if you’re looking to get laid without lifting a finger, Castle Hill Tavern won’t disappoint.

Have a night you won’t remember at Chinese Laundry

This cultured nightclub is all about music – and lots of it.

With different rooms playing different genres, there’s something for everyone.

And with an ear-blasting sound system, people just can’t help but dance.

Go upstairs for some grind-worthy RnB music.

Or stay downstairs for an upbeat top 40’s/electronic mix.

Cover and drinks are a little expensive, but that’s just why the bar is filled with cougars.

These ladies are wealthy and career-driven yet know how to let off some steam when it’s time.

And at Chinese Laundry, it’s always time.

Bond over weekly trivia at The Balmain Hotel

A colourful bar with a social atmosphere, The Balmain Hotel is perfect for meeting new people.

And since it’s filled with a forty-something crowd, it’s perfect for meeting new cougars.

Maybe it’s the traditional pub feel.

Maybe it’s the thatched-roof cabana courtyard.

But either way, they’re there and we’re happy about it.

Come on a weeknight to participate in their popular trivia competition.

Or show up on the weekend to sit back to the work of talented DJ’s.

The beer is on tap, and the pub grub is gourmet.

Even if you leave empty-handed, you won’t leave disappointed.

Dance with cougars in Sydney at Vinyl Room Nightclub

Open since 1983, cougars have been coming here since their early bar-hopping days.

And based on our recent visit, it seems it’s a traditional they can’t let go of.

Get yourself a little inebriated thanks to the friendly customer service at their full-service bar.

And sweat it out on the dance floor to their diverse and exciting music mix.

We’re sure the brick walls that enclose this place will start to look like home.

Or at least, your home on a Saturday night.

Share intelligent conversation at NSW Art Gallery

If clubs and pubs aren’t your thing, art galleries will be.

And as one of the largest galleries in Australia, there are plenty cougars in the NSW Art Gallery.

Simply roam the halls on a lonely Wednesday afternoon.

After bonding over art, the on-site CHISWICK is perfect for an on-site date.

If you don’t have luck on your own, checking out the events and programs should help.

Not only do people come here to discuss art, but to socialize in general.

Socializing with cougars in Sydney… made easy.

We wish you luck as you head out to prowl the streets on your own. Although with a list like this, we don’t really think you’ll need it…

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