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The Best Dating Sites For Educated Professionals According to Dating Coaches in 2023

Best dating apps for educated professionals

It’s tough to date when you’re consumed with work. That’s where dating sites for educated professionals are supposed to help.

These niche dating apps are designed to put in the hard work for time-precious professionals, so they’re able to squeeze a date or two into their busy schedule.

It’s not just time that is a problem for the world’s high-earners though; it’s finding a partner on their level. Women, in particular, often don’t want to settle for a partner who is nowhere near their earning level. Men too can sometimes be reluctant to date someone from a lower social class.

A dating app for highly-educated singles usually does a great job of filtering out those with lesser qualifications, meaning the majority of the options available to them will be around the same education level as them.

But which dating app for highly-educated singles does it best? In the guide below, we’ll reveal the apps that make dating for highly educated singles a breeze.

The Best Dating Sites For Educated Professionals

We chose these dating apps for highly educated professionals because we found them to be the best for helping you arrange a date with a high-quality partner.

#1 - Elite Singles (Android: iOS) is designed specifically for highly educated singles

Elite Singles on iOS

Elite Singles is designed for singles looking for serious relationships, as most busy professionals are. There’s a lot more focus on the information in the bios, compared to hook-up apps like Tinder. Members are prompted to add information about their education and lifestyle. In fact, the whole Elite Singles experience is geared to those looking for something more serious.

Elite Singles has built up a sizeable audience; one of the largest out there between the ages of 30 and 50. You’ll have to pay a somewhat hefty fee to get the most out of the app but just like any elite nightclub, these fees help keep you away from lower-class singles.

Why we like Elite Singles

  • There are few better options for relationship-minded singles over 30
  • Users are prompted to add plenty of information to their bios
  • The app is designed, so it’s easy to browse bios as well as photos

Why you should skip it

  • The free edition is unlikely to land you much success, and the premium memberships are somewhat pricey
  • There’s no video chat option


#2 - eHarmony (Android: iOS) is proven to be the number one app to help people find their life partner

Features of eHarmony

There’s no app more geared to finding a serious relationship than eHarmony. This website has been the number one dating website for finding true love, pretty much ever since it launched in 2000.

The eHarmony algorithm is based on an extensive personality test, which you’re made to fill in upon signing up. This takes around 40 minutes to fill in and includes plenty of questions about your career and education. You’re then matched with potential partners based on how compatible your personalities are. The stats show how accurate this algorithm is, so if you’re too busy to swipe through hundreds of candidates per day, maybe you’d prefer to let eHarmony do the hard work of finding your needle in a haystack for you.

eHarmony trial

Why eHarmony is the best dating app for highly educated professionals

  • Someone finds love on eHarmony every 14 minutes, according to the company’s data
  • eHarmony has won awards for the quality of its user base and for being the most trusted dating app out there
  • The eHarmony algorithm is the best out there for matching compatible couples

What we don’t like about it

  • It takes a while to fill in the infamous eHarmony questionnaire
  • There aren’t too many users aged between 18-22


#3 - If you’re prepared to wait for an elite partner, we recommend you sign up for The League (Android: iOS)

The League Apple

The League is an exclusive college-degree dating site. Having launched in 2017, it’s now operating in hundreds of major cities all over the globe. To sign up, you need to apply for the waiting list. It might be a bit of a while, as staff members will vet your application by browsing through your LinkedIn profile.

But once you’re in this exclusive online singles club, you can be confident of being surrounded by other highly-educated singles. Indeed, the website’s tagline is Meet & Date Ambitious People. The League also uses your LinkedIn data to ensure you’re not recommended to date any professional colleagues.

Why we love The League

  • An exclusive dating app for highly-educated singles only
  • The lengthy vetting process means there are no scammers or fake profiles
  • There are occasionally added benefits for members, such as invitations to private parties

Why The League might not be for you

  • There’s often a long wait for your application to be accepted
  • Pricey monthly subscription
  • The League is only available in specific large cities


#4 - AFF (Android: iOS) is the best way to find a bit of casual fun

AFF features

Not all dating for highly educated singles occurs with a long-term future in mind. There are plenty of established professionals who are just looking for some casual fun, and AFF is well-established as the number one option for that right now.

AFF makes no qualms about being a hook-up website, which means you’re not going to have to waste your time with prudes looking to ‘get to know each other’ before getting down to business. We’ve tested Adult Friend Finder in plenty of cities around the world and always managed to meet open-minded sexy vixens when doing so.

While this website isn’t aimed at educated professionals, its user base is so big that you shouldn’t have trouble finding people from any educational background.

Why we love Adult Friend Finder

  • A huge user base of sexy singles looking for casual hook-ups or friends-with-benefits arrangements
  • No messing around! Most users are happy to meet up after exchanging just a few messages
  • Plenty of bang for your buck! The most cost-effective hook-up app we’ve ever tested

Why you might not like it

  • The design of the website looks a bit outdated
  • It’s not the best for finding single 18-22 year-olds
You Can Try AFF Free!
If you're just looking for a fling or more short-term fun you need to try out AFF's free trial. We've spent months and months testing out the alternatives (more than 100 other sites) and haven't found anything that gives most guys more options and better results. Give it a shot!


#5 - Luxy (Android: iOS) is a great option if you don’t mind spending extra to meet a “high-end” partner

Luxy Android

When you reach the top of the corporate ladder or make big bucks with your own business, the problem is: you have all the money but no time. Luxy is the “high-end” dating app that aims to solve that problem.

You’ll pay a substantial monthly subscription to get access to the app, but on the other end of the paywall is an impressive selection of classy singles. Put simply, it’s a dating app for rich people to meet other rich people but it does the job of connecting them really well. Luxy users tend to be super-responsive, so you don’t have to waste loads of time texting and waiting for replies. If you can afford the monthly fee, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Why you’ll love Luxy

  • Luxy is packed with high-quality singles from all over the world
  • The user base is one of the most responsive we’ve ever seen
  • No bots, scammers, or cam girls in sight

Here’s why Luxy might put you off

  • It’s expensive
  • There are a few flaws in the website design


#6 - BeLinked is a dating app based on your LinkedIn data, so it’s great for those keen on dating established professionals

BeLinked dating app

There’s no doubt that BeLinked was built for professionally-minded daters. For starters, it will ask you to connect to your LinkedIn profile and build part of your dating bio from the data stored there. BeLinked will also refuse you access to its app, if you’re unemployed or in a job considered to be “dead-end”.

That might seem ruthless, but BeLinked has built up a healthy user base, particularly in big corporate cities like London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Why you might like BeLinked

  • Clearly created with professionals in mind
  • The connection with LinkedIn means you can be sure people are who they say they are
  • Those without promising careers are banned

Why BeLinked might not be for you

  • The app is a bit clunky and sometimes suffers from server errors
  • The user base isn’t as large as most of the other apps in this list, particularly in smaller cities



#7 - While not a college degree dating site, Hinge (Android: iOS) is full of established professionals

Hinge App Store screenshots

Hinge is more of a mainstream dating app, on which anyone can create an account for free. It’s owned by the Match group, just like Tinder, but Hinge puts more of a focus on the user’s personality, lifestyle, and career. There are prompts to help users find out about each other too. It’s a nice halfway house between the free-for-all that is Tinder, and the super-targeted apps like eHarmony.

Hinge has grown to become extremely popular in the last few years, particularly in the United States, Canada and Europe. You’ll have plenty of educated professionals to swipe on in these parts of the world.

Why you’ll love Hinge

  • A huge user base, in North America and Europe particularly
  • Prompts help you get to know other users quickly
  • Plenty of educated professionals like to use this app

Why Hinge might not be the best app for you

  • The free version is extremely limited
  • It’s too mainstream for some and is certainly not solely aimed at educated professionals


How to Pick the Right Dating Apps for Highly Educated Singles

You’ve seen our picks for the best dating sites for educated professionals but how do you choose the best dating app for you? Here are the three factors we recommend you keep in mind.

The Dating Pool

The most important thing to consider when choosing a dating app is: who else is using it? It’s not only important to consider the type of people using the app but how many of them are there. There are other dating sites for educated professionals that have unique and interesting features but weren’t included in our list because there are not enough people using them.

At the same time, there are mainstream dating apps with huge user bases, not included because they don’t target educated professionals at all. Ideally, you want to find a nice balance between a niche app and a mainstream one, so you can connect with plenty of your type of people.


Privacy appears to be a factor that’s particularly important for corporate professionals. A lot of them would prefer to use an app that hides their profile from their professional colleagues. In our opinion, there are so many people using dating apps these days that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Still, if you’d like to keep your personal and professional life separate, look for a dating app that allows you to do that.


It’s hard to tell someone else whether a dating app is “worth the money”. After all, this depends on how much money you have to spend, as well as how many quality romantic options an app is likely to provide. Even then, you can’t put a price on true love, right?

Still, some of the apps on this list are a lot more expensive than mainstream dating apps, so it’s worth making sure that an app is in your budget before you sign up.

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