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11 Proven Hangouts We Met Single Italian Cougars in 2024 (So Can You)

single Italian cougars

Beautiful, passionate, and focused there is a lot to like about Italian cougars. When you are seeking mature women from Italy, there are all sorts of places where you can meet them organically.

You need to find women who are single as well as those who are interested in dating younger men. This means taking the time to explore a few different areas within your community

Where We Find Italian Cougars

Visit a Winery to meet an Italian cougar

There are wineries in every state. This means that wherever you might be, it’s possible to find Italian cougars who want to taste the wines that are local to them as well. With so many wineries in Italy, it’s only natural for many women to want to enjoy what’s in the United States as well.

With the Sangiovese grape being one of the most popular grapes in Italy, it’s a good idea to scout out the wineries to see what they’re making. When you find a winery that features wines with rich tannins, you’re more likely to find Italian women.

Some wineries also host festivals throughout the year. This makes it easier to meet women because there could be thousands in attendance. There might be live music, free tastings, and various themes going on as well.

For short-term flings and nothing more, AFF is the only app you need

When it’s casual relationships with Italian cougars you’re after and not something long-term, AFF is where it’s at, particularly if you’re looking for women in their 30’s, 40’s, and older. It is certainly where we have seen the most success happen. The app is all about connecting people who want something more physical, so it’s not like other dating apps. Every woman on there wants to get into bed.

We don’t recommend many sites or apps for guys who are just looking for something fun, but when we do it’s usually AFF. We have just seen so many more guys find what they are looking for compared to the other options out there that it’s hard to recommend another app. Sure, it isn’t perfect, but it’s the best option for most guys out there right now.

You might be thinking, “why not Tinder?” That’s a great question, but the thing with Tinder is that most of the women are between 18-28. To top it off, the top 10-15% of guys in terms of looks are matching with over 50% of the women. We’ve also noticed that a lot of the young girls on Tinder don’t take it very seriously. They often just want attention or validation, so it can be a big waste of time.

If you’re just a regular guy like most of us and you don’t want to deal with all the games or competition, AFF is the best option we’ve found for guys who want to have fun. They’ve been around since 2006 and there are over 50 million active members, so they’re definitely doing something right. The app also attracts a lot of users over 35, so you won’t come across many attention-seeking young females.

If you’re ready to start saving some time and cutting past all the BS, sign up for AFF today and start meeting women near you who want what you do. There’s even a free trial for new users.

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Shop at an Italian Grocery Store

Italian grocery stores will often have a variety of ingredients that other stores won’t have. This means that when Italian cougars are in search of specialty ingredients, such as mortadella, aged parmesan, or another ingredient, they will go into these stores.

Most of the people who shop in these stores are from Italy. While they might not have been born in Italy, their roots are there.

If you love to cook (or even love to eat Italian), it might be worth it to go into an Italian grocery store or market. The women you meet might be working there or shopping there. Connect over food and see if there is a future for the two of you.

eHarmony is the simplest way to find a relationship with Italian cougars

It’s not always easy to find single women when you go out on the town. This means you have to be realistic about how you’re going to meet an Italian cougar. More and more often these women are only looking online to meet a guy.

Each year we rank and review all the best sites for meeting older women who want a relationship, including Italian cougars. As you can see, eHarmony makes it easier to meet women who are older than you – and who enjoy being with younger AND older men.

The site is ranked #1 for dating within this demographic. You get to sign up for a profile and let the site do the matchmaking on your behalf. Instead of reading through a lot of profiles, you get a notification to let you know when there is a match. If you like what you see and read, then it’s possible to get a conversation started. From there, the two of you can choose to meet face-to-face at any time.

Online dating is one of the most convenient ways to meet women for a relationship. It takes the stress off of finding the perfect pickup line. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being at the right place at the right time when you're on eHarmony.

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Attend a Pasta Making Class

Not all women get to learn how to make pasta from their family. This means they look to chefs in the area to teach them. Various cooking stores and restaurants provide pasta making classes. This will show you how to make fresh pasta, including fettuccine, ravioli, tortellini, and more.

You could learn quite a bit from a pasta making class. This gives you the chance to add to your cooking repertoire. The woman sitting next to you could be a cougar. As the two of you learn from the chef, you might get to work together.

Cougar dating promo

Bond over pasta and have some fun during the class. If you don’t find a love connection, there’s always the possibility of scheduling time in another class. You might also meet another Italian woman who is willing to play matchmaker for you.

Join a Local Italian Club

Italian clubs are found in many major cities. These are dedicated to bringing people who are of Italian descent together. As long as you have some level of Italian in your blood, it’s a chance to spend time with others who are of the same culture.

The clubs might have 100 or more members. There will be get-togethers every month for you to attend. Some will be socials and activities where it’s easier to meet people.

Many Italian cougars love to go to an Italian club because it’s a chance to enjoy their culture to the fullest. Many will share recipes with one another and learn about some of the best places to spend time in the city.

The rules to join an Italian club will vary within each one. Find a club near you and learn what it takes to join. One thing you can be sure of is that every cougar you meet within the club will be of Italian descent.

Apps Dating Coaches Actually Recommend To Meet Italian Cougars

Lots of older women are so tech-savvy that they prefer to meet younger men when it's convenient for them. And what more convenient way to do this than by using a dating app? So don't miss out; try one of these dating apps below to meet older women looking for younger men.

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Experience Highlights
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  • Best results for regular guys
  • Over 60 million active members
  • Not good for long-term relationships
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Best For Relationships
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Experience Highlights
  • Easily the best option for long-term relationships
  • 75% of all online marriages start here
  • 70% of users meet their spouse within a year
  • In-depth signup and matching process
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Experience Highlights
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Sip Cocktails at an Italian Bar

Plenty of Italian bars are located around the country. These are ones that are often inside of Italian restaurants. The bars are stocked with favorite Italian wines as well as unique liqueurs. Strega and others might be available to make Italian cocktails.

If there aren't any strictly Italian bars near where you live try out some of our favorite cougar bars near you in a number of major cities.

You will quickly see that there are many Italian women who frequent these bars. They want to be able to have their drink of choice. The best time to come is during happy hour, especially after work. This will allow you to find professional cougars who want to relax after a long day at the office.

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Have a seat and talk with the bartender. Let them know the kind of woman you’re looking to meet and see what kind of recommendation they have. They might be able to hook you up with someone who comes into the bar.

Spend some Time in Little Italy to find the most Italian cougars anywhere

Little Italy is a small neighborhood within New York City. Although it is only a few blocks in size, it is filled with a variety of Italian restaurants, bars, and markets. Many who are behind the counter are directly from Italy – and many are mature women who would love to meet a younger man.

Whether you live in Manhattan or not, this is a great place to meet women who hail from Italy.

Go to an Italian Festival

Italian festivals are held all around the country. These are designed to introduce people to the Italian culture. You will find plenty of people waving the red white and green flag, as well as plenty of booths to showcase pasta, wine, and all of the other cuisines that comes out of the country.

Single woman

Italian cougars will be frequenting the booths in order to get a taste of their home country. You might also find women who are working the booths. As you find one who strikes your fancy, you can start up a conversation and learn something about the culture in the process.

Shop at a Local Farmers Market

Local farmers markets are filled with single women – and this includes mature Italian cougars. They might be shopping for fresh basil, local, organic cheeses, and much more. They will have their baskets full of local produce in order to create masterpieces inside the kitchen.

Find a local farmers market near you. These are generally held on the weekends, and may only be held one day a month. This means it might require some planning on your part, but could be well worth it.

Spend Time at a Chianti Bar

Chianti is one of the most beloved wines of Italy. When you can find a Chianti bar in your area, such as the one located in ex, you might find Italian cougars sipping on the red wine.

You can order up your favorite glass and start on conversations. If the woman beside you seems to know more about wine than you do, you might want to ask for some recommendations. It's a great way to break the ice.

Visit Philadelphia

Philadelphia has one of the highest populations of Italian people. This means that whether you go to a bar, restaurant or even a singles club, there is a large probability of finding single Italian women.

This could be the opportunity you have been searching for. How are you start up the conversation is up to you. Simply be sincere and ensure that you are in places where the two of you can easily find common ground.

Go to a Butcher Shop

Many mature Italian women love to cook from scratch. This often means using some of the best ingredients are around. Rather than settling for what they find at the grocery store, Italian cougars are going to frequent butcher shops. This will allow them to get the best cuts of veal, steak, and more in order to create amazing food in the kitchen.

Whether you are shopping for ground beef to make your own meatballs or you are looking to get some tips from a beautiful woman, visiting you were local butcher shop may be a great opportunity to find what you are looking for.

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