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Top 10 Spots to Sashay: The Top Gay Bars in Pittsburgh

Brewer's Bar Pittsburgh

You know, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is not just about bridges and steel. It's a pretty nifty spot if you're on the hunt for top-notch Pittsburgh gay bars for a rip-roaring good time. Seriously, the city's buzzing with so much gay nightlife, it's like a giant disco ball is perpetually spinning overhead. We're talking gays, lesbians, and everyone in between, or around, all flocking here for the party vibes.

Those LGBTQIA+-friendly bars and clubs? They're not just watering holes, in my Pittsburgh gay neighborhood. They're cultural powerhouses that sprinkle some serious spice onto the local scene. Trust me, you've got to check 'em out - They're as unmissable as hookups at a drag queen convention.

So, whether you're a local or just breezing through, this guide's for you. It's your treasure map to the best gay bars in Pittsburgh. Call up your pals and let the bar-hopping begin!

Explore Must-visit Pittsburgh Gay Bars

Pittsburgh is basically like the rainbow unicorn of cities when it comes to LGBTQIA+-friendly bars and clubs. They're everywhere! Do you fancy some midnight munchies? They've got you. Feeling like a chill evening with a fancy cocktail that has an umbrella in it? Absolutely no problem. Or maybe you're all about finding the best gay bars in Pittsburgh? Honey, Pittsburgh's nightlife has your back. So, pack up your glitter, and let's get this party started!

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Gather 'round for a good time at P-town Bar.

P Town Bar Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Alright, do you know about one of the best Pittsburgh gay bars called P-Town Bar? It's tucked away in Oakland and it's basically the Clark Kent of gay bars. Whether you're on the hunt for a love story that'll make your heart go wild or just a fling that'll make your eyebrows raise, trust me when I say that P-town gay bars have got your back!

By day, it's all chill vibes and laid-back banter. You'd almost expect to see folks sipping tea and discussing the weather. But as soon as the sun goes down, whoosh! It's like someone hit the party button. It transforms into a lively hotspot with a dance floor so big you could waltz with a marching band on it. And did I mention the full bar and the steamy male dancers? Oh yes, it gets hot in there!

The folks you'll meet there are as warm as a hot toddy in winter, and the bar staff? Even warmer. They've got the knack for serving you just the right drink without breaking the bank.

And let's not forget the indoor entertainment for your favorite hobby - pool tables, a digital jukebox, a pinball machine, and video screens. It's got more gadgets than Batman's utility belt. It's been rockin' and rollin' since 2007, and it doesn't look like it's gonna slow down anytime soon.

You never know what you'll find next at Harold's Haunt.

Harold's Haunt Pittsburgh

So, there's this place in Millvale, right? Goes by the name They Bar. They've got their arms wide open for the entire LGBTQIA+ squad. In fact, it's so inclusive, it's practically an LGBTQIA+ superhero with a rainbow cape. Their motto? No one's left behind.

Now, don't just imagine your typical bar scene here. They Bar is like if a bar and a theme park had a lovechild. And their events calendar? It's jam-packed like a clown car at a circus.

You're into gaming? Bam! They've got Gaymer Nights. Need a break from the boozy stuff? Hello, Sober Sundays. Are you more into battling imaginary dragons than doing the Macarena? No problem, they've got Dungeons & Dragons events. And if you're feeling a bit witchy in the middle of the week, don't worry, they've got Witchy Wednesdays. Honestly, it's like they've got an event for every day of the week, and then some. So, grab your party shoes, your D&D dice, or your magic wand, and head over to They Bar. You won't regret it!

Red Luck Café, is the perfect spot for a laid-back chat over a cup of joe.

Lucky’s Bar & Grille Pittsburgh

So, you're in Pittsburgh and you stumble upon this place on 1519 Penn Ave. It's got a sign out front that says, "Real Luck Café," but all the cool cats just call it "Lucky's." You dial 412.471.7832 to make sure they're open, and you head on in.

Once inside, it's like walking into your best friend's living room - if your best friend was a fan of dive bars with super friendly staff and patrons ready to welcome you like a long-lost buddy. And the drinks? They're cheaper than a thrift store shirt and flow like a river after a rainstorm.

But hold up, don't just plant yourself on the first floor. Take a stroll upstairs and you might bump into some GO GO dancers shimmying around. It's like finding a surprise toy in your cereal box, but way better.

And listen, if you're in town for the holidays, Lucky's is the place to be. New Year's Eve? They've got balloon drops. Christmas? Santa swings by for a pint. Halloween? They've got a costume contest that could give Comic-Con a run for its money. So, grab your party hat, your Santa suit, or your superhero cape, and make a beeline for Lucky's!

Feeling the heat? Hot Mass is the place to be.

Hot Mass Pittsburgh

Oh boy, let me tell you about this little gem in Pittsburgh called Hot Mass, over at 1139 Penn Ave. If you're thinking it's a steamy church service, well, you're kinda off the mark. It's actually one of the hottest Pittsburgh gay bars around - no pun intended.

Hot Mass isn't just known for parties, they're known for ragers. Like, "dance-till-you-drop", and "party-like-it's-1999" kind of ragers. But here's the kicker: they've gone all 21st century on us and now they live-stream their parties. That's right, you can bring the Hot Mass vibe right into your living room. Or the kitchen. Or the bathroom. No judgment here.

Make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page. They're constantly updating it with info about local parties they're hosting. They're not just a nightclub, they're a whole nightlife cooperative. So, whether you're stepping out or staying in, with Hot Mass, you're in for a sizzlin' good time.

Once in a Blue Moon, you find a place as special as this.

Blue Moon Bar Pittsburgh

Alright, get a load of this: You stroll into this cozy bar, right? The place is decked out in wall-to-wall wood paneling, giving off that charming, rustic vibe. The air's practically crackling with energy and, believe it or not, the drinks are both top-notch and easy on your pocket. What is this magical place, you ask? Well, my Pittsburgh rainbow tribe, this here is known as the friendliest gay bar in Pittsburgh!

Now, this isn't just your average watering hole. Nope, this place is a playground for guys either dressed to the nines or just rocking their casual look. It's all about letting loose and soaking up the fun vibes, while sipping on those wallet-friendly drinks, of course. Oh, and did I mention the rainbows? Yeah, we've got more rainbows than a leprechaun's dream!

But hold on to your hats, folks, because this bar isn't just one of the best in Pittsburgh.No, siree! This hotspot has managed to shimmy its way onto the list of the top 50 gay bars in the whole of the USA! So yeah, we're kind of a big deal around here.

For a chilled-out evening, 5801's got you covered.

5801 Video Lounge & Cafe Pittsburgh

Have you heard about 5801? No, it's not a Star Wars droid, it's a super cool gay bar smack-dab in the heart of Pittsburgh's happening Shadyside neighborhood. It's got more pep than a cheerleader on game day and it's been serving up good times since 2005.

But what's on the menu, you ask? Well, aside from a bunch of light bar bites that are perfect when you're feeling peckish, they also have daily drink specials. I mean, who doesn't love a bargain, right?

And if you fancy yourself a bit of a competitive soul, they've got poker and dart leagues. So, you can sip your discounted drink, munch on a snack, and take down your friends in a dart game all in one go. Talk about multitasking!

Locals love this place so much, they should probably just set up a cot in the back. And if you're thinking about dropping by, make sure to hit it up between 5-7 pm for Happy Hour. Because the only thing better than a good time is a discounted good time!

Cattivo, where each visit is a brand-new experience.

Cattivo Pittsburgh

Alright, let me paint you a picture. You're strolling through Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh's bohemian neighborhood that's brimming with art and culture. Suddenly, you stumble upon this snug little spot called Cattivo. It's like stumbling upon a unicorn in a field of horses.

Cattivo is the epitome of friendly and inclusive, and when it comes to diversity, it's like a fabulous buffet of awesomeness. It's been a staple in the 'Burgh for over 20 years, and once you step inside, you'll see why.

This place isn't just a bar, it's a veritable entertainment mecca. Live music? Check. DJ dance parties that'll have you shimmying till sunrise? Double check. They even host benefits and other cool events.

And just when you think Cattivo can't get any better, it hits you with pool tables, darts, pinball, and a jukebox. It's like they've crammed all the fun of a carnival into one cozy bar. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over and join the party!

Brewer's Hotel & Bar - it's like your second living room, with better drinks.

Brewer's Bar Pittsburgh

So, you're in the 'Burgh and you're scouting for a chill spot to kick back with your pals, right? Well, let me introduce you to the one and only Brewer's Bar. This place isn't just any old watering hole, it's the oldest standing gay bar in Pittsburgh. It's like the granddaddy of all gay bars but with way more pizzazz.

Now, don't let the age fool you, Brewer's knows how to keep things fresh. They've got drinks so cheap, you'll think you've traveled back in time. Their staff? Friendlier than a golden retriever on a sunny day.

But wait, there's more. Every Friday and Saturday night, Brewer's cranks up the energy with some rip-roaring drag shows. They're so fabulous, you'll be booking your seat for the next week before the current show is even over.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, your feather boas, and your love for a bargain, and head on over to Brewer’s. You'll be coming back so often, they'll start to think you've moved in!

Club Pittsburg? Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal around here.

Club Pittsburgh

So, ever heard of Club Pittsburgh? No? Well, strap in because this place is the creme de la creme of gay and queer scenes in Pittsburgh. It's this hush-hush joint where even the celebs are holding their birthday bashes. And get this, they've been at it since 2001!

Yeah, that's right, they've been serving up good times for two decades and some folks still haven't gotten the memo.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Alright, that's cool and all, but what's in it for me?" Well, my friend, let me tell you, Club Pittsburgh isn't just about the party. This place is decked out with private rooms that have such a great vibe, you'd think you stepped into a Zen retreat. But wait, there's more! They've got full-blown exercise facilities, and steam and sauna rooms to boot. So, you can work up a sweat, then wind down in style. Now, how's that for a club experience?

And there you have it, folks! That's my rundown of the best gay bars in Pittsburgh. Now, don't think this is all Pittsburgh has to offer. No siree, there's a whole rainbow spectrum of gay bars in this city, each with its own special flavor.

Whether you're a dancing queen (or king) ready to boogie till dawn, or you're more the laid-back type who enjoys nursing a drink and good conversation, trust me, Pittsburgh has got a gay bar with your name written all over it. So, don't be shy. Happy Clubbing!

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