The Only 8 Anaheim Dating Sites You Need To Check Out

With these eight Anaheim dating sites, you don't have to worry about finding love any longer

Loneliness can hit you at the strangest times. Like when you’re walking down a street full of people or in a meeting with your coworkers. Sometimes, being in a city full of people just makes you more lonely. But you don’t have to stay that way!

The best way to combat loneliness in the big city is to find a date. That might sound obvious, but it’s not always so easy. So we’re here to help you start your date search with the best tools available.

The Best Anaheim Dating Sites

There a ton of dating sites out there these days. They’re dating sites for bigger people and older people, for rich people and cougars. There are some free Anaheim dating sites for people who can’t afford a monthly payment. But not all of these sites are top-rate. That’s why we’ve made this list for you. No matter what type of date you want there’s a site here that’s perfect!

Young professionals in Anaheim should go to Elite Singles

If there’s one thing the big city is good for its business. There are tons of young, interesting, and ambitious people who’ve flocked to Anaheim to start their professional careers. So, if your ideal date is with an up-and-coming lawyer or a savvy corporate executive, you’re in the right place.

All you need to do is get on Elite Singles to see who else is looking for a date.

Of all the Anaheim dating sites, Elite Singles has the best platform for young, urban professionals. They’ve got powerful matchmaking tools, a sleek site design, and a ton of educated members. In fact, a full 82 percent of their female members have at least a Bachelor’s degree!

You can read more about why Elite Singles is truly ‘elite’ in our full review. Or, better yet, just go check out the site for yourself.

Cougar Life is where you can meet older women in Anaheim

You can stop hitting on the hot moms who came to town for a Disneyland vacation. I know it’s not easy to meet older women, but there are better ways to find cougars. Take our word for it.

We’ve reviewed literally dozens of cougar dating sites, and Cougar Life just keeps coming out on top.

It has tons of verified members, great matchmaking tools, and an easy-to-use site design. It’s even a totally free dating site for Anaheim women to use. That’s great because it means there will be more women online (no one wants to be browsing a site where there’s five guys for every one woman).

Cougar Life gets past all of the awkward pick up lines and cruising. Everyone is on the site for the same reason: for older women to meet younger men. Get online to see what hot older women are browsing right now!

Christian Cafe is the best of the dating sites in Anaheim for Christians

It’s not always easy to keep your religious faith in the bustling city. There are distractions and temptations around every corner. And who has time for prayer and church? Well, one thing that can really help is having a partner who shares your faith and wants to do these things with you.

Christian Cafe is the place to go to find someone like that.

Christian Cafe has been helping Christian singles meet each other for years. In that time they’ve helped spark over 25,000 marriages! Read through some of their testimonials if you want to learn some of the inspiring stories.

One thing that really makes Christian Cafe one of the best dating sites in Anaheim is their 10-day free trials. So you can try their service risk free! Not that you can put a price tag on true love anyway.

BBW Cupid is the only Anaheim dating site that bigger people need

Dating can be a bit scary, especially when you don’t look like the people in the dating site advertisements. Thankfully there are Anaheim dating sites that don’t pretend everyone looks the same.

BBW Cupid is a fantastic dating site that celebrates difference. It’s a judgment free zone that was created for bigger people and their admirers to chat, meet up, and fall in love. BBW Cupid has a ton of vetted profiles, great search tools and messaging options.

So don’t let dating become another stressful part of your life. With BBW Cupid it can be easy, fun, and comfortable.

eHarmony is the best of the over 50 dating sites in Anaheim

Research suggests that ‘old age’ is a relative concept. Some are even saying that it doesn’t begin until you’re 74 years old! So don’t settle down when you’re still in your 50s and 60s. There’s still plenty of exciting new things waiting out there for you. And maybe another chance at love.

eHarmony is a great site to check out for the over 50 crowd. They’ve been in the online dating business for almost 20 years. In all that time they’ve created a wonderful Compatibility Matching System to help bring perfect matches together. They’ve also built up an impressive base of high quality members.

It’s never too late for love and companionship. In fact, you might find that dating is more fun now than it was thirty years ago. It’s definitely easier than ever before with eHarmony. is the best gay dating site for Honolulu residents

There’s more to creating a gay Anaheim dating site than putting up a few promotional photos of gay couples. It takes making new search options, new compatibility algorithms, and having a bunch of gay and lesbian members to chat with. is a real gay dating site. Even though they started as a more ‘standard’ dating site back in the day, they’ve recently taken their resources to really focus on the gay and lesbian community. In fact, they’ve made a whole section of their service just for gay members. They also have helpful advice blogs about creating healthy, lasting gay relationships.

Don’t settle for a second rate ‘gay-friendly’ dating site when you could have the best with Oh, and did I mention that they have a ton of really cute gay and lesbian members?

Arrangement Finders is where you can find Anaheim sugar daddies

You can see their fancy homes in the Colonial District and their nice cars cruising down the 5. These rich guys have everything. Well, almost everything.

Studies have actually found that lots of rich people are lonely. Arrangement Finders is looking to change that.

They are a dating site that helps wealthy guys find beautiful women to spend their time with. The ‘arrangement’ is that they’re expected to be a little bit ‘generous’ with all of their wealth and luxury.

So if you’ve always wanted your slice of the good life, look no further. Get an account on Arrangement Finders and see what’s out there. It’s a lot easier than trying to find a rich guy at the bar or the beach. It’s not like the rich guys hang out at the same places as the rest of us anyways.

Ashley Madison is the best of the Anaheim dating sites for attached people

Sometimes it seems like every couple in the world is happy, except for yours. Well, that’s not true. In fact, there is a ton of infidelity going on all around you whether you know it or not. So instead of complaining you might want to go out there and find what you really want.

Ashley Madison will be your wingman.

They’ve been in the ‘attached’ dating business for longer than pretty much any other Anaheim dating site. They really know how to bring people together successfully and discreetly. Most importantly, they have a ton of members to chat and meet up with. You might be surprised to find one of your neighbors or coworkers on there!

Anaheim area dating services for the locally minded

The internet has changed the way we socialize and do business. It has definitely changed the way we fall in love. It’s kind of amazing that you can meet someone from another city or even another country without ever leaving your home!

But some people still prefer things a little more ‘old fashioned’. They want their love lives to be strictly local and they want to support local businesses rather than big websites.

We understand. That’s why we have a few local recommendations for Anaheim area singles.

The first is called the Three Day Rule. The name is a cute play on the idea that you should wait three days after meeting someone to call them. Well, with this service you won’t really have to worry about that because they set up the dates for you! Their amazing team of matchmakers includes tons of veteran love-finders and even an LGBTQ+ specialist.

If you want a real traditional, expert matchmaker then you should check out Julie Ferman. She’s been bringing couples together for almost thirty years. She has more than 1,100 marriages to her credit and a huge database of over 30,000 single men and women. That’s a lot of potential matches to choose from. No wonder Julie is all over the news and talk shows.

Our final recommendation for a local dating service is called Ambiance. They have a rigorous and enlightening pre-screening process that helps members figure out what they really want out of a relationship. It also helps to weed out any weirdos so you know that they are only drawing potential matches from a quality pool of people. One nice thing about Ambiance is that they operate in multiple California cities, so maybe you can end up with a weekend trip to meet a guy or girl in the bay!

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