The 8 Ideal Places to Find Hot Wisconsin Cougars In 2019

Attractive Wisconsin Cougars

With so many options around, it can be difficult to know where to find single Wisconsin cougars.

After all, you don’t want to waste your time and money at college bars filled with young girls.

So where exactly are the best places to find cougars in Wisconsin – right this minute?

Read on for our list of recommendations!

Where the Wisconsin Cougars Hang Out

Here are some of our top selections where you can find a sexy older woman:

Stop by Mo’s for a great steak with cougars in Wisconsin

Located in downtown Milwaukee, Mo’s is a lively bar and restaurant with a diverse crowd, delicious food and a full bar – including some of the finest cougars.

Wisconsin cougars love this place because of the trendy atmosphere, but they also love that you don’t have to dress in your Sunday best to fit in.

Mo’s is a unique blend of upscale establishment and relaxed atmosphere, which makes it one of the most versatile places on this list.

You can stop by and look for a Wisconsin cougar that strikes your fancy.

So if you’re looking for a good meal at a reasonable price and the companionship of a sexy older woman, look no further than Mo’s.

The most consistent way to meet single Wisconsin cougars has been Cougar Life

Meeting a single older woman can be a challenge for a young man that is busy with college or a full-time job.

There are so many places you can try and older women do not get out as often as they did when they were younger.

To compensate they have been going online more and more and you need to be there too!

Make no mistake, having an online profile is the simplest way to meet the greatest number of sexy older women, and there are simply too many women online for you to ignore it.

But with so many websites out there claiming to deliver the goods, how can you know which is the best one for you?

Fortunately, for the past few years, we’ve done an annual review of the 20-30 best websites for dating cougars in Wisconsin, and the consistent winner has been Cougar Life.

You can give them a try for free and see the type of women that are in your area.

Online dating helps take the hassle out of your search for a sexy older woman.

For example, you don’t need to worry about whether or not the mature lady you’re talking to is interested in younger men; if she’s on the site, she is.

And with over 7 million registered members, if you strike out with one cougar, there are still countless more in your area to talk to!

So even if you’d rather find a sexy older woman the old-fashioned way, you should still set up a Cougar Life profile – if nothing else, you’ll broaden your options.

Visit Karma Bar & Grill for sports and drinks while flirting with hot ladies

If you’re a fan of sports, great drinks, and the occasional trivia night, you should definitely check out Karma Bar & Grill.

Located on Milwaukee’s Lower East Side, Karma is a well-known sports bar, and it does traditional bar food better than most.

Even better for you, it’s also a favored location for Wisconsin cougars looking to watch the game and meet interesting young guys.

If you want the largest crowd, the best nights to visit are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

For something short-term you can’t beat Adult FriendFinder in our state

When it comes down to meeting cougars in our state there are really only two options: Cougar Life and Adult FriendFinder. As we talk about above, Cougar Life is overall the best site for meeting cougars for anything aside from short-term. If you are ONLY looking for something short with a cougar Adult FriendFinder is going to be the better option.

Every year we try out and rank the top hookup apps and they have been at the top for a while. With a giant user base of over 50 million members the only other site that can come close is Tinder. However, if you are actually looking to meet cougars Tinder just doesn’t do a great job. Tinder is totally geared toward millennials and just doesn’t have a lot of women over 30 using it (let alone women in their 40’s).

You don’t have to take our word for it, you can try them for free and see what your options are in the corner of the state you are.

Mingle with mature ladies with tasty cocktails at Elsa’s On The Park

Well-known for its great cocktail menu and upscale atmosphere, Elsa’s On The Park is one of Milwaukee’s most popular places to grab a drink.

This East Town hotspot is famous for its drinks, the surprisingly good food options, and for being a great place to meet cougars in Wisconsin.

It’s an upscale venue with a little more class than the average bar, which attracts sexy older women looking for younger guys.

And because it hardly ever gets overly crowded or noisy, you can expect to carry on a meaningful conversation with that Wisconsin cougar that’s caught your eye.

The best time to visit Elsa’s is late at night, because earlier in the evening you might find it a little slow – so be sure to plan accordingly.

Check out the relaxed dive bar atmosphere at Crystal Corner

Located right on the water, Crystal Corner is a great place to grab an inexpensive beer, do some people-watching, and chat up some of the friendliest cougars.

Wisconsin cougars love this place for the atmosphere.

Everyone’s there to have a good time, and they can let their hair down a little bit.

Which makes it perfect for you to chat up a sexy older woman in a low-pressure environment.

Crystal Corner is also good for dancing, so if you’re in the mood to cut a rug, grab a partner and head to the dance floor.

Do some dancing at Hody Bar & Grill with Wisconsin cougars

This Middleton staple is a great place to check out live bands, do a little dancing, and meet the Wisconsin cougar you’ve been looking for.

You don’t need to worry about dressing up here – the atmosphere is casual.

Hody also has a great selection of craft and specialty beers, so if you consider yourself a beer connoisseur, you’ll find a lot of new favorites on tap.

If you do get lucky with one of the many cougars that come by, you’re just a short walk away from the Staybridge Suites where you can continue your evening in private.

Make it a wine night at Eno Vino

If there’s one thing that cougars love, it’s a great wine bar.

So if you’re in the Madison area, you’ll definitely want to take a trip to Eno Vino.

This wine bar and bistro is the perfect location for meeting a sexy older woman.

It’s got an upscale (but not stuffy) vibe and an extensive wine list.

So whether you’re just popping in for a quick drink or making an evening out of it, Eno Vino has everything you could want.

Visit Cleo’s Brown Beam Tavern for signature cocktails

Do you love Christmas and wish you could celebrate it year-round?

Are you looking for a bar that’s filled with fine cougars?

If so, we have just the place for you: Cleo’s Brown Beam Tavern.

Not only is this Appleton hotspot an excellent place to meet cougars, it’s an excellent place to make new friends.

The patrons are friendly (must be that Christmas spirit) and the signature cocktails are delicious, making it a perfect spot for an evening on the town.

The best nights to visit are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Get your culture fix at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

You might think an art museum is an odd place to try and meet women but trust us: it’s a much better bet than you realize.

The great thing about art museums (and other unexpected locations) is that you most likely will not have to compete with a bunch of guys vying for the same woman.

And even better, art museums are filled with conversation starters – all you need to do is ask that Wisconsin cougar’s opinion of the art piece on the wall.

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