The 9 Proven Places to Find Single Cougars in South Carolina For 2019

Cougars in South Carolina to Date

During the course of trying to balance the business and pleasure of your life, it can be hard to find cougars in South Carolina.

With so many options, you need to be smart when you’re out to meet a sexy older woman.

Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time hanging out at bars that attract younger women that don't capture your interest.

But with all these options to find South Carolina cougars, how do you know which is best?

We’ve put together a list of the ideal places.

Where to Meet Cougars in South Carolina

Check out our list below for cougar hang-out recommendations.

Visit Pavilion Bar for great drinks and great views

Being that Charleston is such a beautiful city, it would be a shame not to see it while you enjoy the nightlife.

Luckily, Pavilion Bar has a great rooftop with wonderful views.

There is a pool area with chaise lounges, a full bar, and all the people-watching you could want.

Even better, Pavilion Bar is known as a place for South Carolina cougars to meet younger men.

The best nights to visit are Friday and Saturday.

Pavilion Bar isn’t cheap, so be sure to plan your finances accordingly.

The easiest way to meet a South Carolina Cougar has been Cougar Life 

It’s simple - women are busy.

More and more often they’re skipping the normal nightlife scene and taking their search online.

So if you don’t have an online profile, you could be missing out on a boatload of cougars in South Carolina.

There are a lot of sites that claim to be the best option for meeting cougars.

But how can you know which is best for you?

Well, for the past few years we’ve done an annual review of the 20-30 best websites for dating older women in South Carolina, and is the consistent winner.

You can try them for free with this offer and see what we mean.

Having an online profile helps take the hassle out of dating.

For one thing, you never have to worry again whether or not that the sexy older women that you’re eyeing are interested in younger guys.

If they are on, you already know that you being younger than them is a plus.

And with over 7 million registered members, if it doesn’t work out with one woman, there are still hundreds in your area waiting to talk to you.

So even if you’re more a fan of the traditional dating scene, you should set up an online profile.

You’ll give yourself much better odds of success.

Enjoy the fruit of the sea at Red Drum with South Carolina cougars

If you’re a seafood fan, you’ll love Red Drum.

Located on the water in Charleston, this seafood joint is a great place to grab a delicious meal.

It’s also a popular brunch location in Charleston.

Cougars in South Carolina know it too, therefore you will find all kinds of older females seeking the attention of younger gentlemen.

So if you’re in the mood for some wonderful food with a sexy older woman as a companion, stop by.

If it's action in the bedroom that you're after check out Adult FriendFinder first

If you don’t believe that sex can just come knocking on your door these days, think again. And no, we’re talking about anything shifty. We’re talking about sex between you and a South Carolina cougar, consenting adults – this is where Adult FriendFinder comes in. The app is totally dedicated to connecting people who want sex, and it’s also not oversaturated with girls under 30 who are seeking a bunch of attention and validation from guys. Tinder, anybody?

Adult FriendFinder isn’t a traditional dating app because it’s all about the sex and not the actual dating, so there’s not a lot of small talk going on. If you just want some action, it’s the only app you need to be using.

Let’s face it, you’re a busy guy with a life. You most likely don’t have a bunch of time to be messing around with apps that may or may not get you laid. Adult FriendFinder’s primary purpose is to match people who want something more short-term and physical, so you won’t be wasting your time. They even offer a free trial so you can test them out risk-free.

Sample the wine selection at Gervais & Vine

It’s a fairly well-known fact that cougars in South Carolina love a good glass of wine.

So it makes sense that you’d have a great chance of meeting a sexy older woman at a wine bar.

And Columbia’s Gervais & Vine is no exception.

Gervais & Vine is a well-known hotspot for mature ladies looking for younger guys.

CD image

The ambiance is casual yet intimate, making it a wonderful option to have a good conversation with a South Carolina cougar.

The best nights to visit are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

And if you and that lucky older woman have a spark, they also offer a great menu of Mediterranean dishes for you to try.

Dive on in at Ocean Annie’s Beach Bar with cougars in South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a well-known destination for partygoers.

But due to its massive bar scene, finding the bars that cater to cougars can be tricky.

Not to worry - Ocean Annie’s is here for you.

This beachside bar is right by the ocean and is filled with all kinds of people.

Including, of course, some of the sexiest South Carolina cougars you can find.

The bar is inexpensive, and its location makes it a prime spot for people-watching (and cougar hunting).

Get your seafood quota fulfilled at Bimini’s Oyster Bar

As we all know, oysters are an aphrodisiac.

So if you’re on the hunt for cougars in South Carolina, what better place to visit than Biminis?

This Myrtle Beach hotspot offers a ton of great seafood options and has a full bar. video course

Plus, it’s absolutely packed with South Carolina cougars.

The best nights to visit are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Check out live music while seeking a date at Surf Bar

If you’re looking for a place to check out live bands, look no further than Surf Bar.

This Folly Beach hotspot is one of the best places to see live music.

And with all the space, you have room to do a little dancing if you’re in the mood.

Of course, space to dance isn’t great without someone to dance with.

Luckily, Surf Bar is home to some of the hottest cougars.

The bar is divey, the crowd is fun, and you’re sure to have a good time.

Get your cultural and flirtatious fixes filled at the Columbia Museum of Art

Art museums might seem like strange places to meet cougars.

But you’d be surprised how many classy older women like to spend time there.

Going to an art museum is a smart move for a couple of reasons.

First, you don’t have to fight for that South Carolina cougar’s attention like you would at a bar.

And second, there are plenty of conversation pieces hanging on the walls all around you.

Meeting cougars in South Carolina at an art museum also signals that you’re intelligent and worldly.

And those are qualities women love.

Even if you don’t find someone, you’ll have something new to talk about the next time you meet a South Carolina cougar at another location.

Besides, when has a little culture hurt anyone?

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