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The 5 Best Golf Dating Sites To Try in 2024

A round of golf after meeting on a golf dating app

Looking for the best golf dating sites out there this year? If so, you should know that there are plenty of sites to play with single women with an interest in golf.

Sounds good. What’s the problem? The truth is that there are too many websites to choose from. Of course, this begs the question: What’s the best app for golf dating for finding love?

In this guide, we’ll take your golf dating game to the next level. We’ll first cover which golf dating sites you should be aware of. Then, we’ll take a look at what you should do to maximize your chances of success. Fore!

What are the best golf dating sites?

Let’s start out with the reality of modern dating: If you want to find golf singles, you gotta use golf-oriented dating apps.

In theory, any dating app can be a great way to find golf singles if you search by “Golf” as one of their interests. However, golf dating apps help narrow your focus when screening out those who don’t have the same enthusiasm for the game. After all, why would someone join a site that’s centered on something they don’t enjoy? 

Below you’ll find a list of 5 dating sites for people in love with golf:

These sites range from free golf dating sites to premium membership-only subscriptions, so the next section will help you narrow down which golf dating sites are the best fit. 

Top 5 Golf Dating Sites & Apps to Download


Overview:  eHarmony, while historically known for its rigorous compatibility matching system, offers a promising platform for those who share a passion for golf and seek like-minded partners. 

eHarmony's advanced features and reputation for creating lasting connections make it an excellent choice for golf singles seeking a partner both on and off the course:

  • First, eHarmony delves deep into an individual's interests, values, and lifestyle. When you prioritize golf in your profile, the system factors that in when searching for compatible partners. Pretty nifty!
  • Second,  eHarmony's 80-question Compatibility Quiz ensures that individuals are matched on several dimensions of compatibility. This means that beyond just shared interests in golf, users can find someone with complementary personalities, values, and life goals.
  • Third, eHarmony bucks the “swipe” culture of most dating apps. Instead of sifting through countless profiles, eHarmony curates matches daily, increasing the likelihood of finding a fellow golf enthusiast who aligns with your other preferences.
  • Last, there are PLENTY of success stories with the app. eHarmony boasts a significant number of success stories. Its algorithm has been fine-tuned over the years, making it a reliable choice for those serious about finding a meaningful relationship. Nearly 70% of users who use eHarmony find serious love within one year–not bad odds at all!


  • Comprehensive profile system and Tailored matches make it easy to find a match
  • Compatibility Quiz narrows down matches and saves time on incompatible people
  • Secure platform renowned for protecting your security

Apps promo

Meet Local Golfers

Overview: As you can guess from the name alone, Meet Local Golfers might be your ticket to love on the green. 

Navigating Meet Local Golfers is a breeze thanks to its intuitive design. One of the great features is that you'll regularly see new profiles every time you log in, giving you a snapshot of the active community (and who’s most likely to be looking to make new friends!).

In addition to messaging you’re familiar with on most dating apps, Meet Local Golfers has plenty of ways to capture a potential match’s attention, whether by creating a captivating headline to grab attention or sending flirts to potential matches. If the interest is mutual, dive into direct messaging or enjoy real-time chat. There are Special profile features, housed in a "little black book," add a personal touch that’ll make you feel like you're on the green already. And for those with age preferences, filters ensure you find a suitable match near you.

Plus, Meet Local Golfers lives up to its “Local” reputation. If you’re looking to travel to golfing hotspots around the world, Meet Local Golfers isn't just limited to the US; golf lovers worldwide can sign up as members and join the fun. The platform encourages global connections and golf-centric discussions, you can find someone who enjoys a bit of globetrotting. 


  • Large international userbase
  • Free registration is available.
  • Set the preferred distance to match with local golfers.
  • Fine-tune profile details for better matches.

Apps Dating Experts Recommend to Men

Whether it's your first real relationship or you have a string in your past there are a few apps that dating experts recommend consistently. These are apps where you can meet great singles who want something long-term as well as those just looking to keep it casual:

SiteOur ExperienceOur RatingFree Trial Link
Best For Relationships
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • Easily the best option for long-term relationships
  • 75% of all online marriages start here
  • 70% of users meet their spouse within a year
  • In-depth signup and matching process
Try eHarmony
Best For Casual Fun
Experience Highlights
Experience Highlights
  • The best way to meet women for casual relationships
  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
Try AFF For Free
Great If You're Handsome
Tinder Highlights
Tinder Highlights
  • Great if you're pretty good looking
  • Very popular, especially if you're 18-22
  • Really focused on photos
  • Becoming more of a dating than hookup app
Try Tinder

Golf Singles

Overview: Passionate about golf and want a partner who understands the links lifestyle? Enter Golf Singles, a niche dating site connecting golf enthusiasts, rooted in the belief that shared passions lead to enduring bonds. After all, when couples play together, they tend to stay together.

To start, joining Golf Singles is a breeze. In just minutes, and with just 5 steps capturing basic details - gender, orientation, location, username, email, and password - you're in! Dive deeper into personalizing your profile when you're ready. 

Another great feature is the user-friendly design: The fresh white-and-green aesthetic immediately welcomes you, peppered with attractive golfing singles. Its mobile-optimized layout stands out, with a left-aligned sliding side menu for ease of navigation.

If you’re familiar with online dating and Tinder-style swiping, Golf Singles presents free and VIP memberships. The former lets you set up and modify your profile, explore members, see matches, utilize the 'Quick Match' swipe feature, and send limited flirts. With VIP, send unlimited direct messages, access expanded photo views, undo swipes, and glean who's been checking you out.

And last but not least: While Golf Singles collects information for optimal match-making, your data is safeguarded with utmost seriousness, and never shared with third parties.


  • Focused on fostering lasting connections.
  • Great design
  • Large user base of golfers

Golfing Friends Date

Overview: Want to try a site that’s free to use? If so, Golfing Friends Date is a great place to start.

One of the unique selling points of GolfingFriendsDate.com is its cost-free approach. Members enjoy a full experience without trials, payment tiers, coins, or additional paid features. While this may seem like a bad sign–especially if you hate scammers (who doesn’t?)--the sign-up process involves 15 fields OR verification through your Google account. This means you’ll spend less time dealing with timewasters and more time with true golfing enthusiasts looking for love. 

As with the other sites we’ve reviewed in this guide, Golfing Friends Date helps you seek out fellow golfers in your vicinity, enhancing your chances of meaningful local connections. However, you should know that GolfingFriendsDate operates as a public domain. A double-edged sword, this grants everyone visibility of your profile, compromising absolute discretion. Therefore, if anonymity is a priority and you don’t want your profile images available to the public, you may want to look elsewhere. 


  • User-friendly search functions.
  • Customizable profiles and search options.
  • Completely free to use.

Golfer Mates

Overview: Golfer Mates stands as a pioneering dating platform specifically tailored for single golf enthusiasts in the world of golf. Established in 2003, it has been a go-to hub for golf-loving singles in search of meaningful relationships and enduring love stories.

For newcomers, Golfer Mates extends a complimentary basic membership. While this free tier doesn’t grant total access to every site feature, it does provide several benefits that users will appreciate and lets you get comfortable with the site. 

And if you’re looking for people to play golf with besides just dating, Golfer Mates serves as a platform not just for budding romances, but also for fostering genuine friendships among its members. Try it today and see for yourself!


  • Caters to experienced golfers.
  • Large international userbase
  • Free Membership

Some Tips for Golf Dating Sites

Looking to date a golfer? Here’s a couple of pointers when using these golf dating sites:

  • Tip 1: Don't be surprised about their age.
  • Tip 2: Make sure you love the sport too.
  • Tip 3: Have realistic expectations.
  • Tip 4: Golfing can be more than just golf
  • Tip 5: Choose golf-themed dates
  • Tip 6: Don’t be afraid to use multiple apps

Tip 1: Don't be surprised about their age.

Golf is a timeless sport loved by many, regardless of age. While young professionals are increasingly taking to the greens, golf has traditionally been associated with an older demographic. 

How much older? Well, the median age of golfers is 50+. If you’re an older person looking for a companion, this won’t be a shocking statistic–however, it’ll be harder to meet younger women versus other dating apps. When it comes to older women looking for younger men, on the other hand, you may be in luck if you’re relatively young, experienced, and open to dating older women. 

So, when browsing golf dating sites, be open to connecting with individuals from a diverse age range. Remember, age is just a number, especially when shared passions are involved.

Tip 2: Make sure you love the sport too.

While it might be tempting to hop onto a golf dating site because you find golfers attractive, it's more meaningful if you share a genuine passion for the sport. Bonding over golf can make your conversations and connections deeper—you won't find yourself out of the loop!

There’s also the dimension of understanding the nuances and etiquettes of the game. If you’re not already immersed in the golf world and you're aiming to connect with a woman who's competitive about her game, you might feel a bit outmatched. If you can't keep up with her or at least show some skill, there's a chance she could see you differently. While beginners matched with other newbies might feel at ease, if she's more advanced in her game, she might not have the patience to wait for you to improve. 

So, how can you ensure your golf dating experience is more a hole-in-one than a swing and a miss? If you aren't familiar with golf, think about taking a few lessons to sharpen your skills. This will not only impress your date but also give you a common ground to build upon.

Tip 3: Have realistic expectations.

Always enter dating with realistic expectations about the potential for success (and the potential for failure). Golf dating sites certainly work, but don’t forget that your end goal should be to meet someone in real life. 

Have you tried looking for women at the golf course or country club? If you can meet women there, you’ll have better options than simply relying on golf dating sites–which should be a supplement to your dating life, not your sole option. Plus, if you come across someone you chatted up on the course or relaxing at the country club, you’ll be more likely to get a response than just messaging out of the blue. 

Like any niche dating site, golf dating platforms are tailored to specific interests, but that doesn't guarantee instant compatibility. While you may share a love for golf, ensure you're also compatible in other important areas of life. Focus on building a genuine connection, taking the time to learn about each other's personalities, values, and life goals beyond the golf course.

Tip 4: Golfing can be more than just golf

For many, golfing isn't just a sport – it's a way of life.

Golf is renowned globally as much for its social dimension as for the game itself. The allure of the golf course goes beyond its manicured greens and challenging bunkers. Participating in this relatively upscale sport often brings together individuals of high societal standing, given its associated costs.

When on the green, it isn't just about the swing and the putt. The game itself often serves as a backdrop to bigger discussions and networking opportunities. Many business transactions, for instance, have been sealed with a handshake at the 18th hole. The sport's tranquil setting offers an escape for professionals such as doctors, politicians, lawyers, and other high achievers. They seek refuge from their high-stress environments and find solace and camaraderie on the golf course.

What does this mean for dating? Here are a few aspects of the social implications of teeing off:

Networking and Building Connections

Golfing events and casual games provide a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with influential people. For those looking to date within this circle, it's crucial to be well-informed and engaged, not just about golf but broader topics as well. In other words, it pays to not be one-dimensional. 

Bring Your Best Self

When aiming to impress someone from the golfing community, remember you're not just playing a game – you're building a connection. Show genuine interest, be an attentive listener, and demonstrate that you're someone who's both enjoyable to play a game with and hold a conversation.

Navigating Competition

Be aware that the golf course can sometimes feel like a social battleground. With many individuals vying for attention or a potential partner, it's essential to stand out not by being the loudest, but by being genuine, respectful, and understanding the unwritten codes of the golfing world.

Tip 5: Choose golf-themed dates

Golf is a great sport for all ages, but there’s a wide world of fun you can have when you want something besides another round of 18 holes. Plus, you’ll be playing golf in some form or another, so you know it’s something you both like!

Driving Range

One of the most fun first dates you can have when taking your date out is to the driving range. Instead of being stuck with someone on a golf course for 9 or 18 rounds with the pressure to perform, a driving range is a relatively low-pressure place to blow off some steam and work on your swing.

If you’re especially good at driving down the fairway is a good way of showing off your strength and technique–even if you’re a horrible golfer otherwise

Again, the purpose of a driving range date is to enjoy one another’s company. You can reasonably have a fun date comparing each other’s swings, laugh at the mistakes, and make it the jump-off point to the next restaurant when you’ve built up an appetite.

Pitch-Putt Golf

Established some rapport and want to take things to the next level? Pitch-putt golf is a great way to hang out without that intense date pressure. You're both just kicking back, having a laugh, and maybe showing off those golf skills a little. Plus, it's a game, so you've got instant conversation starters – you can chat about that epic shot or the hilarious miss, all while getting to know each other.

What's cool about pitch-putt is it doesn't drag on forever like a full golf game, so you'll have plenty of time for round two of the date. Maybe grab a bite to eat or take a stroll. And hey, if you're feeling cheeky, a bit of friendly competition on the course can be a fun way to flirt and challenge each other. So, for golf lovers, it's kind of the best of both worlds: romance and a good old game.

Miniature Golf

If you really want to bring child-like fun and goofiness out in your relationship, miniature golf is the way to go!

Not only is miniature golf a great way to let your hair down in a low-stakes game but also is a great way to work on your putting game. While you won’t be hitting balls into a sunken pirate ship or an animatronic turtle on the links, mini golf is a natural choice for romance—especially at night!

Shopping for Golf Gear

It’s usually not advisable to go out purchasing presents for someone relatively new. But if you’re playing golf AND you’ve established some rapport with another golf enthusiast, you probably have a reasonable amount of cash to spend on leisure activities. In other words, don’t be afraid to splurge!

You can go cheap if you like, purchasing a single club, a souvenir, or a nice outfit as a memento. For example, buying her an outfit shows that you want to take her out, show her off, and enjoy your time together. Plus, you can win bonus points when you compliment her on how good she looks in something you choose—certainly something she will appreciate when you go from the golf course to the bedroom!

Tip 6: Don’t be afraid to use multiple apps

Want to know one of the most obvious tips of all (and one that many men fail to understand)? You don’t need to limit yourself to just one app. 

Not every golfer in your area is on every app–and there’s obviously more to life than just golf! You can use golf dating sites as well as dating apps aimed at a broader audience simultaneously. It’s not uncommon to find crossover between apps of users who have multiple profiles, so why not do the same?

Bear in mind that you’ll typically get the best results if you use premium membership services, so it can be pricey if you’ve got multiple subscriptions. But then again, what is the price of finding love?

Want to learn more about dating? BeyondAges has thousands of guides for everything you need to know to find the love you deserve. Discover up-to-date and relevant advice, ranging from how you can improve your look, to the best ways to approach women and much more. Remember, the more you understand about dating, the greater your chances of success. Good luck!

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