The 11 Most Popular Places to Find Single Cougars in Ohio in 2019

Cougar in Ohio with arms crossedWhere is a single guy supposed to find cougars in Ohio? If you are looking to pick up a cougar while in Ohio, you need to know where to go. Attractive older woman have a few spots that they often go to around the area.

Fortunately, I've spent some time in the area, and I've put together a list of the 11 popular places you can regularly run across single Ohio cougars. This will give you some good direction in where to go to find plenty of cougars in Ohio.

Where We Meet Cougars in Ohio

Where you should be looking:

West Point Market is a great place to meet cougars in Ohio

The first place I've chosen to share with you is an upscale grocery store in Fairlawn called West Point Market. When I was 18, I picked up my first cougar there. Her daughters were almost as old as me and she got a thrill out of me being almost jailbait. They have a fantastic beer selection and have a wine bar on the premises.

This is a great place to find a single cougar that's got some money. It's a very classy place so make sure that you don't go in your ripped up jeans and a t-shirt. Dress with some style and start up a conversation with a couple of the cougars you find.

There will be a high concentration of them in this store. This will give you the hottest spots to pick up cougars in Ohio.

We didn't have an easier time than on Cougar Life

Unless you have a ton of free time to spend in the places on our list we always recommend that you also look online. It would be hard to find a quicker or easier way to meet a lot of cougars in Ohio.

Cougar Life (which you can try for free here) is the top dating site for finding an older woman and for an older woman interested in finding both younger and older men. In recent years, many cougars have turned to dating online. It gets old going out night after night to clubs and bars trying to pick people that might not even be interested in you up.

Every year we put together a complete review of all the best sites to meet a cougar and they have been the best for a while. You can be sure that every woman who has signed up on CougarLife and created a profile is looking for a younger or older man to have some fun with.

This website is like a matchmaker for you with older woman. If you're serious about finding cougars, it only makes sense to use a site like this. Sign up today for their free trial and find Ohio cougars who are interested in younger guys quickly and easily.

Jose's Landing

There is a dive bar in Canton, Ohio that I have always had luck finding cougars in. Jose's Landing is found in a pretty nice area and offers a lot of domestic macro beers. It's a pretty casual bar with reasonable prices that cougars seem to flock to.

Make sure to stop in on either a Thursday or Sunday night for Karaoke night. Later in the night, the younger crowd seems to take over, so your best bet is to stop out between 6 and 10. You will be sure to see some cougars cruising around.

Adult FriendFinder is for everyday people who just want a little hanky panky

If you’ve been looking for some Ohio cougar action and striking out lately, we’re guessing you haven’t tried Adult FriendFinder yet. It’s an app for everyday people that are looking for sex, so it’s not like a lot of the other dating apps out there.

We know it can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth just to get some play. Women on dating apps seem to either just be seeking attention, or they want multiple dates before they’ll put out. This happens a lot when you’re meeting women in your day to day as well, and it can be a total drag when you already know what you want.

If you’re a busy guy and who’s tired of all the dating app nonsense that goes on, you really need to get on with Adult FriendFinder. It’s the best option we’ve seen for people who just want sex, and we have a feeling you’re going to love it. There’s also a large percentage of cougars in Ohio, so you’re won’t be finding a bunch of young girls looking for an ego boost. The app even offers a free trial for new members so you can test it out first.

Clark Field Dog Park

Dog parks always seem to be a great place to find some single cougars. They put on some skimpy shorts and take their dogs for a run. Clark Field Dog Park in Cleveland, Ohio is a place where cougars seem to show up at a lot. It's right in the middle of the city and offers a great place to mingle with other dog lovers.

CD image

I've always found that taking my dog with me is an excellent way to break the ice and start a conversation with a cougar. They always seem pretty receptive to talking, and I've scored a few dates this way. This has always been an excellent place for me to find single cougars who are out looking to find younger guys themselves. Stop out with your pet and give it a shot.

There are also a few more legit places Cleveland cougars are easy to meet (including cougar bars).

Little Palace Restaurant and Bar

When I'm visiting Columbus, I always make a stop at the Little Palace Restaurant and Bar hunting for cougars. It's located in a historic neighborhood downtown and has a casual 60's charm that is like cougar bait.

They have great food, plenty of different types of beer, and a fully stocked liquor bar. Stop in yourself and see what you can find.

Crowne Plaza Dayton

I've visited Dayton a couple of times and always had good luck finding cougars at the Crowne Plaza's bar. The hotel is connected to the Dayton Convention Center. Check for events planned there and stop at the Crowne Plaza's bar on nights they have big events. Plenty of cougars seem to stop over for a drink before they head home. video course

The Savannah Bar and Grille.

In Westlake, Ohio is the Savannah Bar and Grille. They always have music events, and the trick to catching a couple of cougars is stopping out on Thursday nights when they offer free line dancing lessons. The country cougars can't keep away on these nights. All the food on the menu is excellent, and the bar is always packed.

These country cougars in their tight pants and cowboy boots drink heavily on line dancing nights which makes it easy to spark up a conversation and see if they are interested in hanging out.

Nation Kitchen and Bar

Down in Cincinnati is the Nation Kitchen and Bar. The style of the place is rustic-chic which attracts a high concentration of cougars.
Well, either that or the alcohol selection that they offer. Cougars in Ohio are all attracted to the places with a country atmosphere. Nation Kitchen and Bar has a perfect mix of rural style and class.

On some nights it's hard to count all the cougars that walk through the doors. Cincinnati has a lot of bars, but this is the place to go if you are looking to hook up with an older woman.

Dusty Armadillo

The Dusty Armadillo is a dance club in Rootstown, Ohio. What attracts all the cougars to it is the fact that it is a country dance club. There is something about these cougars in Ohio and their passion for country.

If you want to guarantee that you walk out of The Dusty Armadillo with a cougar, find yourself an old pair of Levi's and put on a cowboy hat. They won't be able to resist themselves if you are dressed like that.

Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park

This is my personal favorite place to find cougars. Nelson's Ledges in Garrettsville, Ohio is known for having some amazing concerts and shows. There is also a park that you can bring an RV or car into and stay for weekend long events. I like to go out during Gratefulfest or a Badfish show and find some cougar hippies.

Usually, I'll go and stay all weekend enjoying the music and finding all the cougar hippy girls I can. Personally, I find these woman a lot more fun than the ones in cowboy boots, but everyone has their own tastes. Check what events are coming up and head out to The Ledges for a swim in the quarry. It is a beautiful park that I will always love dearly.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland's pride and joy, The

Cleveland's pride and joy, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, attracts a lot of cougars as well. There is plenty of history to see and would be worth the visit even if it wasn't swarming with sexy single cougars. The whole place just has an awesome atmosphere. Make sure to go when they are inducting new members into the Hall of Fame because all the cougars come out to see their childhood favorites being honored.

Enjoy the music, and you might as well pick up a cougar while you're there. If you are having trouble finding the kind of cougar that you are attracted to in the crowds at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, hit up some of the bars in downtown Cleveland after the event is over. Many of the cougars who were at the show will visit.

If you're a young man like myself that enjoys the companionship and experience of an older woman, these 11 places in Ohio will help find what you're looking for. Those country cougars in Ohio are always hanging around in places that are playing country music and line dancing.

Put on your tightest pair of jeans, pick up a pair of cowboy boots, and put on your favorite cowboy hat if you want to get their attention. If you can't find what you're looking for in any of these 11 places, then there is no pleasing you. Check them all out, and I'm sure that you'll find the cougar you've been looking for.

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