11 Proven Spots We Met Single Latina Cougars For 2019 (So Can You)

Happy Latina cougar on a bedSo you want to date a Latina cougar? It’s not hard to understand why; Latina cougars are sexy and sophisticated, with a distinct sensuality. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are Latina, and they seem to only get better with age (just look at Sofia Vergara).

There are plenty of reasons why you would be interested in dating a Latina cougar, but it can be difficult to meet prospective dates in real life. While many men are interested in dating older women, it can be hard to know when the interest is mutual, let alone where to meet prospective dates.

We love Latin women and put together a list of our favorite places to meet them below. This is where we have found the most, and most attractive women and most are places that are friendly for younger guys if they are interested in dating a cougar.

Confirmed Spots for Meeting Latina Cougars

Try out these spots first:

Meeting single cougars has been easiest for us on Cougar Life (which you can try for free)

It can be hard for younger and older guys to find older women to date, making online dating an invaluable tool. It’s still often taboo for cougars to openly approach men in the real world (especially younger men), so online dating makes it easy to know which women are looking for younger guys and gives you the opportunity to initiate conversation.

If you are trying to date single Latina cougars but aren’t utilizing online dating as a resource, you’re setting yourself up for a ton of missed opportunities that you’ll never even know about! Online dating cuts out a ton of the guesswork that comes with dating older women, and Cougar Life (which you can try for free here) is definitely the best we have seen.

You simply won’t find a better place to meet and date older Latina women. Every year we rank and review all the best sites for meeting a cougar and they are the best we have seen. You have to realize that in this day and age, a good number of older women are dating exclusively through online dating apps and sites like Cougar Life. If you aren’t taking you’re missing out on the chance to talk to a lot of desirable older women.

Give their free trial a shot, there is literally no downside.

Latina Cougars Love Latin Grocery Stores

Latin America is not just known for its beautiful women, but also for its delicious cuisine. This is a great jumping off point to familiarize yourself with Latin culture. By connecting with the culture, you open yourself up to many more opportunities to meet beautiful Latina women.

A grocery store may not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to meeting women, but don’t let this hold you back. Any number of encounters at the grocery store could lead to a new connection, so don’t close your mind off to even ordinary tasks.

Finding a Latina who just wants some casual fun in the bedroom is easiest on Adult FriendFinder

For guys who are not really interested in any kind of commitment but still want to find a cougar to fool around with Adult FriendFinder is the best option we have found. There are a surprising number of cougars who are looking for the same thing, you just have to be where they look!

What really sets Adult FriendFinder apart from other apps is that they have a huge number of active users (over sixty million) and their site is completely focused on helping people interested in sex. This isn't a place where you are going to go on three dates and then maybe get lucky. This is about cutting to the chase.

AFF is really popular in most areas but you should definitely check out their free trial to see just how many cougars are near you that have given up on meeting guys in the usual spots. Don't miss out on a lot of good opportunities.

Latin Restaurants

Latin restaurants are pretty much a guaranteed place where you will meet single Latinas, many of whom will be of the cougar variety. There are many types of different restaurants you can try, ranging from Mexican to Cuban to Colombian, and you really can’t go wrong no matter which you pick.

CD image

It’s best to find a restaurant with a bar so you can painlessly chat up the other patrons, especially if you spot an attractive cougar. You can always stick with a classic move and order a drink for the lady, bonus points if you opt for something with tequila in it.

Latina Cougars Love Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing is one of the more noteworthy hallmarks of Latin culture, and the sensuous moves of this particular dance are known around the world.
If you want to woo a Latina cougar, you’d be wise to brush up on your dancing skills. Check out a salsa dancing class; there’s a good chance you’ll meet some older women who are taking the class as well, giving you the chance to test out your moves on the dance floor.

Just giving it a shot will be enough to get the ladies talking to you, so even if you don’t have Elvis’ hips, it’s still worth putting yourself out there to learn from Latin culture.

Tequila Tour

A tequila tour can be another great way to put yourself out there and experience Latin culture. These tours give you the chance to see the process involved with agave cultivation and the distilling of tequila and generally offer tequila tasting to participants.

Beyondages.com video course

While it’s not exactly an occasion to tipsy, there will be plenty of organic opportunities to strike up a conversation with other participants on the tour, a good number of whom will likely be Latina. Tequila has been known to lead to romance with Latin cougars, so why not give a tour a try?

Food Carts

You may not know it, but food carts are often like remote pockets of Latin culture that pop up in various parts of just about decent sized city. Food carts are known for serving up delectable food, and Latin cuisine is generally authentic and delicious.

The food is reason enough to check out the food cart scene, and because of this it attracts plenty of Latin people looking to enjoy their native culture. Stop by frequently enough and you’re basically guaranteed to run into a good looking older woman. Stop by on your next lunch mate, you just might meet the sexy cougar who will spice up your life.

Catholic Churches

Catholicism is very people among Latin people, so joining a church within this denomination can be a solid strategy for meeting Latina cougars.

Many people join churches for the social element, and there are plenty of events and gatherings that you’ll be able to attend where you’ll be able to freely mingle with single women.

It’s totally possible to forge long-lasting and meaningful relationships with the people you meet at church, and you never know if it’s going to be the place where you finally meet the Latina cougar you want to settle down with.

Soccer Games

Soccer is much more popular in Latin cultures than it is among Americans, so catching a game can be a great way to meet some Latina cougars. The atmosphere at sporting events is generally one of letting loose and celebrating, making for a prime location to chat up strangers and make new connections.

Even if you aren’t into soccer, the women you can meet at sporting events make it worth it to at least give it a shot. You never know when you’re going to score!

English as a second language groups

Because there are so many Latinas who learn English as a second language, joining a support group for Spanish speakers in America can be a great way to find some potential dates. If you already have Spanish speaking skills, you can become an English tutor and help Latina cougars learn the language.

Alternatively, you can join a group where you help tutor your partner while they tutor you in Spanish. This can be a great way to form a close bond with a cougar that could lead to something else. If nothing else, at least you’ll walk away with bilingual skills that will impress future Latinas.

Latin America is full of latina cougars (naturally)

Visiting Latin America is, of course, a prerequisite when it comes to dating Latina cougars. What could be more romantic than heading off to an exotic and foreign land in search of the woman who you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Because Latin America is comprised of so many different countries, including Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Haiti and Puerto Rico to name a few, there will be plenty of enticing destinations to choose from.

Regardless of which country you settle on, once you get to Latin America finding a Latina cougar will be as easy as finding a regular cougar! One of the perks of traveling in Latin America is that many of the countries are poor, meaning a modest salary in the US can go a long way south of the border, and we all know it never hurts to be flush with cash while playing the field.

Latin American countries are romantic destinations in their own right, and you’re never far from a sunny beach or a luxurious resort. Between the warm weather and the beautiful Latinas, you definitely won’t regret your vacation to South America, and there’s a good chance you’ll find your dream cougar once you get there.

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