8 Proven Places Single Cougars in Arizona Can Be Found in 2019

Find Cougars in Arizona that are Sexy

There are plenty of options to find cougars in Arizona, but with so many choices, it can be hard to know which is best for you. You don't want to waste time at college bars, and you shouldn't waste money hanging out with little girls who don't bring anything to the table.

Fortunately for you, we've put together a list of the best places to find Arizona cougars.

Read our recommendations below and start your search with confidence and finesse.

Where to Find the Cougars in Arizona

Below are our recommendations for the best places to find hot mature women.

Enjoy the lounge atmosphere of MercBar for mingling with mature ladies

It's rare that you find a bar that's both a hotspot for cougars in Arizona and a popular bar with everyone else, but MercBar is the exception.

This Phoenix lounge is a popular destination for all kinds of groups, including sophisticated older women.

The laid-back atmosphere makes MercBar seem like a speakeasy from the 1920s, and the wide range of specialty cocktails are perfect for a night of upscale partying.

Best of all, although MercBar gets crowded, it never turns into the loud, chaotic scene that plagues a lot of bars.

So if you're looking for an upscale cougar, make MercBar one of your first stops.

Try Cougar Life if you want to meet a lot of single cougars efficiently

With so many options out there to meet women you need to be smart with your time.

A lot of the single women in the 30's and 40's in Arizona have given up on the usual social scene and are only looking online.

With so many women taking their search online that's where you need to be too.

If you don't have a profile set up, you're missing out, but where's the best place to find cougars?

For the past few years, we've performed an annual review of the best websites for dating older women in Arizona, and the consistent winner is Cougar Life.

One of the best parts of online dating is that you already know that the cougar you're talking to is interested in younger guys.

You can try Cougar Life for free with this special offer and see what we mean.

And with over 6 million members, if you strike out with one woman, there's guaranteed to be another one just around the corner.

So even if you prefer the old-fashioned method of meeting women, do yourself a favor and set up a profile on Cougar Life.

Try some fancy cocktails at Blue Martini Lounge

Another great lounge-type location to find Arizona cougars is Blue Martini Lounge.

This Phoenix establishment is well-known for its tasty drinks, diverse crowd, and plethora of sexy older women looking for the companionship of a younger guy like you.

Best of all, Blue Martini Lounge isn't so upscale that you can't have fun - they have live bands on weekends, perfect for showing off your moves with the cougar of your choice.

The best nights to visit are Monday, Friday and Saturday; there's a pretty solid crowd every night, but if you want to maximize your options, stick to those three nights and see how many cougars you can find.

Adult FriendFinder is your no BS answer to casual sex on the regular

We hear all your stories about Tinder-dates-gone-wrong, and we know that dating in the 21st century, albeit convenient, can be a pain. Dating apps are great when combined with meeting women in your day-to-day, but they can come with their fair share of games, drama, and wasted energy as well.

If you’re just looking for something casual or short-term with a Colorado cougar, Adult FriendFinder is a great place to start. It’s dedicated to connecting people who want sex and not just a date. This eliminates the likelihood that you’ll meet women who want to be wined and dined for several weeks before putting out in the bedroom. It also decreases the chances that you’ll come across young girls who are just looking for attention and validation with no real intention of meeting in person. A lot of the really trendy, free apps out there have gotten bad about this.

With Adult FriendFinder, you know exactly what you’re signing up for, and the women know exactly what they’re signing up for as well. This means everyone’s cards are on the table from the moment you log in, and all bets are on. There’s even a free trial so you can check them out risk-free.

Meet those exciting cougars you crave at Mastro's Ocean Club

If you're looking for a great place to take a date for dinner, look no further than Mastro's in Scottsdale.

This seafood-slash-steakhouse restaurant is well-known for their food, and the atmosphere is very upscale - perfect for impressing that sophisticated older woman.

And if you don't have a date yet, you're in luck - they have a full bar, well-known as one of the best places to meet cougars.

CD image

If you do check out the bar area, make sure to dress appropriately.

Mastro's is a very upscale place, and you don't want look like you don't belong in this classy establishment.

The one drawback of Mastro's is that it's very expensive, so this probably isn't a great place to go on a nightly basis.

Check out the cougars and happy hour specials at Union Public House

If you're in the Tucson area and are looking for a place to meet cougars that won't drain your wallet, check out Union Public House.

Union Public House is a well-known cougar hangout, so you'll likely have a little competition at the bar (but we're sure you'll do just fine).

They have a great menu, a lively atmosphere, and an awesome outdoor area to enjoy the warm Arizona nights.

Best of all, their happy hour special includes Whiskey Wednesdays. You are going to have a tough time finding a better place for a Tucson hookup with an older woman.

Enjoy Italian food and great wine with Arizona cougars at Va Bene

Maybe you're not a beer-and-cocktails kind of guy.

And maybe you're looking for the kind of woman with whom you can have a great conversation over a great meal and a glass of wine.

If that sounds like more your speed, try Va Bene in Phoenix.

Well known for its varied menu, wonderful food and extensive wine selection, Va Bene is a great place to take that special older woman for a romantic dinner.

Beyondages.com video course

And if you're still on the prowl, it's also a great place to meet cougars.

The bar area is a favorite among sophisticated older women in the Phoenix area, and you'll be glad you visited.

The best nights to visit are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and make sure you head over around 10 PM- that's when all the older women come out to play.

Partake in a boozy brunch at Wildflower Bread Company

Day drinking is an underrated way to meet the kinds of cougars you might not encounter during your nightly activities.

And if you're up for some great food in a trendy atmosphere, you'll love Wildflower Bread Company.

Located in Flagstaff, this brunch spot is replete with cougars on the prowl for hot young action.

Even better for you, it's the kind of laid-back atmosphere where you can make all sorts of new friends and turn your day drinking into night drinking with that special older woman.

And if you happen to already have a date, this is a great place to bring a cougar for brunch the next morning.

Take in the sights at the Phoenix Art Museum for cougars in Arizona

A museum might not seem like the best place to meet someone new, but you'd be surprised by how many  cougars have a passion for the arts.

Because it's such an unexpected location, you don't have to worry about a woman being irritated or dismissive after fending off guys all night.

And at an art museum, there's no shortage of conversation-starters (they're hanging on the wall).

Best of all, at the Phoenix Art Museum, if you hit it off with a sophisticated older woman, you can invite her to join you at Palette, the restaurant located right inside the museum.

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