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10 Signs She’s Not That Into You: Stop Wasting Your Time!

A clear sign she's not that into you

Many men complain they can’t tell whether a girl actually likes them or is just using them for fun, but there are plenty of signs she’s not that into you that you can read if you pay attention. The quality of your relationships with women is determined by how well you can read them and understand their behavior. A man who knows when to step forward and when to move on is a man who will get along well with women. He won’t waste his time on the wrong woman no matter how hot she is, nor will he spend his hard-earned money to wow some girl just to realize the attraction is not mutual.

In this guide, I will show you how to tell whether a woman likes you or she’s not that into you. Using the 10 signs listed below, you’ll be able to tell to a great degree how attracted she is to you so you can base your next step on concrete foundations. Let’s get started:

5 Signs She’s Not That Into You… Yet

Personally, I like it when a woman likes me – or rejects me - straight off the bat. I dislike having to guess whether she’s interested in me or not. When a woman genuinely likes a man, she’ll make him realize it almost immediately and she won’t make him guess a lot lest he leaves and never comes back. If you want to be a high-value man, then you should seek this type of reaction from women. Genuine desire is one of the most fulfilling things you can get from a woman, and it should be obvious to you pretty early.

But, some women like to have their time before starting a relationship with a man. And, until they do, she will keep you guessing whether she likes you or not.

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She might be weighing her options, or maybe she thinks you’re good but she’s worried you might play with her emotions. A woman, in this case, will keep you on the fence, and maybe give you mixed signals until she decides what she wants from you. In this case, she will show you one, or all, of the following signs:

She doesn’t initiate talk

She doesn’t text or call or even give you a mention on Facebook so she can talk with you. A girl who isn’t that into you is either too busy to talk or limits how much she talks with you because she doesn’t want you to get too attached. Some girls are even cool with you not talking or texting them for days. Deep down she wishes you to take the hint and leave her alone. Compare this to a girl with genuine desire towards you who will madly look for any chance to talk to you.

She sprinkles just enough attention to keep you around

A friendly hug that can keep him on the hook

There are two types of women out there, those who will reject you straight off the bat so you don’t waste your time, and those who will keep you at arm’s length to use for validation, sex, or monetary needs. The latter type will give you enough attention to keep you around, but not too much to believe she’s madly into you. She will play hot or cold based on how many guys she’s dealing with.

If she needs some help around the house or with some work project, but her Chad is busy hitting on another chick, don’t be surprised to hear her voice asking for help. She’ll be all nice and responsive until she’s done with you, then she’ll get back to being cold. Some women will put you on the shelf for as long as they want then text you all of a sudden when they see you with another chick or feel like you’re tired of their nonsense. Either way, if a woman’s desire fluctuates depending on what she needs from you, then she not only dislikes you, but she also thinks you’re a hopeless idiot.

She keeps saying she’s not ready for a relationship

Don’t be fooled when a woman says she wants to stay single or she’s not looking for a relationship at the moment. A woman might play her sexuality for some time and even mingle with multiple guys at once but she will always try to make a boyfriend or a husband out of a Chad if she sees one. In other words, if a woman says she’s not ready for a relationship she means she’s not ready to date YOU. The reality is, if she thinks you’re a good catch for her, or if she thinks you’re the best option she can get, she’ll throw the “single” status out of the window and plan how to make you her next boyfriend.

She doesn’t bother looking good around you

I know some women who’ll wake up earlier for a man they’re dating just so they can put on makeup and look hot, so don’t tell me she didn’t have 10 or 20 extra minutes to put on a nice dress and a classy pair of shoes. If a woman thinks you’re just some random guy, she won’t be bothered showing her flaws around you. Actually, she might even tell you how flawed she is just to get you off her shoulders. However, if she really wants you, she will dress to the nines just to get your attention.

Your chats look like an interrogation room

Every time you text her, it seems like you’re extracting information from a Russian spy. She’s barely replying, and when she texts back, she only uses one or two words and it seems like you’re the one trying to milk words out of her. It’s much easier to tell whether a girl likes you or not via text than via Facetime.

Some men are clueless when it comes to reading body language. But, with text, it’s much easier to spot genuine desire – or the lack of it. A girl who likes you will double, triple, or even quadruple-text you. She’ll use a ton of emojis just to show you how excited she feels texting you and will find time to text you even if she’s the busiest woman in the world.

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5 Signs She’s Not Into You, Period

Extremely clear sign that she doesn't like him

Now, what if she really doesn’t want to be with you, how would she send the message?

If a woman doesn’t like you, these will be the five signs she’s not into you. If you see them, walk away with dignity and never try to pursue her again. Here they are:

She avoids you at all costs

This doesn’t always happen unless you’re really persistent or unless you come off a bit creepy. When a girl seems like she doesn’t want to be anywhere near you or leaves the second you set foot in the place or excuses herself as soon as you join the group or enter the classroom, it’s a great sign she’s not that into you. Women are social creatures, and if your presence makes her abandon even her best friend and bounce then you must stop pursuing her immediately.

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She always looks bored around you

Women are more likely to get bored first in a relationship, so imagine if she’s just getting to know you…

Does it always feel like you’re trying so hard to impress her or make her laugh but she barely responds? When you’re out, does it seem like she’s counting the moments till she walks away? Does she lock her eyes on her phone, the walls, or people walking by….but not you?

If you answer with “yes” then you might be in trouble. Sometimes you may even feel like there’s some sort of barrier between you two that you can’t break. You know it’s there, but you kid yourself that she may see the good in you one day….

….But you shouldn’t.

Girls who like you WILL show it to you. They’ll have it written all over their faces and they’ll try their best to make you happy, even if it means laughing at your boring dad jokes.

She talks about other guys in front of you

If women have learned something over the years, it’s to remain subtle. Years ago, when we lived in tribes, a woman’s sexual experience played a major role in her mating opportunities. Kings and wealthy men would sleep around as much as they want but still get back home to a wife that no one has touched but them.

Things have changed now, yet women still remain subtle about who they like and who they sleep with. If a woman likes you and believes you’re the BIG deal, she will keep her past under the rug and won’t tell you who she likes or how many men she’s slept with so she doesn’t turn off a great catch. That’s why, when a woman drops all subtlety aside and talks about other guys she likes or, worse, flirts with other guys, it’s probably because she wants you to take the hint and walk away and NOT because she wants to make you jealous.

One thing that made me stick to the gym like crazy was a date I had 7 or 8 years ago. I went out with this hot Venezuelan for a second date. We made out on the first one but I still sensed something off on the second, especially when she started to give frequent bambi-eyes to the jacked bartender. So, rather than getting mad, I decided not only to leave but also told the dude that my “friend” thinks he was cute and left them talking. To this day I don’t know what happened between them, but she texted me two days later trying to schedule a date….. But I left her on read.

She says she should fix you up with one of her friends

Introducing him to her friend

Why would a single girl leave a catch for another girl to get if he wasn’t her type? The next time a girl says you should date one of her friends or some other girl, then take the hint. She wants you to stop pursuing her and go after someone else. A girl who likes you but is discreet about it will ask why you’re still single but she will never fix you up with any woman, no matter how close they are.

She says the “F” word

“I can never find a friend like you,”

“Hey guys, this is (your name), my friend,”

or “God, I wish I find someone just like you.”

These are signs you’re 10 feet deep into the friend zone and there’s no way back. She senses your motives and politely wants you to stick to your role. Maybe she really likes you and doesn’t want to lose you “as a friend,” and maybe she’s shelving you for the normal friendly chores like picking her up from the airport and paying for your lunch together. Either way, it’s a clear “NO” to your advances and a message that you should channel your romantic efforts elsewhere.

There are so many signs a woman is not that into you. Look for them so you don’t make a fool of yourself. It can be tough to accept that a woman doesn’t like you. But it’s even worse to be hopelessly romantic in a world where women have more male orbiters than they have shoes.

Rejection can be a sign you need to work harder on yourself. If that’s the case, then do the work and don’t settle for less than genuine desire. Look for a girl who will go above and beyond to make you happy and won’t make you second-guess her emotions. There are so many beautiful women out there and you can easily find one who loves you dearly, but first, you must make sure you’re among the top 1% of the men out there, and how do you do it? By working hard on yourself and leaving no stone unturned. Get lean, dress better, make more money, and learn how to talk to women. If you have all your cards sorted out, very few women will say no to you or play hard to get.

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