Dating App City Guides

The best dating apps for various cities around the world for singles.

A young brunette woman using a Manchester dating app
The Most Effective Manchester Dating Apps of 2023: What We Like

If you're looking to date in Manchester, you'll need help. While "Cottonopolis" has a dating scene, it's mostly...

Using her favourite Geelong dating apps in the kitchen
5 Geelong Dating Apps that You Need in Your Phone in 2023

Although Geelong is the second biggest city in Melbourne, meeting other singles in person can be difficult, especially...

Blonde woman using her Hobart dating apps in the afternoon
The 5 Most Effective Hobart Dating Apps for Singles in 2023

Finding someone you can hike along Mount Wellington with or dine with at Salamance Place in Hobart can...

Drinking coffee while using a Leeds dating app
The 5 Best Leeds Dating Apps of 2023: What Really Works

This guide covers the best dating apps for people in Leeds, UK. We'll show you which apps will...

Blonde woman checking out Wollongong dating apps while drinking a cocktail
The Top 5 Dating Apps in Wollongong for 2023: What's Worthwhile

There’s plenty to see and do in Wollongong, like surf at Werri Beach or hike Mount Keira, but...

A classy professional woman on a popular Cardiff dating app
The 5 Most Useful Cardiff Dating Apps You Need to Try in 2023

We found Cardiff a fantastic city to explore if you're looking for love. It has a great nightlife...

A hip young woman using her favorite Glasgow dating app
The Top 5 Glasgow Dating Apps of 2023: Which Ones to Use

Glasgow, Scotland is, as we found it, a vibrant city steeped in culture. If you're used to the...

Using her favorite London dating apps to find a date
The Top 5 London Dating Apps You Should Be Using in 2023

As one of the world’s great capital cities, London has everything. From its cornucopia of ethnic foods to...

The Top 5 Hamilton Dating Apps for 2023: Which Ones to Use

The search for love can be a long, tough journey, but dating apps and sites are often a...

A woman with glasses using a Victoria dating app
The 5 Best Dating Apps in Victoria, BC You Should Be Using in 2023

Dating in Victoria, BC can be tricky. Though it’s a beautiful and romantic city with a lively downtown,...

Confirming a date with someone she met on a Kansas dating app
The 5 Best Kansas Dating Apps That Experts Prefer in 2023

Now, more than ever, it can be difficult to meet people in person. The rise of online dating...

The Top 5 Dating Apps in New Mexico: What Works in 2023

New Mexico might not strike you as a state with a bustling social scene, but don’t let impressions...

Using a Nebraska dating app while in bed
The Best Nebraska Dating Apps You Should Try in 2023 According to Dating Experts

There are tons of singles in Nebraska waiting to meet you right this moment. However, finding these people...

Dating in Tucson starts with knowing where to meet people
Our Expert Guide to Getting Great Results Dating in Tucson in 2023

Are you dating in Tucson and getting frustrated? Whether you’re looking in downtown Tucson, the suburbs, and the...

A woman at a cafe using her favorite West Virginia dating app
The Top 5 Dating Apps in West Virginia in 2023 According To Dating Pros

Dating in West Virginia can often feel like trying to get water out of an empty well. If...

A young woman in a denim jacket trying an Idaho dating app
The 5 Best Dating Apps and Sites in Idaho Experts Loved in 2023

Dating should be fun, shouldn’t it? Meeting people, having conversations, maybe enjoying a delicious meal. In theory, it...

A woman using an Indiana dating app while making dinner
The Top 5 Dating Apps in Indiana in 2023 Recommended by Dating Coaches

It’s okay to say it: Most dating apps in Indiana these days suck. Dealing with poor matches, spam...

Checking out matches on her favorite Louisiana dating app
Top 5 Dating Apps in Louisiana in 2023 That Dating Experts Prefer

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern dating, but most dating apps in Louisiana just don’t help men find...

Woman in glasses using a dating app while walking
The 5 Best Dating Apps in Minnesota that Dating Coaches Recommend in 2023

Dating has never been more fun and more challenging than ever. Because dating relies so heavily on tech...

Beautiful professional woman on a Massachusetts dating app
The Best Dating Apps in Massachusetts in 2023 According to Dating Experts

Dating has definitely become more challenging these days. And because dating relies so heavily on tech these days,...

A young woman using a Vermont dating app while on her way to class
The Best Vermont Dating Apps Dating Experts Recommend for 2023

Since the pandemic's beginning, dating has been a challenge for many individuals. As a result, those looking to...

A blonde woman in a blue shirt using a South Dakota dating app at home
The Top 5 Dating Apps in South Dakota Dating Experts Recommend for 2023

Even before the onset of the pandemic, dating was challenging. However, the pandemic brought on a whole new...

The Alaska Dating Apps Dating Coaches Recommend for 2023

Living in Alaska can be great! However, dating may sometimes seem impossible, especially with the pandemic making courtship...

The 5 North Dakota Dating Apps Dating Coaches Are Recommending in 2023

Are you living in North Dakota and interested in dating? If so, you have come to the right...

Woman checking out some Wyoming dating apps while in a field
These Are The Top Wyoming Dating Apps That Worked for Us in 2023

If you are looking to get back on the market in terms of dating, look no further. While...