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11 Places We Recommend to Meet Single Brazilian Cougars In 2024

On the beach with a Brazilian cougar

Brazilian cougars are found all around the world, but they only tend to be concentrated in a few key places. While you can always take a trip to Brazil to meet them in their element, it’s possible to hit it off with a Brazilian cougar who lives close to you! The key is knowing where to look.

Finding a woman who matches you well can take some time, and single Brazilian cougars are even more elusive. These older ladies are interested not only in men of their own age but also younger men like you. Although they may have a busy schedule, they make time to go to bars and even sign up on specific dating apps--so they’re searching for a guy like you as much as you’re searching for them.

Still, when you connect with the right Brazilian cougar, it’ll be worth it. You can make the process much faster too by going to the places where they hang out. Brazilian cougars have diverse interests, and this is reflected in our list of recommended destinations. If you’re a foodie, try meeting them at a steakhouse--or maybe go to a dance class instead. The possibilities are endless!

Knowing these places will make it easier for you to move forward with your love life. Scroll down below and start making plans for this weekend!

Where We Have Met a Brazilian Cougar

Check these hotspots out first:

Explore Miami with Brazilian cougars

If there’s one state that’ll up your chances of bumping into a hot Brazilian cougar, it’d have to be Florida. Out of the cities in Florida, we recommend Miami because it hits the sweet spot of being a famous tourist destination.

The type of romance you’ll enjoy here won’t necessarily be fast and fleeting, either. While more than half of Miami tourists are Brazilian, there are also plenty of Brazilian cougars who have actually settled down in Miami and are staying for good. Whether you want quick, steamy flings or a long-term relationship, you’re likely to spot a cougar here with similar preferences!

One of the main reasons why Brazilians love Miami is the tropical weather and abundant beaches, which make it a good home away from home. Because Miami already has a strong Brazilian community, you’ll notice restaurants serving Brazilian cuisine all over the city, along with Carnival-themed bars and even TV channels in Portuguese.

This is your chance to pursue a Brazilian cougar. When you’re planning an out-of-town trip, consider going to Miami--and don’t be surprised if you win the heart of an older woman there.

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We’re zeroing in on the guys who DON’T want a relationship but still wanna get laid. AFF is your best option if you’re looking for something short-term or one-time. This is especially true if you’re looking to meet Brazilian cougars.

When it comes to sites that actually deliver, AFF has been in a category all its own for us. We have seen way more “normal guys” find success using it than any other site or app, at least when it comes to getting into bed. The success rate combined with their free trial make it a pretty obvious choice to at least check out.

There isn't a better way to find single cougars who just want bedroom fun without commitments than AFF in our experience.

The app has over 50 million active users, and all of them want some action. So you won’t find a lot of women wasting your time there. Some of you are probably wondering, “what about Tinder?” That’s a perfectly valid question, but the thing with Tinder is that it’s really only good if you want to date women 18-28. AFF has more female members over 35 than any app of its kind. If it’s women in their 30s, 40s or older that you’re after, this is where you’ll find them.

We know you have a life, so stop wasting your time. Cut right to the chase and give AFF’s free trial a shot today.

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Dance the night away at retro clubs

Brazil is known for having an amazing nightlife and going clubbing is a popular way to unwind during late hours. This applies to cougars as well--except they favor high-end nightclubs and discotheques that play retro music.

Compared to other venues for singles, nightclubs make it easier to break the ice and talk to strangers. When you spot an attractive Brazilian cougar, you can subtly check if she’s interested by dancing near her. If she moves closer to you on purpose and gives you coy glances, that’s a sign for you to step things up and try chatting with her.

Interestingly, some Brazilian cougars might be open to kissing on the same night that you meet, but they probably won’t be ending the night with you just yet! For that, you’ll have to make plans and get to know her better on dates.

Brazilian cougars appreciate straightforward guys who put effort into getting her attention, so being confident and friendly will earn you points. Pulling off some smooth moves on the dance floor might help too!

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Older women are really taking advantage of online dating these days, more so than ever before. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. These are very busy women who don't have all night to meet a guy in a bar or club. To make the most of their time they would much rather spend 5-10 minutes a day to find a single guy.

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Meet Brazilian cougars at parks

Single Brazilian cougars might show up consistently at a gym to stay fit, but many of them favor getting their exercise outdoors--if not on mountain trails or beaches, then on parks and jogging trails. Instead of being on the lookout for Brazilian cougars only during evenings, you can get more opportunities by trying your luck too at parks.

Because most parks are versatile, there are plenty of things that you can keep busy with. If you’re the sporty type, lace up your running shoes and prepare to work up a sweat. Simply follow the walking or jogging trails along the park and remain alert for any captivating cougars around.

On the other hand, you can also bring a book and sit down on a bench. This is an ideal position for cougar-spotting--and if you catch her reading a book too, you already have a way to get a conversation going.

Because of the laidback ambiance in parks, don’t dive into heavy flirting right away. Gauge the chemistry between the two of you first, then see if she’s willing to keep talking to you. This might start off a new chapter of your love life!

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Take a vacation to Brazil (where you will find the most Brazilian cougars)

Countless cities offer beautiful vacation spots in Brazil. These include Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Sao Paulo, Fortaleza and other places. Tours will take you to some of the top attractions. You’ll get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, including attractive cougars!

You will be able to dine in various restaurants and pubs and enjoy the entertainment as well as all of the local festivities. Spend some time hanging out at the beaches, exploring the cities and getting to know the countryside. You might find someone interesting among the various Brazilian cougars there.

Visit a Brazilian steakhouse

There’s no restaurant quite like a Brazilian steakhouse. Many people compare it to an all-you-can-eat meat buffet. Texas de Brazil is certainly one of the most well-known steakhouses around the country, although you can find a local dive to visit as well.

Many Brazilians choose to come to these restaurants because it reminds them of home. Servers wearing gaucho pants walk around and slice the meat off the bone for all of the customers. Side dishes are also available in a buffet somewhere in the restaurant.

Single cougars will generally seat themselves at the bar. This allows them to enjoy all the food while taking in the scene. They might also occupy a table together with several other single women. Choose a seat that’ll give you the best chance of bumping into a beautiful cougar who will want to see you again!

Apps Dating Coaches Actually Recommend To Meet Brazilian Cougars

Older women who want to date younger men aren't that common, but there are a lot of them. While some are at bars and clubs, more usually use one of the top dating apps for cougars. Check out these apps below to meet them!

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Attend a soccer game

Brazilians go wild over soccer--or football, as they call it. It’s a good idea to go to soccer games anywhere in the US so you can meet Brazilian cougars. Wearing a ‘Brasil’ jersey to the game will attract some attention from the opposite sex! If you don't know any good local sports bars to try, we have some great recommendations for local spots here.

Be sure you know how the game is played and what Brazil’s ranking is when you go. This will make it easier to have a conversation during the game. You might even be fortunate enough to have a single woman sitting right next to you in the stands. Offer to buy her a drink and then try to secure a date before the game is over.

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Go to a beach volleyball tournament

Beach volleyball is one of the most popular sports within the country. When you go out to one of the beaches in Brazil such as Copacabana you will find that there are volleyball nets everywhere. You might want to play a game with a group when you are out at the beach. If you are fortunate enough to find a tournament going on in your hometown, it might be worth it to attend.

You never know – there is the possibility of meeting a Brazilian woman who is single and older than you. The two of you can talk about the game and then see where things go from there.

Take samba dance lessons

The samba is one of the cultural dances of Brazil. Even if you have never seen a dance for yourself, you will recognize it and the music when you see it. Many Brazilian women (and men) love to do the samba. Learning the dance is not something that happens just randomly. You will need to take professional dance lessons in order to understand the moves.

If you are interested in meeting Brazilian cougars, one of the best things to do is sign up for sample lessons in your area. The women taking the classes or potentially even the instructor might be a single cougar. This gives you the opportunity to test your chemistry on--and off--the dance floor.

Attend the Brazilian Festival

The Brazilian Festival in New York City is known as Brazilian Day. It takes place in September of every year and has been going on for over 30 years. People will take to the streets wearing T-shirts with Brazil’s colors as well as holding Brazilian flags.

Even those who live elsewhere in South America choose to come out for the festival. Arts and crafts, live music and food are everywhere. Several blocks are filled with entertainment and it’s even televised on Latin radio and TV stations. This is the perfect place to find Brazilian cougars because they’re looking to celebrate their culture and enjoy themselves. They might be out by themselves or with other like-minded single women.

You’ll find it easier to approach a woman that you find to be attractive – and then you can see if she is interested in seeing where things go. In any case, you can learn more about the culture and decide if Brazilian women are who you are truly interested in.

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Plan a trip to Carnival

Carnival takes place in Rio de Janeiro every year. It is by far the largest festival in Brazil. People from all over the globe travel to the city in order to experience the music, festivities and fanfare. The city explodes with approximately two million people every day of the festival.

This can be a great way to meet beautiful single women, including those who are older than you. Meet her while getting drinks at a bar, while watching one of the many parades, or while heading to your hotel room late at night after all of the festivities have died down.

This is an event you can go to every year. You will meet cougars from Brazil as well as around the globe. It’s exciting because you can potentially meet the love of your life!

Visit the Ironbound District of Newark

You will quickly find that the Ironbound District in Newark has one of the largest populations of Brazilian people within the United States. This works to your advantage when you’re trying to find Brazilian cougars because there are so many throughout this neighborhood. You might find them within stores, inside restaurants or sitting at bars.

There is an abundance of restaurants and bars for you to visit. This includes Brazilian restaurants, Latin American restaurants and Cuban delis. All of these attract mature women who want to enjoy food from their region. There is also a vibrant nightlife scene in this area, making it even easier to spend time with Brazilian cougars.

Shop at a South American market

South American markets are popular in various neighborhoods around the United States. What makes them ideal for cougar-hunting is that a lot of their customers are Brazilian cougars. This is because markets dedicated to South American cuisine will have ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else nearby.

Brazilian cougars who love to cook are among the most dedicated patrons here, and they want to cook the food that they grew up eating. It could work to your advantage to grab a shopping cart and do your shopping for the week at one of the South American markets in an effort to meet someone new.

Attend a language lab

Learning Portuguese is harder than you might think. Some consider it to be a mix of French and Spanish. Going to a language lab can be an opportunity for you to learn how to be fluent in Portuguese.

Especially if you plan on meeting women who are from Brazil, you might need to help bridge the language gap. This means that attending Portuguese language classes is going to be a great way to move forward with a potential relationship. As far as meeting single mature women, you might find instructors or tutors who meet these criteria. This allows you to learn the language and potentially find a soulmate at the same time.

If you're looking for additional guides for meeting cougars check out these as well:

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