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Th 25 Best Spots to Find Hookups in Wisconsin Near Every City

A young woman looking for hookups in Wisconsin on campus

Wisconsin is pretty average in terms of population. It's nowhere near as urban as California and Texas, but it's also not predominantly rural like Wyoming and Vermont. Wisconsin sits right in the middle. So why does it seem like such a challenge to find hookups in Wisconsin?

From Bayfield to Lafayette; we searched tons of bars, clubs, cafes, malls, and other social spots in our hunt to find you the best possible places for hooking up in Wisconsin. We sent our team members, and asked our local friends for their recommendations, then came up with several guides on where to get laid in Wisconsin. We've already covered where you can find hookups in Milwaukee, so this article will cover all the other major cities.

Our Favorite Place to Find Hookups in Wisconsin

We'll focus on five major cities that don't get enough hype in Wisconsin. We'll show you how the dating scene works in each of them then share our top five recommendations for finding hookups. But first, let's begin with our absolute best place for finding hookups in Wisconsin:

Yoga classes are loaded with hot fit Wisconsin girls

Well, that may sound weird but there's no other place with such a higher female-to-male ratio. Yoga is such an underestimated way to meet women - plus its many proven health benefits. Most guys seem to think that yoga is for women, but you'd be surprised how a little flexibility can make you more appealing.

You're a man in the 21st century who's supposed to take care of his body in the best possible way. Plus, yoga classes are often loaded with tons of fit, attractive women of all ages.

We've seen so many good places to find hookups in Wisconsin, but we strongly recommend that you try a yoga class or two, especially if you're planning to stay here for a while. Being a part of a group can help reduce any loneliness that may result from moving to a new city or place.

So, find yourself a suitable yoga studio near you and become a regular. Check out some Hot Yoga studios to warm up during cold winter months. You can even find studios that hold outdoor yoga classes if you really want to be one with nature. Soon, you'll become a familiar friendly face to most, if not all your female classmates, and things will develop really fast.

AFF continues to be the best Wisconsin hookup app (try it free here)

There just isn’t an easier way to meet women looking for hookups than AFF (which also has a great free trial). With a state as large as Wisconsin you need to be on at least one hookup app if you want to get good results regardless of where you live (they work in the city as well as the country). We’ve tried and tested over 100 different options in our review of the best hookup apps and AFF has consistently been #1 for most guys.

What makes AFF so good is they are 100% focused on more casual relationships. Tinder used to be great for a lot of guys but now it’s pretty much just another relationship app. AFF still only attracts women that are looking for something without any attachments. With over 60 million active members there is a good chance it will work for you too. Check out their free trial and see for yourself.

Now let’s get into the specific city recommendations around Wisconsin. If you don’t see your city below scroll back up and check the list of larger cities we do in-depth guides with.

Try AFF For Free!
If you haven't had much luck meeting girls who are just looking to hookup you really need to check out AFF's free trial ASAP. When it comes to actually delivering and helping guys meet girls just looking to fool around we haven't found anything else better (even after trying out 100+ of them). Check them out for free!

Tinder landing page

There's no way around it: if you want to see as many people as possible by dating online, you should use Tinder. With millions of users worldwide, it's like a fast track to finding a date... until it isn't. The thing about Tinder is that it's super popular. But actually meeting someone on Tinder for a hookup can be challenging. For one, most women on Tinder will only swipe right on a guy who's super hot. Second, while Tinder has tons of users, some of them are on the app because they're bored and want validation. They don't actually want to hook up. Either way, because Tinder is so popular, it's a dating app that's still worth trying out.

Where to Find Hookups in Madison

Partygoers at Liquid, Madison

Madison is a real beauty. It's the fastest-growing city in the whole state of Wisconsin - and the second most populated. There's a lot to do in Madison, and many cute locals to meet. Hosting the University of Wisconsin comes with so many perks, including a lot of young singles at local dive bars, parties, and clubs. But of all the places we've checked out in Madison, here are the ones that will give you a real shot at hooking up.

Where to Find Hookups in Green Bay

Hot young women at Player 2 Arcade Bar, Green Bay

Home of the Green Bay Packers and the third-largest city in Wisconsin with 107,000 residents. This may not sound like a lot but make no mistake, thousands come to the city on weekly basis to watch the Packers play, which means more fun for you and the city.

The landscape in Green Bay is amazing and in addition to its natural beauty, being a major harbor and business hub helped the city rank among America's top 200 cities for young professionals. The downtown area is loaded with nice bars, lounges, and cafes that are full of women. The presence of Lambeau Field in the city also helps attract more of them regularly. These are our top selections for the best places to find hookups in Green Bay:

Where to Find Hookups in Kenosha

Port of Kenosha at sunset

Kenosha has that dense, suburban feel that you'd associate with people who are looking to start a family. But don't let that fool you because it has a pretty decent number of singles looking for Wisconsin hookups. If you're not keen on driving 45 minutes to Milwaukee to meet more people, here are the places where you can go in search of a good time:

Where to Find Hookups in Racine

A chill night out at The Brickhouse, Racine

At first glance, you'd think there's nothing to do in Racine. But it's actually a nice, quiet city with a fantastic harbor. Many people who live here like how the cost of living is pretty low compared to Milwaukee. So you'll usually find that the people who live here are those who commute to Milwaukee for work or school. It also has a handful of bars with friendly regulars and the occasional newcomers who might be there to hook up. Here are the spots we think you should try:

Where to Find Hookups in Appleton

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Appleton

Did you know that Appleton was once named America's drunkest city? If you like to get your drink on or if a few drinks are a prerequisite to good hookups, you'll feel right at home in Appleton. With 5 major colleges in the area, the local population tends to skew a little young. But that's good news because plenty of college students aren't looking for a relationship or anything remotely like it. Instead, they want to party, have fun, and maybe hook up in Wisconsin!

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